100 Thoughtful Gifts for the Bedridden and Bed Rest Patients

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a gift for a family member your bedridden grandmother, a mother-in-waiting, a loved one, or even gifts for bedridden friends. Being bedridden temporarily or permanently is absolutely no fun. So what are some thoughtful gifts for the bedridden?

Best Gift Ideas for Bedridden:-

  • Gift Baskets, Flowers
  • Personal Gift Bag – brush, a hand-held mirror, facial wipes, chapstick, moisturizer, dry shampoo
  • Bedding – Linen and Pillows
  • Weighted Blankets
  • Plush Throws
  • Pajamas or Nightdresses
  • Entertainment – Books, Puzzles, Movies, Magazines
  • Hobby – Knitting, Painting
  • Your time playing cards, watching your favorite television shows

As you can imagine the minutes drag on and on when you are bedridden. I have come up with some wonderful gift ideas that you may not have thought of. Also, some very thoughtful gifts will cost you little to no money, as they are just an investment of quality time.

Read on and we will look at the gift ideas for those who cannot visit their loved ones. Also some of the practical gifts, gifts for comfort, thoughtful ideas, a few do-it-yourself ideas, some fun gifts as well as those much-needed time-filling gifts.

Go to the end of the gift ideas and I will also give you some ideas on how to help your loved one or friend with some help around the house if they will let you!

Let’s get started!

Thoughtful Gifts for the Bedridden

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Gift-Giving Etiquette (Hospitals & Care Facilities)

If your loved one is in a hospital or a care facility the staff may also be able to help with gift ideas. You could also take the staff something thoughtful!

What about some homemade cookies or cupcakes? Being thoughtful to the staff will ensure that your loved one becomes someone they keep a keen eye on!

If you do not have a lot of time on your hands building a rapport with staff is important if your loved one is in the facility for an extended period of time.

Gift Ideas if You Cannot Visit Your Loved One

If you are not able to physically visit your friend or loved one sending a gift basket is always a great gift.

Gift baskets come in all forms these days everything from a gourmet nut basket to a fruit basket or even a nut and fruit combination basket.

Here are some other baskets that are available but are not limited to the following:- retro candy, nostalgic candy, healthy snacks, Starbucks gourmet coffee, gourmet baked goods, gourmet brownies, gourmet cookies, movie night boxes all the way to low-carb lovers basket.

To check out a huge range of gift baskets, boxes, and tins in varying sizes and prices check out these GIFT BOXES (Amazon). You can choose your gift, have it wrapped and have it forwarded directly to your loved one.

What about telephoning them every couple of days, you could even set up Skype once a week. Walk around your house and yard.

Show them new purchases you have made or changes around your home. Go for a walk in the park, show them your neighborhood you could even people watch over Skype by sitting in your local coffee shop.

1. Bouquet of Flowers

Signature Roses Bouquet
See Latest Price (Amazon)

There is always the old favorite of beautiful flowers that everyone loves to receive. If you can handwrite the card yourself. If you cannot at least make the message as personal as possible, it means so much to our loved ones and friends.

2. Personalized Throw Blanket

Personalized Woven Photo Blanket
See Latest Price (Amazon)

What better way to let your bedridden loved one know you love them and are thinking about them than by sending a personalized throw blanket?

These blankets come in all shapes, sizes, and designs with the ability for you to personalize them with pictures from your photo album, images, quotes, poetry, or thoughts! So use your imagination!


Pajamas or a robe especially if they are in a hospital. It is great to change into new pajamas every day it keeps you feeling fresh and clean. Robes are great when sitting up in bed especially if they feel the cold.

Don’t forget to volunteer to take their washing home regularly.

A care package filled with goodies. Little things such as a brush, a hand-held mirror, facial wipes, chapstick, moisturizer, dry shampoo, adult diapers any personal items you can think of are great.

3. Gift Baskets

Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women and Men
See Latest Price (Amazon)

If you don’t want to make something up yourself or if you are not close enough to deliver it. You could check ready-made kits, like the one pictured above, out at Amazon. There is an awesome range available some with free shipping directly to your friend.

If they do not have an electric razer these are an awesome gift for someone bedridden. As there is no water or shaving cream required this makes shaving in bed no mess and no fuss.

Everyone loves hot chocolate this article Hot Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas has an awesome list of gift ideas.

4. Breathable Face Masks

3D Shape Reusable Printed Face Mask
See Latest Price (Amazon)

5. Overbed Table

Overbed Table with Wheels
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Being bedridden doesn’t mean that a person can’t work from home. With this multifunctional wheel-away table or desk, your loved one will be able to carry out many tasks throughout the day. Including working on projects and eating meals in style as it doubles as a bed tray.

This a great idea for someone who is bedbound there is also other styles available that could be more practical check them out!


Comfort while being bedridden is always going to be hard to achieve not only do parts of the body ache you can also have problems such as reflux and more.

So apart from getting the bedding correct here are a couple of other small ideas that could assist with comfort:-

6. Cotton Pajamas or Night Dresses

Jumpsuit Pajama with Zipper at Back and Leg
See Latest Price (Amazon)

When you’re giving a bedridden loved one a gift, there is always an element of uncertainty in regard to size and style preferences. However, there is one gift that is sure to please anyone who receives it – a Jumpsuit Pajama with Zipper at the Back and Leg.

Alternatively, cotton or pure silk is always a good choice when choosing sleepwear as it regulates the body’s natural temperature and keeps you cool when needed also warm when required.

7. Bedding

King Comforter Winter Warm Summer Soft
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Let’s face it the hospital room and hospital bed are boring and uncomfortable.

An excellent gift for bedbound patients would be new linen, a comforter, or even a fresh new pillow. Maybe even satin pillowcases which are luxurious and wonderful for the hair.

Find out what style and colors they would like by letting them know you are purchasing a new set for yourself. Use magazines, brochures, or even online stores to get an idea of what they like.

Then surprise them on your next visit or maybe even surprise them by ordering what they like right then and there online. There are so many to choose from you can check out some options click on the image above to see some great choices at Amazon…

Why not enhance your gift and offer to come over once or twice a week to carry out a complete linen change? You could carry this out if they have other family members, friends, doctors, or nurses coming to visit on a regular basis.

If it is an ongoing gift you wish to commit to. You take charge and arrange it with others to make this happen.

8. Pillows

Quilted Full Body Pillow
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Pillows are a personal choice and also depend on the condition of your loved one. Gift them with this comfortable full-body pillow, which includes accessories such as a removable bamboo cover, and microfiber filling for support and comfort during stomach or side sleepers. This can be used to help provide back support when using it behind other pillows.

9. Weighted Blanket

You should gift a loved one who can’t leave their bed, a cotton weighted blanket. This type of blanket is machine washable and available in many different colors so you’re bound to find something your favorite person will enjoy.

10. Back Rest Pillow

A premium soft reading and bed rest pillow will provide a more comfortable experience for those who are bedridden. It is equipped with arm and neck pillows, as well as an extra foam, insert so it can be customized to fit the needs of each individual user.

The perfect gift for people in hospitals or retirement homes! The pillow comes complete with leg rests that allow you to lie comfortably on your back while reading or watching TV without straining your fragile muscles.

11. Heating Equipment for Pain Relief

Weighted Heating Pad
See Latest Price (Amazon)

There is an extensive range of heating equipment for the relief of pain on the market today. Someone bedridden will inevitably suffer from aches, pains, and pressure spots.

These heating devices come in many forms which include:-

Electric heat pads, infrared heating pads, infrared heat lamps for muscle pain, electric foot heating pads, moist heating pads, as well as microwavable heating pads for the back, the head, the wrists, and the neck.

There is also an electric heater with a built-in massager. This equipment probably needs some discussion with your loved one as well as their practitioner so the best device is purchased for them.

Some awesome variations in heated pain relief products can be seen at Amazon.

12. Wedges

When your loved one is confined to bed, they need support for their upper body and neck. You really can’t go wrong with a wedge pillow that will provide them with comfort for all parts of the body.

13. Bedside Organizers

This bedside caddy above is one of my all-time favorites. I am not bedridden but I have one and I love it! Check out our list of bedside organizers.

14. Bed Assist Rail

Bed Rails for Elderly Adults Safety
See Latest Price (Amazon)

The person who requires assistance with mobility should be able to sleep soundly and feel safe at night regardless of their condition. These safety handrails are designed for a variety of mattresses, including those that are thicker than standard thicknesses found in retail stores or hospitals.

The safety features include an LED motion sensor light which activates when the rail is approached by someone walking through the room. Secure anchoring straps on each side to minimize movement during bedtime routine activities such as getting ready for restful slumbering hours ahead. Great gift for a loved one, or elderly friend, stuck in bed most or all of the time.

15. Eye Masks

Eye masks are awesome they are generally made from soft and comfortable fabric and are very easy to wear. Your friend will then be able to get some sleep at any time of the day or night.

16. Ear Plugs

If they are in a noisy environment, like a hospital, earplugs will take the edge off the noise so they can rest a little easier.

17. Manicure, Pedicure or Both

If they are open manicures or pedicures you could volunteer to do this for them once a week. Alternatively, give them a gift card for a professional to come to them. Hospitals and care facilities that care for those for numerous reasons including chronic illness, and stroke patients, more often have professionals come in – to make an inquiry…

18. Soothing Music

Music is both soothing and relaxing make up some mixed CDs or purchase a couple of new ones that they may like.

Ensure they have a device to play them on as well as some headphones if they are in a hospital or a care facility.

19. Headphones

JBL Wireless In-Ear Headphones
See Latest Price (Amazon)

20. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser White Ceramic Diffuser
See Latest Price (Amazon)

This Stone ceramic ultrasonic essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy is the perfect gift idea to give your bedridden loved one.

The oil diffuses and goes into a mist, making it easy to breathe in deeply from across an entire room without feeling like you’re suffocating with artificial scents or choking on chemicals stronger than what’s safe.

Essential oils help alleviate anxiety and tension headaches while providing help with relaxation for better sleep!


It can be hard to find the right gift for someone. What is more personal than something that you have made by yourself? A do-it-yourself type of present will also help ensure that they are getting exactly what they want and need without any hassle at all!

21. Prepare a Homemade Meal

Homemade meals and snacks are very thoughtful gifts, especially if you know their favorites. If they are in the hospital a homemade meal will be a welcome change from hospital food. Another alternative would be to bring along a small fresh fruit basket.

If they are at home and have a large freezer prepare (with some friends) a variety of meals to freeze. They and their families will love you for it.

22. Prepared Meals

Ultimate Entree Variety Pack
See Latest Price (Amazon)

If your loved one has a favorite restaurant why not take them one of their favorite meals from the restaurant? You could do the same with desserts, cookies, or brownies. Fresh yummy…

Side Note: Checking they are able to eat the foods you are considering bringing as a gift is always a good idea. Don’t want to get anyone upset or embarrassed.

23. Sweets

Tins are great for sweets, chocolates, cookies, nuts, brownies, or whatever you choose as the lid generally comes off easily.

24. Pamper Packs

Essential Burt's Bees Skin Care Kit
See Latest Price (Amazon)

In the basket, you could include word games or something to stimulate the mind. Some favorite sweets or drinks. Maybe some toiletries, soaps, lip balm, or hand creams. I use the Burt’s Bees pack it is a favorite to see one at Amazon – click the image above…

25. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great gift from Amazon for example allowing them to buy themselves anything they want. If they spend a certain amount they generally receive free shipping and they can have the item delivered directly to them.

Just to name a few items personal items, nightwear, something for their new baby, a new pillow, treats, craft items, books, ebooks, movies, games… The list is endless!

FUN GIFTS – Something a Little Different

26. Window Bird Feeders

This gift allows the bedridden to experience the outdoors. A clear window bird feeder where the suction cups attach to the outside of the window. I love this one but there are others available.

27. Drink Tumbler

IRON °FLASK Rover Tumbler
See Latest Price (Amazon)

A drink flask tumbler for hot or cold beverages is the perfect gift idea. A gorgeous water bottle replacement with over 26 gorgeous colors, various sizes, and 2 lids (straw/flip), this modern double-walled Thermo coffee travel mug makes a great addition to anyone’s bedside.


Very important to recognize the boredom that goes hand in hand with being immobilized. Here are some great ideas to help with your choice.

28. Entertainment

Television, movies, and box set series are great time users. You do not have to go out and buy a whole heap or borrow from friends, relatives even the library.

Renting DVDs is always an option or you can have them delivered by the store to your loved one on a regular basis.

You could offer a subscription to Netflicks or something similar for a couple of months – just for a change. They may like it and continue the subscription themselves.

29. Reading

Books are a great gift if they love reading. Bedridden people can go through books very quickly. So why not consider offering to go to the library for them regularly?

30. E-Readers

Ebook readers are also great gifts for avid readers. They are not expensive to purchase and almost all the books that they would like to read are available to purchase.

There is also a service for a small monthly fee where the choice of books is unlimited. See the device I use is this Kindle E-reader because there is no blue light that can disturb sleep.

Also, a bundle of magazines is sometimes easy mindless reading, and looking at the pictures is nice.

You may also consider some optics-led magnifying glasses which will help with eye strain. The magnifying glasses come in all shapes and sizes and are relatively cheap to purchase.

31. Audible Books

If you have never tried audible books yourself you should give it a go. It is so relaxing and comforting especially when you are immobilized and on your own for a large part of the day. See the free audiobook sign-up at Amazon.

32. Mind Exercises

Books or Apps on devices that are designed to keep the mind active are fantastic. Crosswords, riddles, puzzles, find a word the options are endless and the best is that you can source these games and puzzles for free.

33. Crafts

If they are able to carry out craft activities there is no better time than when bedridden to get stuck into craft activities. It is also the perfect time to try something new, so you should absolutely get them something that they love to do.

If they would like to attempt something brand new makes sure you also supply a how-to book to assist in the learning process.

Resource: Watercolor Gift Ideas for Artists

34. Knitting

Of course, you can knit the old-fashioned way but there are various knitting looms available.

35. Crocheting

There are books available to make almost anything. Supplies are easy to come by and are very cheap.

36. Needle Point

So many shapes and sizes available that there is literally one for everybody’s taste. Pillows, a wall hanging that can be framed even Santa stockings.

37. Scrap Booking (for all)

So many different scrapbooking ideas that could be covered, and your friend might like to try something new because they have the time to learn.

38. Stamping (great for children)

Stamping kits are available if someone is just starting out, alternatively, you could buy some pieces that your friend has been wanting to add to their collection.

39. Painting, Drawing, Sketching (children will love this craft)

In this particular hobby, I have found that there are those that can and those that can not.

Then there are those who have always wanted to learn how to do it properly. Maybe your loved one fits into the last category. If so a learn-how-to book is sure to be a big hit and they will certainly have the time to start from the beginning.

40. Jewelry-Making Sets

This is a great craft for anyone. It is nice and compact as all the supplies can be put into a drawer like a storage container. Many of the starter kits come with their own storage like the one pictured above check it out by clicking the image.

It is also relatively cheap and only the imagination will stunt creating many many designs.

41. Card Making (for everybody)

This is a fantastic craft because it is actually practical. Your loved ones will be making everyone they know feel special because they will start receiving handmade cards for every occasion.

There are so many different card-making kits available there really is something for everybody.

Make sure you give them plenty of stamps so they can post their cards out.

Check out a full range of Arts & Crafts as well as supplies at Amazon.

42. Personalized Books for Children

I love these ones or you can choose their favorite books to personalize.

Personalized Search-and-Find Book
See Latest Price (Amazon)
Making a Difference Self Esteem Book
See Latest Price (Amazon)

43. Coloring Books

Coloring books these days come in all shapes and sizes. I would definitely give the gift of a couple of coloring books and pens, crayons, or pencils.

Apart from the new traditional coloring books for adults, we can now color in an adult coloring book on electronic devices.

Before you visit your loved one or friend why not check out a heap of free coloring book apps there are over 2,000 free coloring pages in the iTunes app store.

While you are checking out the coloring books have a look at some of the free games your loved one may be interested in.

You could both choose a game you like and play it together even when you cannot be with them in person. Heaps of fun and something you can talk about when you are together.

44. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Picture Frame
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Digital photo frames may seem a little out of date! But what an awesome gift for an older adult who is bedridden. You can enjoy some time together by making up different photo playlists.

Why not ask other family members, friends, and acquaintances to send you family photos and surprise your loved one with the playlists already made up?

These digital frames are available in all shapes, sizes, and prices. There really is something for everyone click the image above to see some great options…

45. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Orange Blue Light Blocking Glasses
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Something to Consider: extended time on electronic devices such as television, computers, smartphones, and tablets, or while using gaming equipment can cause insomnia and other symptoms. The answer could be a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. Pictured are the pair I wear every day.

46. The “Gift” of You

We all know that it is very difficult to visit someone who is bedridden for whatever reason. As you can imagine time goes so slowly for those confined to a bed so I believe what most of them crave is the company of others.

Here are some other suggestions you could use to help out during this very difficult time for your loved one or friend.

Make your visits more regular. Go ahead and arrange dates and times together so they have something to look forward to. (schedules can always be rearranged if required)

If you both have a favorite television program – why not watch it together? You could even choose a library of movies you both want to see and watch together. A lot more fun than watching movies alone!

Make regular visits and read to them. This certainly fills up some time together without becoming bored and running out of things to say.

Get yourself a set of the same craft activity you gave as a gift. Then make regular visits and carry out the activity with them. It is the perfect way to spend more time with them.

Nothing wrong with pulling out the old deck of cards. Don’t know any games or need a revision on the rules? Google them! Playing cards is a great way to pass the time.

Another alternative could be board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, or any you can come up with! The best thing about a board game is you can leave it halfway through and finish it later if required. – Another great time filler!

Ask them if you can bring along with you someone you both know on the next visit. This other person will certainly have some new topics to talk about.

If they have use of a wheelchair get them outside. Take them for a walk around the block or to the park. If they are in the hospital walk the hallways or take them around the grounds of the hospital.

What about borrowing a game console and games that neither of you has used before? I have to say that learning these new games and even operating a new console will absolutely eat up the hours.

If you both really get into a game or games why not borrow another console and some games and play each other over the internet when you are not together?

There are game consoles gathering dust in many households all over the world. I am certain someone knows someone who would happily lend them to you and your loved one.

47. Around The House

This list could be endless and some will not want you to do anything, but others may have no choice.

  • Watch other children for a few hours
  • Walk the dog or care for other pets
  • Cut the grass
  • Put out the trash
  • Errands and food shopping
  • Clean the house
  • Wash and dry clothing
  • Change bedding and wash it

Wrapping Up: Thoughtful Gifts for the Bedridden

Well, that’s about it from me. I sincerely hope that I have given you some ideas so you can assist your loved ones through this bedridden time in their lives.

Gift ideas for someone special…

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