9 Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

  • By: Michelle
  • Date: August 13, 2021

A gift is many things from a gesture of appreciation and caring to express our love to someone we care about deeply.

Reasons to give someone a gift. The reasons will include love, appreciation, communication, special occasions, unexpected, bonding, atonement, charity, and no reason.

Do you know a person that does not light up when they receive a gift from someone that loves them? It reiterates for them that they are loved and cared for.

Almost always it is the gesture and not the gift that matters to most of us. This is why it is important to give gifts.

Reasons to give someone a gift

Why Do You Give Someone a Gift?

Below are, I believe, some of the best reasons to give that someone special in your life a gift.

1. Love

When love and affection are the basis for the gift we are giving it expresses how deeply we feel for this person. The gift can be for any occasion, but the most special occasion is the one out of the blue or for no reason at all.

Your loved one will feel every emotion including feeling loved, special, and appreciated with this gift.

2. Appreciation

The joy of feeling appreciated is only second to love. It is so easy for us all to get bogged down in daily life that we are all guilty of taking others for granted.

A small token or expression of appreciation can change someone’s day.

3. Communication

Gifts can help relationships stay alive and in the present when you are separated. Keeping in touch with loved ones and friends can be difficult when you are not able to interact on a daily basis.

An example of this would be someone away in the armed services.

Speaking daily is difficult but a gift in the mail will reach them, surprise them and let them know you are thinking of them constantly.

Handwritten letters or cards can sometimes be the greatest gift to an isolated loved one.

4. Special Occasions

These include the various holiday’s on the yearly calendar Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day etcetera.

Invitations to parties such as birthdays, graduations, showers, weddings, christenings, and other family events.

5. Unexpected Gift

That is the gift that turns up when you least expect it. Generally, from someone, you least expect a gift from. Maybe they live overseas or a friend is traveling and found a trinket that you must have.

The feelings of happiness that are derived from this gift can last for days, weeks, or months.

6. No Special Reason

This gift or gesture tells someone that they are cared for and loved more than any other.

If you are aware that a friend or loved one is struggling or not feeling their best they will know you care when you reach out with a small gesture.

No gift required a telephone call, a one-pot dinner delivered to their door. Or even something to look forward to like a lunch or coffee date can change their mood in an instant.

7. Bonding

The giving and receiving of gifts create memories and bonds between people that they will carry throughout their lives. The feelings that memories such as these conjure up are priceless.

8. Charitable Contributions

These are usually personal. They also do not require money as a contribution.

Ever heard the saying “time is money”. Sometimes the donation of time far outways money that could be contributed. This type of gift is also what builds communities.

These contributions are needed and appreciated by so many including voluntary organizations, sporting clubs, schools, and many more.

Charitable contributions are for you the gift giver to feel great about yourself. As well you should – thank you!

9. Atonement

Giving a gift that requires forgiveness in return is not exactly a great reason to give a gift. If it is required remember to be humble and above all do not expect forgiveness on the spot.

Other Reasons to Give a Gift

The following list will help you to identify if someone you care about may need a little lift from you.

  • A friend or loved one is feeling down
  • Friend, neighbor, or loved one is sick, bedridden, or injured
  • Someone has suffered a loss of a loved one
  • When someone loses a pet
  • You know someone is having a busy week/s
  • Starting a new job
  • Starting school or college at home or exchange students
  • Serviceman leaving for a tour
  • Someone living in a retirement or nursing home
  • When you are separated by distance
  • Friends living alone

What Is the Perfect Gift

The perfect gift is the one that tells your loved one that you are invested in their lives and you are paying attention.

So when considering what gift to give dig deep and try to find out what is really required for this particular time in your loved one’s life.

Remember that gifts can range from a very lavish and expensive gift to a handmade gift made with much thought, time, and love. Then there are the gifts of handwritten cards and notes, telephone calls, and time.

We should also remember the power of the gift of a verbal compliment.

Gift Suggestions

I would say that the easiest to buy for would be someone who is studying, learning a new sport, teaching themselves a new hobby.

  • Books
  • Courses (online or not)
  • Tutoring
  • Music lessons
  • Extra sport coaching
  • Musical instrument

Then we have those in our lives who love to stay fit and healthy. These gifts let them know you want to help keep them motivated to achieve their health and fitness goals.

  • Gym gear – clothes, bag, bottle, shoes, headphones
  • Body-weight scales
  • Gym membership
  • Massage

We all have those friends and loved ones who love to prepare and cook food as well as entertain. – “THE BEST”

  • Cookbooks
  • Anything for the kitchen
  • Serving platters
  • Gift baskets – with a full meal inside that can be prepared
  • Restaurant voucher – give them a night off!
  • Invite them to your place for a meal for a change

Apart from sleeping we usually spend the majority of our time with work colleagues. So it is not unusual to give gifts at the office these could include:-

  • Takeaway coffee
  • Homemade morning or afternoon tea
  • Birthday cake
  • Flowers or a potted plant for their desk
  • Chocolates or candy
  • A book

What Can You Give Instead of Gifts?

The gift of time is one that will be cherished by some loved ones in your life as they really do not need or want anything else. The young, the ill, the elderly are loved ones who want you not a gift.

  • Babysit the new addition to the family give the parents a break – a couple of hours is all they need to refresh
  • Spend time with children, pass on wisdom, play with them, teach them – they thrive on one on one time with someone who cares about them
  • Check on your neighbors – have a coffee, take some homemade items over to them, walk their dog – just to let them know you are around
  • Spend time at the retirement or nursing home. Make all those there including staff feel appreciated. Homemade items are a must to take along! Even a potted plant, some even let you bring a pet these days and the residents love to interact with them

Final Thoughts About the Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

There are so many reasons for giving gifts. For most of us, these reasons can be emotional and extremely personal. Gifts can also be given out of caring, appreciation, and fun.

Whatever your reason embrace gift giving and put a smile on the face of that special person in your life.

Remember that gifts should be given without expecting anything but gratitude in return.

When deciding on whether to give a gift or not – try to remember how you felt the last time receiving a gift made you feel…

May a gift continue to be a way to express to our friends and loved ones how much they mean to us as well as bringing a smile to their faces that we put there!

Gifts for your someone special 🤍

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