Gifts for Spider Lovers: 30 Unique Ideas

  • By: Michelle
  • Date: November 30, 2021

Do you have a friend or family member who loves spiders?

If so, then this is the perfect list of gifts for them. They will love these spider-themed items that are sure to please any arachnophobe or enthusiast. Gifts range from t-shirts and jewelry to a new pet and everything in between! This list has something for the spider lover in your life.

Get ready to shop with this amazing gift guide today!

Gifts for someone who loves spider

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Gifts for People Who Love Spiders

I have found more than 30 unique gift ideas for kids, women, and men. Truly something for every budget.

Wrist Watch

Did you know that there are over 6,000 species of spiders? You might think it’s hard to find the perfect gift for all these arachnid lovers but this could be just what they need! Kiesenberg watches are made by hand with high-quality materials that will last and come at an affordable price point.

Taxidermy Tarantula

The Malaysian Bird-Eating Tarantula Framed Arachnid Wall Decor is perfect for tarantula lovers, bird eaters, or any other type of insect. If you are looking for gifts for tarantula lovers then this is the ultimate gift and will be an interesting conversation starter at home!

Glass Black Widow Spider

Spider lovers will go nuts over this black widow figurine. It’s a stunning and lifelike representation that makes you feel like she’ll leap right off the shelf, ready to sink her teeth into anyone who dares come near!

3D Spider Night Light

Give them the perfect gift for a friend who has never been traumatized by spiders. Looking at this 3D spider illusion lamp while drifting off to sleep every night will make all their dreams come true!

A New Pet Spider

If you’re looking for a gift for the spider lover in your life this unique pet, the Regal Jumping Spider is perfect. They are not only beautiful but also intelligent and loyal companions! Complete with his or her own forest habitat they can be tamed and taught to jump where you want them to.

Tarantula Terrarium

Spider lovers will love this 360-degree view of the interior of their terrarium. It has a feeding hole for ventilation and allows light, UVB penetration; it opens up to reveal an opening with a sliding screen top that makes you able to see all around without having anything blocking your line sight!

Spider Wall Clock

Spider Wall Clock, the perfect gift for any spider lover! A talking piece of art that’s sure to make an impression.

Spider Themed Jewelry

A woman will love this ring for its elegant and subtle spider design. Its diamonds, which come from two different sources-one single cut round diamond as well as a brilliant-cut gemstone are both polished in sterling silver to show off their quality best! This is a beautiful and unique ring, with diamonds sparkling brightly in the light of day or night!

Spider Wall Art

A tarantula or any other type of spider for that matter is not going to bite you. They are territorial and will only attack if they feel threatened which means your prized possessions are safe in a room with one! If there’s someone on their list who loves arthropods as much as us then this Three Tarantula Spiders Canvas Art Print makes the perfect gift?

Spider String Lights

The mood is set with the spider string light! It’s like having your own little amusement park. The 8 lighting modes provide a soothing atmosphere for any occasion or just to relax after work in whatever room you choose. Try turning off all other electronics when needed most; which will make sure no one bothers anyone else while providing an enjoyable experience everywhere around this decoration. Spider lovers rejoice.

Tarantula PopGrip

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to introduce yourself or your loved ones to tarantulas, then this PopGrip is just what you searching for. The design on one side changes with every top so that no matter who gets it they can customize their own experience!

Ryans World Springin’ Spiders

Your little spider lover will go nuts over Ryan’s World Springin’ Spiders game. This is a great way to get them away from screens with many hours of laughs and fun! Ages 5+

Lego Spiders

Is the arachnid-lover in your life also a Lego fan? Do they also love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter Fan, Chima, Star Wars, or even Fierce Creatures? The good news is there are spider Legos to build in all those fan favorites. Check them out they will be impressed you have covered more than one base!

Robotic Crawling Spider

Ever wanted to have a spider crawling around your house? No, your spider-hating friend doesn’t either, this battery-powered robotic toy will do the trick. Simply place it on any hard surface and watch as this little guy scurries and crawls across the floors just like an actual arachnid would.

Jigsaw Puzzle

The whole family can sit and make this difficult, challenging jigsaw puzzle together! The Tarantula 1000 piece is perfect for any age group.

Spider Plushie

Microwaveable Lavender Scented Spider Plushies: These warm and cuddly plush animal is filled with all-natural grains, as well as a french lavender scent. Give the gift of this lovable soothing comforting friend! Age 1+

Spider Movies

All arachnophobes love a great spider movie like Itsy Bitsy, Arachnophobia, or even the classic Eight Legged Freaks. Why not gift one to your friend who’s got an appreciation for these creepy crawlers with this thoughtful gift?

Hardcover Spider Book

Give the gift of spider appreciation to your loved one who can’t get enough! This stunning field guide provides a comprehensive resource for identifying and appreciating nearly 500 species including some not seen in decades!

Tarantula Fleece Blanket

Give a customizable Tarantula Fleece Blanket to your spider lover. A perfect gift for the person who has everything, this cozy blanket is sure to make any arachnophobe feel at ease. You can personalize it with their name or message of choice and they will love you even more because there’s no way they could possibly be cold while bundled up in such an amazing piece!

Spider Plant

The Reverse Variegated Spider Plant is the perfect gift for anyone who loves nature. It can clean your indoor air by removing toxins, absorbing harmful gases, and releasing oxygen! This simple yet elegant houseplant is easy to care for and looks great in any home!

License Plate

Give the gift of this chrome and black spider web style license plate frame to any arachnid-lover in your life. Who needs a car you can hang anywhere would make a kids bedroom look awesome with their favorite photo inserted in the middle.

Spider Web Face Mask

Spider lovers won’t want to miss out on these machine washable spider web face masks. Fully adjustable, suitable for all, and a gift, a stocking filler, or a Secret Santa gift that will be loved by someone special in your life!

Spider Leggings

Spider lovers are in luck! Spider leggings are now available. Made of the highest quality material and with an affordable price to boot, these will be perfect for any enthusiast who loves everything about Spiders (or just wants to stay warm). As if that’s not enough they come complete with stretch so no matter what size or shape one is there always feels like home wearing spider LEGGINGS!!!

Spider Lovers T-Shirt

“If you’re a Spider Lover, then this cool t-shirt is just for you! These friendly arachnids are famous around Halloween but they also make great pets. A great gift for friends who love insects and animals alike check out the color selection, 10 to choose from and in 100% cotton.”

Spyder Shelby Hat

At first glance, the Shelby Spider Hat may seem like a simple accessory for any fan of arachnids. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this nifty little number will be able to stand up against all sorts of adventures in your everyday life. From school runs and family outings with friends right down to traveling on vacations as well!

Spider Socks

Spider socks from Hot Socks will make any arachnophobe happy with their many gifts of spider-themed wear.

Tarantula Slippers

Tarantula slippers are the ultimate in fluffy, non-slip comfort. They make a great gift for anyone anytime!

Tarantua Tote Bag

Looking for a unique and creative gift? This cute tarantula tote bag will be the perfect present. The trendy spider designs and colors are sure to catch everyone’s eye, while its light-hearted vibe makes it great as both an accessory or even just something fun on your own person!

Tarantula Mouse Pad

Tarantula mouse pad is a soft, durable cloth that will not crack or peel. Created with high-quality materials to ensure your comfort while using it for extended periods of time!

Funny Spider Toilet Paper

This is one prank that will have you laughing in the bathroom. Alarming spider printed on every soft toilet paper sheet! Your friends and family are sure to be impressed by this funny yet practical joke, which makes for a great gift or addition to your own home decor.

Finally – Gifts for Spider Lovers

Spiders are one of the most diverse and successful groups of animals on Earth. There are more than 40,000 known species of spiders with new ones being discovered every year. They come in all shapes and sizes, some having leg spans up to 12 inches across! This gifts for spider lovers guide is sure to have you in a spin (pardon the pun) over which gift to choose.

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