What Should I Get My Horror Fan for Christmas

Looking for a gift for a “horror fan” for Christmas? The classic horror gifts apply of course – horror films, slasher films, in fact, there are all types of horror entertainment readily available.

But what about something they will really enjoy receiving this year for Christmas. You will find something special and different for Christmas in this great horror gift guide.

Let’s go…

What Should I Get My Horror Fan for Christmas

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Gift Ideas for Horror Fans

Over 20 awesome gift ideas for horror lovers.

Christmas Horror

1. Wall Clocks

Christmas Tale – Nightmare Before Christmas Vinyl Wall Clock

This clock is great for Christmas! If it is not for you click on the image to see a large range of other horror clocks that may suit.

Horror Movie Fans

2. Funko Pop

Funko pop
Funko POP! – see the price and others in the range by clicking the image

What do you get when you cross horror with Funco Pop – The Movie Scream’s Ghostface vinyl figure?

Scream is one of the best slasher films series ever made and these figures are to die for special at Christmas time.

3. Horror Flick Sports Fans

Hockey Mask
Signed Hockey Mask – Friday 13th Jason Voorhees

Horror fans love their sport too. So whether they are a hockey player or hockey fans they would love this autographed hockey mask.

4. Universal Horror Movies

Universal 100th Anniversary Collection Click the image to view the many purchase options available

This Universal anniversary collection of horror movies is a must-have for horror film lovers. There are three options available DVD Blu-Ray, DVD, and the multi-format option (which also includes a book).

5. Hammer Horror Movies

Hammer Horror 8 Film Collection – click the image to see this and other collections

This chilling horror movie collection features supernatural undertones that through the decades have shaped the way modern films are now produced. Featuring monsters such as Dracula, werewolves, Dr. Frankenstein, and of course phantoms.

Horror Lovers Get Comfortable

Christmas holiday time is the best time to get comfortable and enjoy new horror movies or slasher films. They will love one of these gifts so they can settle down and enjoy some holiday horror.

6. Horror-Themed Blankets

3D Horror Movies Hooded Blanket – click on the image to see these for yourself

The horror lover in your life will be warm soon. Forget the blanket, this hooded cloak will keep them toasty! This soft and cozy throw has a great design that’s perfect for watching TV or having an evening snooze on the sofa bed. This blanket is made from 100% super soft microfiber wool. Large enough to keep your horror lover warm anywhere.

7. Horror-Themed Cushions

CHECK them out

This comfy horror scene cushion case with its bloody hand against the glass would be a horror lover’s favorite place to lay their head.

8. Plush Cuddle Toy

Plush toy
Freddy Krueger Plushies – check it out by clicking the image

Get comfortable with this horror icon bad boy while you watch your favorite Christmas horror movies. Or take him to bed to keep you safe – LOL

Horror Lovers Gifts to Leave the House

9. Face Masks

First Bite Face Mask – click the image to check it out for yourself

A variety of face masks for use on any occasion. Including Friday The 13th horror face masks and grunge-style bloodstain horror scary zombie face masks. They are washable for reuse.

Horror Jewelry

10. Horror-Themed Charm

Click the image to see more Christmas jewelry…

This red apple Halloween charm is for a bracelet. It is made from 925 sterling silver and it fits all bracelets. It is the perfect gift for your horror fan at Christmas or any other gift-giving occasion during the year.

Book Fans

11. Horror-Themed Books

Art of Horror Movies Book – click the image to see this book

The Art of Horror Movies is a beautifully illustrated compendium that charts the evolution of horror cinema.

The artful illustrations at every turn will make you feel as if you are watching one for yourself, and I highly recommend it to budding filmmakers or even people who just enjoy a good scare now and then!

Games for Horror Lovers

12. Horror Board Game

Click the image to check out the board game “Betrayal At House On The Hill”

3 to 6 people can enjoy this game for those 12 years and over. A great game where one player is a traitor! Family Christmas fun in a box full of horror.

13. Shock Game

Click the image to check out this “Shocking Game”

Children should be over 14 to have some fun with this game. Laughing is not an option with this game – those who play will be laughing out of control and the reactions of their fellow players.

14. Trivia Card Game

Trivia game
Click the image to check out this Horror Trivia Card Game

Testing your horror memories with this game will be excruciating yet fun! Great for a Christmas party or anytime over the holidays.

2 players or teams of players can enjoy this horror trivia card game. They should be over 13 years of age though…

Horror Gift for the Home

15. Duvet Cover Set


I must say this 3 piece bedroom set makes a statement! A am certain any horror fan would love to snuggle down under this comforter set.

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16. Horror Wall Art

Oil Painting
Horror Movies Oil Painting on Canvas – To see it click on the image…

This, of course, is an absolute classic image of all the superstars of some of the best horror films of all time.

If your horror fan is a movie buff they will love this lightweight canvas all hanging.

17. Morphing Mugs

IT Chapter Two Mugs – click the image to check these out

A set of 2 mugs Sewer Lines – Pennywise The Dancing Clown –from the horror film IT Chapter Two.

These mugs are called morphing mugs, which means they are heat sensitive. They change from plain black when cold then after the heat is added the mugs morph to reveal the characters from the movie IT Two.

17. Must-Have Horror Ice Cream Bowl


No more getting “screamed” at for eating ice cream from the carton. Fill this massive SKULL ice cream bowl up and enjoy your favorite horror movie.

19. Message Board

Gothic Decor Message Board – click the image to check it out

Horror gift for the family – a convenient message board complete with emojis in the creepy shape of a coffin with a stand.

20. Side Table

Undead zombie side table – click on the image to see it for yourself

The undead zombie side table features a chained and begging slave walking as an undead zombie. The perfect place for your popcorn while you watch horror movies or read frightening books!

21. BookEnds

Ravens on Skulls Bookends – click the image to see these for yourself

The Ravens on Skulls Bookends are a great way to store your horror stories. These bookends will be sure to keep those scary tales upright and in order, so the reader can enjoy them whenever they want.

22. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit Horror Ultimate Edition

In the beginning, there was Trivial Pursuit and it was good. One day though someone made a bad decision to create an ultimate horror edition of one of its games that could haunt you in your sleep for months on end with 1800 questions spanning all forms of entertainment including TV shows, books, movies…

To Finish – What Should I Get My Horror Fan for Christmas?

Well, there you have 22 Christmas gift ideas for the horror lover in your life. Don’t forget these gifts also apply to birthdays and other gift-giving occasions.

Gift ideas for someone special…