Jaws Themed Gift Ideas | Ultimate Guide

Jaws Themed Gift Ideas

This article was last updated on January 9th, 2021

Everybody knows that Jaws is an iconic movie. Most of us cannot go near or enter the sea without seeing large shadows in the water. Or hearing in the back of our heads the films’ terrifying music. But for others it means nothing…

Do you require a gift for a Jaws fan? A birthday, Christmas, or gift for another occasion then you have landed on the right page. I have come up with the latest and greatest Jaws related memorabilia that will make the perfect gift or your fearless shark lover.

I hope you love the products I recommend! Just so you know, I am an affiliate. I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Thank you if you use my links, I really appreciate it!

Click on each image to check out the gift ideas as well as their styles, colors, and prices…

Jaws Themed Gift Ideas

Jaws Framed Photo Collage

This iconic image brings all the memories flooding back.

“That boat really was way toooo small.”

This 11″ x 14″ collectors piece is beautifully presented in matt and beveled finishes with doubled matted glass inside a double edged frame.

Framed Jaws Photo Collage

Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard

Behind the scenes look at Jaws arguably the greatest suspense thriller ever made.

No arguments from me I doubt I have ever been fearlessly in the water for the last 40 years.

There are shadows everywhere 🙂

A gorgeous must have book Jaws fan will love

Jaws Chrome Metal License Plate

Front and back license plates that are also suitable for motor bikes.

Fit all US standard license plates and are easy to install.

Check out these plates as well as other Jaws styles

Jaws Blanket

The blanket is made from soft flannel fleece. Is suitable for use anywhere in all seasons.

It is a massive 59″ x 79″ also available in smaller sizes.

Check out the prices, sizes and other Jaws images

Jaws Back Pack

An awesome backpack from The Classic Horror Movie.

Tech Backpack is made of polyester and PP webbing material.

Plenty of room for accessories and is easy to wipe clean.

Suitable for anyone…

Various images and prices

Ravensburger Jaws Board Game

Perfect gift for Jaws fans, shark lovers or even for just lovers of all things board games.

What you get – double-sided game board, all pieces to play the game, and the all important instructions.

A great night in game. Make sure you have the JAWS movies playing in the background for the perfect ambiance.

Check out the price of this awesome board game

Jaws & Quint Final Battle

We all remember when Quint met his match in his final battle with Jaws…

This is a hand-painted plastic figurine for any shark lovers collection. Suitable for children 3+.

Click on the Image to see the price

Quint vs Jaws Funco Pop

Officially Licensed Jaws Coffee Mugs

We all need coffee before heading into the ocean.

This mug is ceramic arrives with a branded tag and is officially licensed.

Great JAWS coffee mugs in various images

Jaws T-Shirts

Of course there are JAWS T-Shirts available.

Designs are fully licensed.

All types of JAWS quotes, color and sizes.

The t-shirts are made from 100%, machine washable, and you can tumble dry them.

You really do have to click through one of the images and browse the range.

I guarantee there is something available for your JAWS fan…

Click on the images for sizes, colors and prices

Gotta love a Jaws t-shirt

Jaws Vinyl Record Clock

4 words I never thought I would see in one sentence!

Makes sense that there would be a clock made to look a vinyl record considering we were still playing records in the 1970’s…

This 12′ x 12″ vinyl wall clock will look great in any JAWS lovers home.

Battery operated quartz movement.

Jaws vinyl wall clock

Jaws Replica Print

Framed Roy Scheider exact autographed replica print of original photograph – collectors dream.

10” x 13” black cherry wood frames with matt white accents.

Collectors can expect an in-scale companion piece of the great white shark to arrive.

Unbelieveably great price

Jaws – Baby Onesie

Something for the great white shark Jaws fans baby.

Too cute ???

Various colors available

Jaws – Quint Action Figure

Iconic actor Robert Shaw played Sam Quint in the 1975 classic film Jaws.

The collectors figurine stands at 8″ comes complete with clothing and giant white shark fighting equipment.

Click on the Image to see the price

You need to see this for yourself…

Jaws Deluxe Box Set

Detailed doomed boat shark scene including relative figures and accessories.

This one is for the die hard Jaws lovers.

Awesome Jaws box set

Jaws Odd Socks

Geeky popular cotton unisex odd socks.

Steven Spielberg’s movie inspired comfortable for any time.

A real talking piece at the office or school.

See these socks and many others

Funko Pop! Movies: Jaws

Funkpops of our favorite Jaws heros.

Each stands at 3 3/4 inches made from Funko vinyl.

Roy Scheider as the formidable Chief Brody.

Richard Dreyfuss as the likable Matt Hooper.

Robert Shaw as the never say die Sam Quint.


Jaws – Beach Closed Tin Tote

Perfect for the collector! Perfect for keeping memorabilia safe and dust free all in one place.

Lightweight at 0.34 pounds and measures 4 x 9 8 inches.

Check out this great starage tote

Jaws Amity Island Wall Plaque

This 8″ x 12″ horror metal/tin inspired sign says it all.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Aluminum so it won’t rust.

Has rounded corners and is ready to hang. Maybe by the pool!

Jaws inspired plaques

Jaws 40th Anniversary Tee

Fitting that there is a super T-Shirt to celebrate and mark the 40th Anniversary of this much loved horror film.

Click image – Jaws 40th Anniversary Merchandise

Jaws 45th Anniversary Tee

Following in the anniversary celebrations this t-shirt says it all.

Iconic image and printed autographs from the movies famous stars.

Click on the image to see what’s available in the range.

Jaws Trivia

Lets answer some of the most asked questions about Jaws the Movie…

What Is the Famous Line From Jaws?

Apparently this phase from Jaws is number 3 in top movie quotes!

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

What Is the Scariest Scene in Jaws?

It’s personal, of course, but a lot say when the head pops out from the sunken boat when Hooper finds the very large shark’s tooth.

What Does Brody Say at the End of Jaws?

“I can do anything I’m the Chief of Police.”

Final Thoughts – Jaws Themed Gift Ideas

Well there you have the ultimate gift guide for the shark and Jaws fan in your life.

There are enough choices to suit every gift-giving occasion for years to come.

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