Sympathy Gifts for Children Grieving

When a loved one dies, it is often difficult for young children to understand what has happened. Whether they attend the funeral home or not they may feel confused, scared, and alone. One way to help children through this difficult time is by giving them sympathy gifts. These gifts are a great way to provide comfort and support and let the child know that they are not alone.

There are many different types of sympathy gifts for children. Some of the most popular options include stuffed animals, books, and art supplies. You can also choose a special gift that is specific to the child’s interests or hobbies.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that the child will enjoy and find helpful. Thoughtful gifts for children should be chosen with care and given with love.

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Best Gift for Children

When a family member dies, it can be difficult for children to understand what has happened. They may feel scared, confused, and alone. A memorial gift can be a thoughtful keepsake and help comfort them during this time and remind them that they are loved.

Angel Blanket

The Angel Blanket is a unique gift for grieving children. This cozy blanket is made from soft plush fabric and features a beautiful angel design. It comes with a beautiful inspirational poem card that reads: “Sending you an angel, my heart is with you. As I offer a prayer and send you this angel to show that I care.”

The Angel Blanket makes a great gift for a child who has lost a loved one. It is also a thoughtful way to honor the memory of someone special at a funeral or memorial service.

Keepsake Box

You want to give something that will provide comfort, but that is also appropriate for their age.

Made of polyresin and the wings are carved and hand-painted. The wings are a symbol of hope and love, and the words “Always in My Heart” will help to reassure your child that they are always loved and remembered.

This heart-shaped wing keepsake box is a beautiful and thoughtful option.

Memorial Jewelry

One of the most popular sympathy gifts for children is memorial jewelry. This memorial necklace is designed as a memorial condolence gift for the loss of loved ones. The necklace is simple but elegant, with a beautiful sterling silver heart charm.

The charm is a double circle and the perfect way to remember a lost loved one and keep them close to a child’s heart. It comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, with a poem card included as a wonderful sympathy gift for a child who is grieving the loss of a parent or grandparent.

Praying Stone

A white angel wing praying sandstone statue is a beautiful and unique sympathy gift for children. This statue is made of sandstone, and it features a white angel figurine with wings and a prayer candle holder.

The LED candle holder has a remote control with a timing function, so you can set it to light the candle at a certain time. This sympathy gift is a great idea and is sure to be appreciated by the child and their bereaved family.

Angel Catcher

Sympathy gifts for children can be a tough topic. You want to show your support and care, but you don’t want to upset them further. Gifts that focus on the future and on happy memories can be a good way to strike that balance.

The Loving Memory Angel Window Sun Catcher is a beautiful and delicate suncatcher that features pressed and dried flowers, as well as a silver memorial heart charm.

It’s a sweet and thoughtful gift that will help children remember their loved ones in a happy light. Plus, the sunlight reflecting through the stained glass will add a touch of magic to any room.

Teddy Bear

My Little Angel plush toy with a chime inside is the perfect sympathy gift for a child. It is soft and cuddly, and the chime sound is soothing.

But most importantly, it conveys the message that you are thinking of them and that you care. In times of sorrow, a simple act of kindness can mean the world.

Memorial Candle

A wax white marble memorial candle is a perfect sympathy gift for children. Safe LED flameless candle gives off a gentle light, providing a calm and soothing presence.

The marble is engraved with a simple message of sympathy, making it a lasting reminder of your thoughts and prayers. Children can keep the candle in their room or take it with them when they travel, providing a source of comfort in times of need.

Wind Chimes

Showing your support and care without overwhelming grieving children with sadness can be difficult. Wind chimes with Tree of Life Wind Spinner are the perfect gift to show your Sympathy.

The chimes are beautiful and with each piece representing different stages of life, this spinner is a special way to commemorate a loved one’s life. The spinner will keep their memory alive while also bringing some beauty and serenity into your home.

Sympathy Plants

This memorial flower pot is a thoughtful sympathy gift. It’s a beautiful wooden cube that comes with forget me not seeds. The flowers can be planted in memory of the person who has passed away, and they will bloom each year, reminding the child of their loved one.

The pot can also be engraved with a special message or the person’s name. This makes it a thoughtful and personal sympathy gift that any child will appreciate.

Gift Baskets

Losing a pet is never easy, but it can be especially difficult for children. They often form strong emotional bonds with their furry friends and may not yet have the coping skills to deal with such a loss. If you know a child who is grieving the loss of a pet, a wonderful gift basket can be a thoughtful way to show your support.

These baskets are typically filled with items like stuffed animals, journals, and picture frames. But there are also sympathy gifts specifically for kids that can help them to remember their beloved pet. For example, you can find memorial jewelry featuring pawprints or sympathy cards with touching messages. Whatever gift you choose, simply knowing that you care can make all the difference to a grieving child.


In “Lost in the Clouds: A gentle story to help children understand death and grief,” author Anna Dewdney explores these difficult topics through the story of a young girl named Lizzy who loses her grandfather.

As Lizzy comes to terms with her loss, she learns that grief is a natural part of the healing process. While the story does not sugarcoat the pain of loss, it provides a gentle and comforting exploration of a topic that is often hard to talk about.

The book includes a list of sympathy gifts for kids that can help to ease their sorrow. Lost in the Clouds is a moving and helpful resource for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one.

What to Give Kids Who Lost a Grandparent

It can be difficult to know what to give kids who have lost a grandparent. Some children might want something to remember their grandparents by, while others might prefer something with special meaning that will help them feel close to their loved ones.

Custom gifts like a personalized memorial throw blanket, be sure to include the name of deceased, is a thoughtful gift that can provide comfort and support during this tough time. The blanket can be customized with a photo of the grandparent, as well as a special message or quotation.

The blanket can be used as a way to teach younger children about the cycle of life and death. By giving the comforting gift of a throw blanket covered in loving memories, you can show kids that they are not alone in their grief and that in their time of need you are there to support them.

Best Sympathy Gifts for Children

Sympathy gifts for children can be a tough topic. No parent wants to think about their child having to go through the grieving process, but it is an unfortunately common experience.

While there is no one perfect way to show your support, gifts can be a thoughtful way to let a grieving child know that you are thinking of them and are the best way of offering your deepest sympathy.

Some heartfelt sympathy gifts for children include books about grief, personalized journals, thoughts of comfort, or wind chimes. Whatever you choose, it will be a good idea and the most important thing is to convey your love and support.

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