Labor Day Gift Ideas

Labor Day Gift Ideas

This article was last updated on May 30th, 2020

Labor Day is a day celebrated by employers and employees who contribute to the running of their countries and further afield the world.

It is celebrated around the world at different times of the year. Countries around the world have their own traditions to celebrate this holiday which is so important for all to remember and rejoice with each other the hard work we all carry out every day.

In the United States in 1896 legally Labor Day was established. It is celebrated every September on the first Monday of the month.

Coincidentally this time of the year is also the time when summer is ending and the holiday is over. Adults back to work and children back to school.

So it is fitting that families would celebrate this holiday together before getting back to the daily grind.

So parties, barbecues, picnics and any number of other ways one gets their families together so they can relax, reminisce and wind down their summer holidays. As well as celebrate the contributions that are made to our country via our immense workforce.

Also remembering and celebrating those that are far from home working around the clock on our behalf.

So with this special day in mind, I have had a look around for some small tokens of appreciation if you would like to give someone a gift to celebrate Labor Day.

There are some things employers can give their employees for Labor Day. Something also for friends, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, and family members.

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Click on each image to check out the gift ideas as well as their styles, colors, and prices…

Labor Day – T-Shirts


Labor Day Gift Ideas
Check out an awesome range of “Labor Day” t-shirts by clicking the image above!

T-shirts are an inexpensive yet thoughtful way to celebrate Labor Day and the variety is endless – there is literally something for everyone.

There are some really cheap ones available “just for fun”. Why not have a party and everyone wears the same t-shirt?

Or if you are an employer one for all and you can all wear them on the same day after the holiday – great moral builder – have everyone bring a plate and celebrate together with a morning tea.

Labor Day – T-Shirt for The Dog Lover


Labor Day T-Shirt Image
Click on the T-shirt and go to Amazon for the great price of this T-shirt

Labor Day – Gift Basket Ideas

The basket pictured below is just one of many – this one is great for the season and will be used on many different occasions for many years to come.


Gifts for Labor Day - Picnic Gift Basket
Insulated Picnic Cooler with Service for 4

Alternatively, baskets filled with sweets, cookies, cakes, cheeses, fruit, nuts, wine, and pamper packs. Just to name a few – check out the link below…

With so many gift basket options available you should consider who you are buying the basket for.

Someone who would love to use the basket for picnics. A person more reclusive who enjoys being at home reading, watching movies, or entertaining.

Go here to Amazon and you will see something to suit everyone – limitless…

Books for Labor Day Reading


Labor Day Gift Ideas
Click on the image to check out this book at Amazon…

Know someone who is into history or just loves reading. What better occasion than to treat them with a celebration of women’s contribution to our work history.

Labor Day – Gift for Expectant Mothers

There are even gifts available for mothers waiting for their special “Labor Day”. Select the image below and check out the shirts at Amazon. Mums to be will love this shirt…


Gift Ideas for Labor Day - Image
Click on the image to check out this shirt at Amazon…

Labor Day – Relaxation Gifts

Know someone who loves relaxing one of these comfy throw rugs and a cushion would be a welcome gift.

Labor Day Gift Ideas for relaxing
Click on the image to go to Amazon and see this awesome rug for yourself

Labor Day – Hostess Gift

Image Murano Glass Crystal Vase
Murano Glass Design Crystal Toscana Vase Aqua Ruby

There are so many ideas for hostess gifts but the one that always draws me in is a beautiful glass vase. If you know the hostesses home decore colors there is something for you to choose from here at Amazon.

Labor Day Gift – Time

I always say there is no better gift than the gift of your time. Make a telephone. Arrange an informal get-together coffee, brunch, or lunch. Basically just catch up…

Final Thoughts – Labor Day Gift Ideas

Showing someone your appreciation on a national holiday would mean the world to the recipient.

Remember no thoughtful gift is too small…

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