What to Get Someone Who Loves Halloween?

  • By: Michelle
  • Date: August 13, 2021

Most people like (or tolerate) Halloween right? There are those amongst us though that absolutely live for Halloween…

So the question is what do you get someone who loves Halloween? You will be pleasantly surprised that there is more to this holiday tradition than just Halloween costumes and Halloween treats.

There are many gift choices for someone who is nuts about Halloween so keep them in mind for birthday and Christmas as well.

Check them out…

What to get someone who loves Halloween

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Occasions to Give Gifts

Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Halloween in 2021?

You can give absolutely anything for Halloween! Below I have come up with over 21 different gifts your friend will love as a gift at any time of year…

Skull String Lights

The perfect gift to give your BFF for their Halloween party! With 30 LED lights and 8 modes of operation, these battery-operated string lights are the epitome of cool. You can use them in any room or outdoor space you want- they’re waterproof too so no need to worry about ruining anything if it rains on that special night.

Cute Halloween

Veronese Design The Witching Hour Black Cat Sculpture Image
Witching hour black cat sculpture click image to see it for yourself

This black cat sculpture – the design called The Witching Hour. A witchcraft lover or cat lover would both love this cute gift.

Halloween Witchcraft or Black Magic

Witchraft cauldron broomstick crystal ball
Wiccan and witchcraft cauldron broomstick crystal ball – click on the image to see these for yourself

A lovely twist on the traditional crystal ball. Glass and resin molded into a cauldron, broomsticks, and crystal ball so a little magic can be performed all year round.


Cast iron cauldron image
Cast iron cauldron – click on image to see these for yourself – other styles and shapes available

The uses for a pot like this are only limited to the imagination. The cast-iron cauldron is embossed with a pentagram on both front and rear. It measures 4.25 inches in diameter and is heavy.

What can this cauldron be used for: Cooking, decoration, Halloween treat holder, for smudging, for cone, granular, charcoal incense, performing rituals, altars, Wicca, and pagan.

A gift that is both fun and practical.

Book of Spells

The Witch's Cauldron: The Craft, Lore & Magick of Ritual Vessels image
The Craft, Lore & Magick of Ritual Vessels – book of spells

No point in owning a cauldron and crystal ball without a book of spells. This one is the 6th in the series. Check them out by clicking on the image.

Halloween Candy

Totally up to your friend if they share this awesome gift of candy you have given them. 400 – yes 400 pieces of some of the best chocolates of all time in one bag.

Halloween Gift for Kids

Haunted House - game in a carryall
Click on the image to see more about this take-along haunted house

This novelty Halloween game comes with all the figures that represent Halloween. Such as scientists, monsters, and vampire figures. A desk, potion bottles, quill, spider web, torch, coffin, skull, lantern, and lots of other accessories.

Compact in a carryall is great for those on the move for the holidays. Play with it pack it up and move on…

Halloween Fun

Spider Toy Realistic 8 Inch Tarantula Animal Figures
See this report control spider by clicking the image

Your Halloween-loving friend celebrates Christmas, birthdays as well as Halloween throughout the year. So why not consider this remote control spider is they like to have a bit of fun. This 8″ lifelike Tarantula would scare anybody.

Halloween Backpack

Sling Bag for Mens Women with USB Charger Port, Small Chest Pack with Side Pocket, Fashion Travel School Shoulder Backpack
Unisex Sling Bag – click the image to see it and the rest of the range for yourself

This is a practical gift that will keep the Halloween spirit alive all year round.

I love this sling backpack that comes with a built-in charge for mobile telephones and other devices. As well as compartments for storage to help keep you on the go all day and into the night.

Night Light

ED Neon Night Light with Base Holder Table Decor Image
White ghost LED neon night light click the image to check it out 

This white ghost Halloween night LED night light will keep those scary monsters at bay.

Or maybe not…

Halloween Jewelry

Pumpkin Pie Earrings

Thanksgiving Fall Season"Pumpkin Pie" Polymer Clay Earrings
Clicking on earrings you will see these plus many many more options

If your Halloween lover has pierced ears they will love these earrings that are so realistic if they could see them all the time they would want a piece of pumpkin pie…

Halloween Bling Earrings

Betsey Johnson Dark Shadows Skull Earrings Image
Dark shadows skull earrings – click the image to check them and their price out

A bit of Halloween earring bling will make your lady’s Halloween party or in fact her whole Halloween season a hit.

Halloween Charms

Light of Halloween Christmas Charm
Click in this bracelet charm image to see this one and other variations

A Halloween charm for a bracelet. It is made from 925 sterling silver and it fits all bracelets. A perfect gift for your Halloween lover any time of the year including Christmas.

Love Halloween T-Shirt

This is a cook t-shirt that comes in various colors. Click on the image above to see them for yourself.

Halloween Beverages

Halloween Glasses

Few things are as hauntingly fun to buy for someone than a set of Halloween glasses! In my opinion, the best ones include skulls in different shapes and styles. For instance, you could get skull mason jars with straws or a wine glass featuring skeletal hands wrapped around it – I have both of those items on display at home right now (I’m not kidding). If that doesn’t float your boat though then stemless wine glasses can come in an array of colors including green, pink, and blue hues which is perfect if you’re looking for something less grotesque but still festive nonetheless.

Halloween glasses with handles image
Skull face beer, juice, water drinking glasses with handles – click image to see these heavy bases glasses for yourself
Skull Mason Jar Glasses with Straws (Set of 4)
Skull mason jar glasses with reusable straws – click on the image to see these and others
Skeleton Wine Glass
Table Art Halloween Skull Metallic STEMLESS Wine Glass, Silver, 4 Piece
Skull metallic STEMLESS table glasses – click on the image to check them out

Halloween Beer Cup

Stainless Steel Double Handle Horn Skull Beer Cup image
Click on the image to see this tankard for yourself

This Viking warrior mug might look like some kind of statue for a shelf. But it is in fact a stainless steel double-handled beer cup or tankard.

Don’t be fooled that it holds only beer you can use this cup for any beverage.

Witches Tea or Coffee Mug

Witch Cauldron Coffee Mug in Gift Box Image
Witches cauldron Mug – click image to see it for yourself

The voice should be eerie and the listener’s hair will stand on end. The witches cauldron mug is a grand way to get your caffeine fix or enjoy some tea with friends, but you better watch out! If you’re not careful while enjoying that hot beverage in this BLACK mug, it might spell disaster for anyone nearby.

What Should I Get My Boyfriend for Halloween?

Your boyfriend will love this skull mug. Its metal interior keeps coffee hot and cold drinks really cold.

Why not pair this with a Halloween card and a “DATE NIGHT PROMISE”.

Zombies Dwarf Car Rearview Mirror Pendant

Horror Movie Zombies Dwarf Car Rearview Mirror Pendant

Your Halloween lover will love this car review mirror Pendant with their favorite horror stars together or you can purchase their absolute favorite horror star and forget the others.

Christmas Gifts for People Who Love Halloween?

Christmas gifts are a breeze for Halloween lovers. Check out this article that has a massive list of gifts ideas for those that love Halloween and other creepy stuff.

Check that article out here.

What Do You Give for Halloween?

You are really only limited by your imagination when it comes to giving treats out for Halloween?

As well as the usual candy treat here are some suggestions you may not have thought of;

Bottles of water – treat or treating in some parts of the world can be hard work in those hot costumes.

Entertainment – stickers, tattoos, balls, bubbles, mini-games, books, coloring books, and pencils, and don’t forget all the stationery accessories. Kids always love something fun after the trick or treating is over when they want to eat their candy.

Glow in the dark sticks, necklaces, and hats – helps with safety and assist parents to keep track of their kids.

Halloween accessories – anything spooky – teeth, wigs, glasses, red lip gloss, spider jewelry, ghosts…

To Finish – What to Get Someone Who Loves Halloween?

With over 21 gift ideas to choose from you will never run out of ideas for your friend or loved one that loves Halloween.

Gifts for your someone special 🤍

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