Gifts for Spider Haters: 10 of the Best

  • By: Michelle
  • Date: November 11, 2021

If you know a person that is scared of spiders, then this blog post is for you! Here we will be talking about the different gifts for spider haters you can buy, even though we know this is an irrational fear. It’s not uncommon to see people running in terror from the sight of a spider. We’ve all seen movies where someone sees a spider on their shoulder and they scream so loud it echoes through the countryside. So what is the perfect gift for spider haters?

There are many gifts that can help calm down an arachnophobic, make their life a little easier, and even make them laugh! I have found everything from ultrasonic spider repellers to a handheld spraying device that uses salt and is designed specifically for making pesky creatures run away FAST.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone who doesn’t like spiders, I have a few ideas that might be perfect! Read on to find out what they are.

Gift ideas for spider haters - large hairy spider

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Gifts Ideas for Someone Who Hates Spiders

A spider-hater is a difficult person to buy for. The good news? There are plenty of gifts out there designed specifically for people who have an aversion to spiders – no matter which type! These practical presents will make your loved one feel like you actually listened when he/she told you what really freaks him/her out.

1. I Hate Spiders Tee Shirt

nope. Funny I Hate Spiders Tee Shirt click the image to check it out

The word NOPE and the spider image say it all. “I Hate Spiders” tee shirt is so hilarious because it’s a funny way to tell people that you’re not fond of spiders. It would make the perfect gift for someone who has arachnophobia, which means fear of creepy crawly things!

2. I Saw A Spider Hoodie

I Thought I Saw a Spider Hoodie click the image to check it out

Put a smile on the face of someone who has an intense fear or hatred of spiders with this awesome hoodie! It’s machine washable on cold settings and dryer safe on low heat. Five great colors and a heap of sizes are available.

3. Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent click the image to check it out

This is the perfect gift for people who are afraid of spiders. This indoor device emits invisible electromagnetic waves to expel insects, including, spiders without having to see them.

4. Bug-A-Salt (Adults Only)

Bug-A-Salt click on the image to see a large range and the price

The Bug-A-Salt is mainly for killing flies, but it can also kill spiders. The plastic device utilizes regular granular table salt as a non-toxic projectile that sprays up to 80 times in one go. Using it sounds like fun and you don’t have to worry about getting sprayed with insecticide yourself! Safe for ADULTS ONLY…

5. I Hate Spiders Shot Glass

I Hate Spiders Shot Glass click the image to check it out

Give someone who doesn’t like spiders the I hate spiders comic ceramic shooter glasses. These are printed, packaged, and shipped from the U.S.A. They are dishwasher safe with a white outside color and black inside to make your views on spiders clear while you enjoy your favorite beverage or cocktail! Perfect for any occasion!

6. Book of Spider Facts

Someone saw a spider: Spider facts and folktales click the image to check it out

This could be the perfect gift a spider hater might actually be able to understand and alleviate some of their fear if they learned a few facts about spiders.

7. Spider Book for Children

I’m Trying to Love Spiders click the image to check it out

I’m Trying to Love Spiders is the kind of book that should be read by children, especially those who are afraid of spiders. The story might give them a new perspective on bugs and help their fear for these creatures disappear over time if they’re exposed early enough in life. Great gift idea…

8. Movie – Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web Movies click the image to check it out

If you’re looking for some tips on how to help your child get over their fear, then it’s worth investing time watching a movie from childhood such as Charlotte’s Web. Which is based on the book by E.B White that will make children associate spiders mainly with friendship and love instead of terror.”

9. Night Lights

Portable Night Lights click the image to check it out

This would be a great gift for someone who has an irrational fear of spiders. A light-hearted nightlight that soothes their fears of the dark and helps them sleep soundly as well as help them navigate dark spaces safely and without the stress that comes with imagining seeing one.

10. Spider Catcher

Spider and Insect Catcher click the image to check it out

Catch and release spiders, insects, bugs, and other critters from your home, classroom, or workplace using the Catch and Release Spider Catcher. The design keeps you safe – no direct contact with any bug! It’s 100% eco-friendly too: just return bugs to where they belong in nature by opening the bristles again outside!

Easy for children and parents alike; all one needs is a little muscle power. To pick up an insect simply squeeze our handle so that it opens outwards then position it over the insect before releasing it to catch inside. When ready dispose of them outside without touching icky creatures ever again! Could be a great gift, it is also a teaching aid to try to help those with spider and bug phobias learn we don’t have to kill everything we don’t like!

Spider FAQs

Interesting frequently asked questions about spiders answered for you!

Do Spiders Sleep?

Spiders are so much more interesting than I thought. They don’t sleep as humans do, but they have a daily cycle of activity and rest just the same as us! Spiders can’t close their eyes because they’re all cartilaginous in composition with no eyelids to speak of – instead, spiders will reduce their activities levels and lower metabolic rates when it comes time for them to take some Zzzs

Can Spiders Sense Humans?

Spiders have been proven to be more intelligent than we initially thought. It turns out that they can hear conversations from several meters away, even though spiders technically don’t have ears! This finding came as a surprise for scientists who had previously believed this information was false due to the fact spiders do not physically possess an auditory system like humans and other animals with ears.

Best Gift Ideas for Spider Haters

Along with preventative tools, so people who are afraid of spiders feel a little easier, gifts for spider haters include books about spiders that are written to help people understand these creatures and see them as something that can’t hurt them. I hope these gift ideas for spider haters helped you!

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