Present for Pregnant Friend Not for Baby

It doesn’t matter whether your friend is about to become a first-time mother or is adding to her family a present just for her is a great idea.

A gift, especially for her, will make her feel loved and put a smile on her face because she knows you also care about her wellbeing and are not just celebrating the new baby on the way.

There will be plenty of time to build up her collection of diapers, baby lotions, baby clothes, and all the other baby hardware required for newborns later on.

It is time to celebrate your friend becoming a mother and helping her enjoy the journey toward motherhood.

Gift for pregnant friend not the baby

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What Gifts to Get a Pregnant Friend That Is Especially for Her

Gifts ideas are endless as we know so I have helped you by narrowing the list down a little. The gifts are personal but still complement this precious time in your friend’s life.

1. Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

There are so many gift certificate ideas to choose from it can be really difficult to choose one. The best way is to give your friend one that she will really appreciate.

It could be a certificate to a store where she can buy something tangible for herself.

Cinema tickets for a movie or tickets for a live show.

Maybe a pampering certificate to her favorite spa.

A certificate for a house clean before the baby arrives.

Possibilities are endless – if you are really unsure which one to get contact someone closer to her than you at the moment and ask them if you know of something she would really like to have now.

2. Pre-Natal Massage

Having months of worry, stress, and a growing body massaged for a little relief – heaven.

If your friend loves her massages you cannot go wrong with this gift.

3. Pedicure or Manicure

Pedicures can be a godsend during pregnancy especially towards the end, as we know, sometimes we cannot see our feet let alone care for them.

Great feeling to be sporting a fresh pedicure when the new baby arrives.

A manicure she can admire while she cares for her new baby – she will see your gift every day.

One less thing to think about!

4. Self-Pampering Gift

gift pack
Pampering Gift Pack Natural Products

Some of us are simply not into the whole “other people’s hands on my body thing” and would welcome a pampering pack. They can then self-pamper themselves right through the pregnancy and beyond.

Take a look at some awesome premade packs click the image above. If you cannot present the gift to your friend personally it can be sent directly to your friend!

What a beautiful surprise that would be.

Select a range for yourself to give her, and use your imagination when selecting gifts for pampering. You can include items like:-

  • Natural safe when pregnant products – including nail polish
  • Relaxing bath or foot soaks
  • Face, hand, foot, and body creams
  • Stretch mark lotions
  • A sleeping mask and earplugs – so she can achieve the optimum amount of sleep before the baby arrives
  • Slippers or socks
  • Heat packs for soothing a sore body throughout pregnancy
  • Pregnancy pillow or wedge to sit up comfortably – I used this one like this but there are many available – see them at Amazon

5. Maternity Clothing

Kindred Bravely Breathable Keyhole Athletic Maternity & Nursing Tank Top

If she is a working mother to be a classic-fitting dress, skirt, or pants and a lovely top will never go astray.

Nightwear, robes, and lounge gear for throughout the day – we all know we need a few to get through the brand new baby stage – as there is no time to keep up with the washing of clothes.

I love Kindred Bravely – see a dress/nightgown that can be worn to bed, around the house – even to the store – see some of the range I have purchased here…

Comfortable undergarments, maternity bras, nursing tops, and all the other accessories that are required when expanding during pregnancy afterward as well.

Comfortable and oversized clothing to laze around in.

Don’t forget comfortable shoes!

Why not take her shopping and enjoy a day out together?

Health and Wellbeing

Consumables such as a lovely herbal caffeine-free tea gift box will give her some guilt-free pleasure to relax and enjoy during her pregnancy.

Dinner Date

What could be better than a lovely dinner at her favorite place to eat?

She can choose who she wants to take along! You too could be having a lovely dinner with your bestie!

Educational Reading

A lot of times we get so wrapped up in our pregnancy and birth that we forget about what happens after the baby is born.

Books about what to expect when the baby arrives. There are books available where she can also prepare for the early milestones.

It is always better to read up on these before the baby is born than try to work it out as you go along when you are at your wit’s end trying to figure it all out.


A journal for writing or applications is available so a record can be kept of what is happening during the pregnancy as well as with the baby after it is born. It can be so easy to lose track of time, feeds, medication dosages, etc…

Night Away – (Babymoon)

Baby Moon Substitute if she can’t get away

A night away for a rest and a little treat for a night or weekend.

I am certain the parents-to-be would love a Baby Moon I myself love sneaky getaways at any time…

Why not join in with others and treat her to something a little different before the baby arrives?

The perfect time for this is usually the second trimester, after ill feelings and before the 3rd trimester and huge growth.

Gifts of Love

No need to spend a lot of money on a gift.

  • Homemade healthy meals – delivered by you or
  • A handmade quilt, throw, or shawl to keep her warm before and after the baby arrives
  • Gift baskets of any description – what about a basket filled with naughty treats, candies, chocolates, and more

Final Thoughts – Present for A Pregnant Friend (Not for Baby)

Giving the mother to be a gift for herself in some cultures is the only way to celebrate the impending birth of a baby as baby gifts are given after a safe delivery.

So if this is you or you just want to spoil your friend and give her something totally for herself during this special time I hope I have given you some inspiration with my gift suggestions.

Gift ideas for someone special…

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