Housewarming Gifts for Small Apartments in 2024

Living in a small space comes with many challenges. One is when a friend or family member of the person with the tiny new apartment is required to give a gift. In this case, a housewarming gift.

Best housewarming gifts will be stylish, functional, as well as practical. These include small furniture pieces, various compact kitchens, and bathroom storage ideas. Slimline lighting, security, let’s not forget living room comfort.

There are some excellent folding and collapsible furniture and storage options that are comfortable but still modern and stylish for today’s decore-conscious apartment dwellers.

All of the great gift ideas below are modern, stylish, space-saving, and are also reasonably priced. Buying a first home is a big deal and I guarantee when you turn up with your housewarming gift new homeowners will love it.

house warming gifts for small apartments

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The Front Door

The perfect gift for a small apartment can start before the front door is even opened to welcome you inside. Any new place could be used;

  • Personalized apartment number for the entry door
  • Personalized doormat
  • Doorbell/security camera

Don’t forget the many smart home options that could be used in place of the old-fashioned doorbell! What a great way to welcome guests to the housewarming party!

The Living Room


floor lamp
Slimline lighting for small spaces – see more styles

There is never enough lighting in apartments so one of the best gifts is a floor lamp like the one in the image below is slimline so it can be tucked out of the way as well as be moved around the apartment when required. Also running on LED bulbs means that it is an energy saver.


Small plants do not need much care but still have the benefit of cleansing the air in a room. If there is space available and light in the apartment a verticle herb garden if they like to cook.

If not choose something like a small fern or a succulent these are very hard to kill.

Picture Frame

wall frames
Picture Frame Gallery Set

A space-saving picture frame gallery set is perfect for studio apartments or a home office. It is an adjustable collage display that can hold 5 photos or prints. Making it a great way to personalize your space and you can mix and match your favorite photos.

The frame is unique and will last for years to come. So if you are looking for a thoughtful housewarming gift, these picture frames are a special gift.


Just because someone has a small living space doesn’t mean they cannot put their feet up and relax. Collapsible footrests can do the job and can easily be folded up and put away when not in use.

Living rooms in small apartments get cold just like other living rooms. Making them cozy is as easy as a throw rug, cushions, or that all-important floor run to keep the feet warm. Even a big pair of novelty slippers will do the trick.


storage shelf
Wall Mounted Wine Racks this one also has storage space for Wine Glasses – many variations available

While entertaining is certainly downsized in a small apartment all that is required is downsizing the entertainment equipment required.

Combining fold-away stools, chairs, and tables is a great place to start. Also, having wall-mounted televisions and portable speakers that can move around the apartment saves time as well as money.

This combined wine bottle and stemware holder will be a space saver in any small apartment. It looks great and would make a great housewarming gift.

As well as being reasonably priced they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials to suit any home decor. Check out the large range available at Amazon – just click on the image above.

The Bedroom

In the bedroom, there are so many options for gifts. Just remember you will need to know your friend’s personal tastes in decor.

Here are a few ideas with a personal touch:-

  • Bedside lamps electric or battery-operated light motion sensor bedside lights
  • Wall art, including canvas, prints, posters, neon lights, tapestry
  • Stools that double as storage
  • Cushions, throw pillows, and throw blankets
  • Floor rugs
  • Room darkening curtains
  • Mirror
  • Storage cubicles – cubes that baskets or material boxes can be inserted into the openings to store items
  • LED Curtain lighting
  • Corner or wall shelving

The possibilities for finding the perfect housewarming gift for the bedroom are endless. Check out this rug here at Amazon to inspire you.

The Kitchen

Useful housewarming gifts are always going to be of benefit in the kitchen as this is probably the one room where counter space needs to be available to prepare and cook meals. I have a couple of great suggestions here…

Must-Have Coffee

Depending upon the size of the kitchen and the countertop space available there may not be room for a coffee machine and an electric kettle to boil water.

These pour-over coffee makers are great for small spaces. The one pictured below can make either a single cup or up to four cups of coffee.

coffee maker
COFFEE LOVERS Pour-Over Brewing Set for Coffee

One-Pot Cookware

Small kitchen spaces are crying out for one-pot cooking options such as a multi-cooker (Instant Pot). These appliances can have seven or more functions including pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt making, and so on.

If your friend loves to prepare their own healthy meals this could be an option.

Get a couple of friends together to see if you could all contribute to a cooker like this.

Le Creuset Cookware

Dutch oven
Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Sea Salt

If you are looking for a luxury housewarming gift a gorgeous piece of Le Creuset Signature cast iron cookware is so versatile for small living spaces. Why? Because you can cook and serve from the same gorgeous pot.

These versatile cooking pots suit a tiny kitchen as they can be stored inside the oven when not in use.

I have found a massive list of affordable Le Creuset Gifts for you to check out.

Other suggestions for the ideal housewarming gift for the kitchen;

  • Sous vide is a great space saver
  • Kitchenaid mixer
  • Coffee mugs
  • Knife set
  • Vase and a bouquet of flowers

Collapsible Homewares

Collapsible items are excellent for use in and around a small apartment.

Items for the kitchen include:

  • Foldable 0.5L electric kettles
  • Stainless Steel and Silicone Stovetop cookers come complete with glass lids
  • Food Storage Containers
  • Colanders and sink strainers
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Dish draining racks
  • Microwave covers
  • Salad bowls
  • Measuring Cups and spoons
  • Folding step stools

The Bathroom

The bathroom is bound to be small and every space will need to be working as a storage solution. So practical housewarming gifts will be welcomed for this area especially if the washer and dryer are situated in this room as well.

So if there is nothing built into the bathroom below are many suggestions that your friend will be able to take with them if and when they leave.

cosmetic storage
Bathroom Cosmetic Storage
  • Pictured is an acrylic makeup holder that spins around for easy access
  • Hollywood-style LED vanity mirror lights or complete vanity mirror
  • Towels and bath and contour mats – Bamboo Towel Set
  • Shower curtains
  • Plants – to help cleanse the air
  • Bathroom caddies – Toothbrush/soap holders
  • Candles
  • Soap
  • Storage, shelving, hooks
  • Towel hangers
  • Wall art

The Laundry

There may not be a separate laundry in a small apartment. There could be a shared laundry in the building.

If there is one in the apartment sometimes there is a space in the kitchen, bathroom, or even behind a sliding door in a hallway.

If one is available using collapsible laundry hampers, laundry baskets, buckets, funnels, and washbasins means that these can be put away so there is more room to operate the machine and dryer.

General Storage

A portable ironing mat replaces the bulky ironing board and you can also pack it for use when traveling.

Over-the-door closet rod, that can be used over any opening and not only for clothing. You can hang hats, caps, umbrellas, belts, scarves any accessories you can think of.

Collapsible storage bins are available in all shapes sizes and materials. There is something out there to fit every decor.

Collapsible folding lap desk the lids lift and you can store art and craft items inside ready for use whenever you want.

Compact toolset in its own carry case which is slimline and can be stored away easily.

Smart Living

The smart home way of living is here to stay. Everything imaginable is available from door locks to voice command entertainment and much more. If you are new to this way of living you can check out a wide variety of smart living options at Amazon. Enjoy!

air purifier
Air Purifiers for Aroma and Health Benefits – see a great range
  • Smart plugs that you can turn off remotely or have cut out at a particular time.
  • Portable speakers
  • Alexa
  • Door locks complete with digital locking systems and remote controls
  • Video doorbells
  • Smart WiFi Plugs
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Weighted Blankets
  • Air purifier

Gift Baskets

If you want to be a little creative and give your friend something a little special housewarming gift baskets are always welcome. When choosing a gift basket you should take into consideration what your friend likes.

You can order gift baskets ready-made and then have them delivered if you cannot deliver them yourself. Alternatively, have some fun yourself and make one up yourself. When you do make a gift basket yourself try to make every part of the gift usable somewhere in the small apartment.

Here are a couple of suggestions:-

  • Fruit bowl with fresh fruit
  • Spices and herbs for the home chef
  • A bucket filled with cleaning tools and products
  • Snacks, chocolates, and candies
  • Craft beer in a usable tub or bucket
  • Wine or champagne with a couple of new glasses
  • Cheese board and a bottle of wine
  • Spa gift basket
  • Tea or coffee basket with chocolates, cookies, nuts, and candies
  • Italian-themed inside a keepsake colander

I love the massive range of Gift Baskets at Amazon check them out.

Final Thoughts – Housewarming Gifts for Small Apartments

I certainly hope that I have given you some new housewarming gift ideas.

If you do not know your friend’s decor likes and dislikes I would go for the edible option.

Or a gift made from muted tones that do not stand out and interfere with their decor choices.

Anything in clear acrylic or matt black will not catch the eye and hide amongst other decor and not stand out.

If you cannot choose your best friend would also love a gift card to celebrate their fresh start.

Gift ideas for someone special…

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