Gifts for Someone Who Likes to Cook: 60 Ideas Cooks Love

If you have a food lover in your life that loves to cook you are very lucky in many ways. Awesome meals beautifully baked bread, cakes, cookies, and brownies being prepared for you is just one.

The best gifts that people who love to cook asked for were knives, mortar, pestles, cutting boards with built-in juice groves, and cookbooks from professional chefs. Also asked were additional attachments for kitchen appliances, for example, a spiralizer.

Another is the fact that there are endless gift possibilities at various price ranges available for you to gift to them. I conducted a poll, and fifty-seven family members and friends responded. One of them is a professional Chef who also owns a boutique beer brewery.

I asked them if they could have a gift to assist them with their cooking for under $100 what would they like. I have listed above some of the most popular responses which interestingly enough are all very practical affordable gifts. By the way, the Chef said a knife set would be the perfect gift, and his very cheeky father said a Chef.


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Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife 

These Swiss knives are ergonomically designed with a non-slip grip.

These knives have various sizes available 5-inch, 7.5-inch, and 8-inch priced between $19 to $92.  They are the top seller on Amazon with over 6,160 customer reviews.

Tojiro has a huge range of chef’s knives in various sizes. Also available in this great brand are boning, slicing, Santoku, pairing, Japanese even starter knife sets. The prices vary depending on your choice.

Wusthof  I love my Wusthof knives – I was given a block of Wustof knives similar to the set below as a gift 15 years ago. German-made with a lifetime warranty. You will find Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knives sold singly or like mine in complete sets. Read the instructions – do not put it in the dishwasher because the handles will deteriorate before the knife itself…

WÜSTHOF Gourmet Seven Piece Mobile Bamboo Block Set

Mortar and Pestles

Being that this came in second in my poll of what gift a home chef would like it had to make my gift list.

The uses for mortar and pestles are extensive you can crush pills and medication into a powder form for easier digestion for adults, children, and pets. Just crush and hide in food or liquid.

For favorite recipes, you can also carry out the traditional crushing of herbs and spices. As well as nuts, seeds, and root herbs like ginger and garlic.

There are so many variations of the mortar and pestle, which include different materials wooden, bamboo, granite (smooth and unpolished), marble, stainless steel, and even porcelain.

There are sizes and colors to suit every home chef and kitchen decor.

The image below is my mortar and pestle which is a heavy (really heavy) unpolished granite.

You can see one just like mine as well as many others in a wide range of prices starting at just a couple of dollars. Click the image below to go to Amazon to see one yourself.

Mortar and Pestle Set

Cast Iron Skillet

A must-have for any chef is a cast iron skillet. Cookware with a pre-seasoned surface that is the ultimate of non-stick surfaces. It duplicates the delicious browning and crispiness you get from outdoor cookware, this fry pan will make meal preparation faster than ever.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cook Books

There are some awesomely beautiful hardcover books out these days that can easily double as a talking piece on a coffee table. Beautiful cookbooks should be on display for inspiration and enjoyment for all.

Are they passionate about a certain style of cooking? Health or Diet-related, Italian, Japanese, Vegetarian, Vegan, Baked Goods, Artisan Bread the list goes on and on.

A couple of best-sellers are listed below.

“The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs”

Chrissy Teagan’s – “Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat” and the all-new “Cravings: Hungry for More” both of these are both available in beautiful hardcover editions.

“The Shredded Chef” – is all about looking great and being healthy by preparing and eating the real food that you want to eat.

Coffee Lover

This is the perfect coffee mug, this holiday season, for people who need their drinks quickly. The battery lasts a long time and can be recharged with just two hours of charging. As far as kitchen gift ideas go this is a thoughtful gift. The coffee lover won’t have to worry about running out of power when your caffeine fix hits an all-time high!

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Practical Gifts – Under $20

Chefs test kitchen tools in their own kitchen with new recipes it is the best way to speed up food preparation, your favorite home cook is no different. The good news the following are some favorite foodie choices.

Knife Sharpener

A compact knife sharpener with a non-slip base will give the user stability while handling knives. Starting at around $10 you should find a quality piece that is safe to use.

Salt and Pepper Grinders

The manual salt and pepper grinders are the best as the battery-operated ones just cost too much money to run. Due to the batteries draining so quickly.

You will find a glass and stainless steel set for under $20. Alternatively, you may prefer to go down the wooden grinder route, but they will cost you a bit more.

Plastic Wrap, Foil, Wax Paper Dispenser

Do you find yourself constantly fumbling with plastic wrap, foil, or wax paper? If so, a dispenser might be a helpful addition to your kitchen.

Dispensers make it easy to grab a sheet of plastic wrap, foil, or wax paper without having to fight with the roll. Plus, they help to keep your plastic wrap, foil, and wax paper organized and tidy.

There are a variety of dispensers on the market, so you can find one that fits your needs and your kitchen décor.

Whether you choose a wall-mounted dispenser or a kitchen counter model, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having your plastic wrap, foil, and wax paper at your fingertips. So if you’re tired of struggling with messy rolls of plastic wrap, foil, or wax paper, consider investing in a dispenser. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without one!

Check out a large variety of dispensers here


A cook can never have too many aprons on hand. Aprons that are stain-resistant, easy to wash, have long ties, and a neck strap that can be adjusted as well as a pocket or two in the front is very useful.

They come in all types of materials, shapes, and sizes a couple of suggestions are below.

  • Professional bib aprons with a large pocket in the front
  • Cotton for easy machine washing
  • Plastic or disposable aprons are great for those messy or colored food preparation jobs – jams, sauces, and the like
  • Plain, patterned, pretty, and commercial options are available


A little out of the ordinary! But there are some beautiful soaps available. One that I love is called the “Chefs Blend exfoliating Himalayan Pink Sale and Coffee goat milk soap”, it contains odor-neutralizing lemon and parsley while it is also nourishing for the hands.

Practical Gifts – Under $50

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons

You should be able to find a good quality set of six measuring cups and spoons in 18/8 stainless steel. Great quality stainless steel is lightweight and easy to clean.

Good quality cups and spoons will give your cook an accurate measurement every time. You should be able to source a set for around $25. Click on the image below to see some at Amazon.

Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

Knife Sharpener

Continuing with the knife sharpening gift for well under $50 you can find a traditional sharpening stone. The one I use has a non-slip bamboo base, two-sided grit, and an angle guide it even came with a great book on how to use the stone effectively. See mine here at Amazon.

Non-Aerosol Oil Sprayer

In non-aerosol oil sprayers, you can use your favorite 100% oil. Cutting out the need for aerosols and other oils that contain additives. The ones that I really like are made from reusable bottles for my olive oil.

Also, you should choose one made of BPA-Free glass and stainless steel, not plastic. They are really easy to use, clean, and refill.

You will find a great one for around $25 – $30. This one at Amazon is a great price check out the oil sprayer here…

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whipped fresh cream just like get when you eat out. Unlike the throwaway whipped cream dispensers available in supermarkets that a full of sugar and preservatives. You use fresh natural cream which can be stored in the refrigerator just like the throwaway ones.

If your cook is into home baking and desserts they will be able to decorate cakes, and pies, and make whipped cream for coffee, hot chocolate, iced milk drinks, milkshakes, and chai lattes. Not to mention topping ice cream, making mixed drinks, and infusions!

Spice Racks And Jars

Dedicated spice racks are a cook’s dream to have everything at your fingertips and not having to dig through every cupboard to find what you want is awesome.

The image below shows mine I have the magnetic racks attached to the pantry wall, and the everyday spices are on the rotating spice holder in the bottom right of the image below. Click the image below to go to Amazon and find some really fantastic options, which are all very inexpensive at well under $50.

Spice Rack Organizer

Oven Mitts

These oven mitts are perfect for that big cookout or even just heating up your favorite meal on a cold day. Made with an extra long silicone handle so you have more room to work, these will save both time and energy in the kitchen! 12 different colors to suit any decor and for everyday use.

All-Clad Oven Mitts

Practical Gifts – Under $100

Gourmet Gift Baskets

These gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes with a plethora of different ingredients for your home cook.

Including oils, bottles of vinegar, salts, herbs, exotic spices, and rubs. Prices vary greatly but for under $100 you will find something fantastic.

Do It Yourself Gift Basket

If you know all the ingredients of the dishes they like to prepare you can fill a basket with all their favorites yourself.

Alternatively, you could fill a basket with ingredients and a recipe card so they can try something new.

Knife Storage Bag

A great way to store and protect their cooking knives is a roll-up leather knife storage bag. They come with pockets and slots, for various size knives as well as scissors and sharpening tools.

When rolled up they usually have a handle as well as an adjustable shoulder carry strap. Around $60 will buy a good quality leather bag.

Wooden Cutting Board

Apart from protecting your knives from damage while in storage they also need protection when in use. Wooden cutting boards are the number one choice with a good quality plastic one coming a close second.

Cleaning and caring for both types of cutting boards need to be taken into consideration when choosing. For me, it is wood all the way.

As a cutting board is a  really personal choice, this gift unless your cook advises you on what type of cutting board they would like you may want to steer clear of this particular gift.

Another consideration is the price between $50 to $100 is an extravagant gift for most. I wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed!

Le Creuset

Give the gift of a gorgeous piece of Le Creuset. I found this huge list of affordable Le Creuset Gifts there is something on it for everyone.


Burger Press

Burger presses are such a handy kitchen tool. You prepare your ground beef, chicken, turkey, or other in the normal way including all your flavors.

Measure out the size you require for each burger insert and simply press down and your ground beef is shaped into the perfect burger.

These burgers can also be frozen for later use all you need to do is separate the burgers with parchment paper. You can even buy this paper already cut into the burger size.

Personalized T-Shirt, Caps, Mugs, Tea Cups, Glasses, Wooden Spoons – the list goes on!

There are many t-shirts around for the home chef. Lots around for a laugh, it just depends on whether your friend is into funny or not.

Herb Gardens

Grow fresh herbs year-round inside your home. They come in various shapes, sizes, and prices starting from well under $100.

There are traditional garden sets ups if a sunny windowsill is available. But there are also indoor hydroponic garden options electric LED versions where the herbs grow in the water year-round.

IPad Stand

Ipad stands or holders come in many shapes and sizes. The one below folds up and holds many different size devices including E-readers.

It is a good choice for use in the kitchen as it is solid and easy to wipe over when it is time to clean up. Under $10 – great gift!

Tablet Holder

Blue Tooth Speaker

It is not always easy to watch television while trying to prepare food so a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is handy. Then the cook can listen to music, talkback, or even podcasts while preparing dishes.

A waterproof speaker will stay safe from damage in the kitchen environment which can become messy and wet!

Electronic Gifts – Under $20

Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scales

Look for a set of scales that are easy to use. It has a large display screen which can also convert pounds to grams to mils and vice versa.


Applications are available now with recipe books and also recipe storage. There are great ones for under $20.00. I use Paprika family and friends have it as well and we share recipes easily with each other.

Electronic Gifts – Under $50

Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer can be used for measuring various temperatures of different food preparation. For example homebrew, bread, candy, and more. It should be easy to clean with a large display to read the temperature. Some are also available with a built-in magnet for easy storage.

Electric Knife Sharpener

As knives were the most requested gift, it makes sense to continue with the sharpening idea to ensure maximum sharpness.

If you feel your friend would benefit from an electric instead of a manual sharpening tool there are plenty on the market starting under $50.

Some of the models also have a combination of electric and manual sharpening in the same unit.

Electronic Gifts – Under $100

Air Fryer

A great addition to any kitchen from the makers of Instant Pot, this oven uses EvenCrisp Technology to evenly cook food for a delicious and consistent result every time. Plus, the nonstick and dishwasher-safe basket makes it easy to clean up after cooking.

This handy gadget includes a free app that comes with over 100 recipes so you can get started cooking right away! This is one of the best cooking gifts for your foodie friend and is the right size to prepare easy meals as it is not too big for a small kitchen.

Hand-Held Speed Stick Blender

There are many stick blenders with various sizes of motors and attachments. The one that always stands out for me is the KitchenAid 5-speed hand blender. It comes with interchangeable blade assemblies.

This allows the user to crush ice, puree soup, froth milk, whisk egg whites, whip cream, and prepare vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. With the chopping attachment inside the dedicated chopping bowl, you can prepare herbs, nuts, cheese, and meat.

The 1-liter pitcher caters to making smoothies and baby puree. Prices vary from $115 down to $61.

Check out the prices and the vast array of immersion hand blenders or stick blenders at Amazon.

Sous Vide Machine

WIFI sous-vide cooking cooker immersion circulator with preset recipes on APP and thermal immersion is a great choice for someone who likes to cook dishes perfectly every time.

Outdoor Chef Gifts – Under $20

BBQ Non-Stick Cooking Mats

The cooking mats can be directly placed onto the grill and some actually leave the lines on the food as though you are cooking on the grill itself.

They are non-stick for healthy meal preparation. Stops a lot of mess on the BBQ, easy to clean some brands can even be put directly into the dishwasher.

Those who use these love them.

Cooking Gloves

Heat-resistant cooking gloves with a protective lining are great to use while BBQ grilling, deep-frying, campfire cooking, in pizza ovens, and meat smoking even while using a fire pit. A good quality pair can certainly be picked up for under $20.

Grill Wire Brush

The perfect BBQ grill wire brush is made from stainless steel to scrub clean the grill grates. The brush can be easily rinsed and hung out to dry.

Outdoor BBQ Grill Light

These lights are generally made from plastic that withstands high heat from the BBQ. The heads of the lights usually sport very bright outdoor LED bulbs. The head really needs to be able to rotate and have sturdy clamps to attach it to the BBQ.

A handy feature is a light that has a touch-sensitive on-off button.

Check out a huge range of BBQ grill lights, and prices start from well under $20.

Outdoor Chef Gifts – Under $50

BBQ Smoker

Maybe your chef would like to try something new and experiment with woodchip smoking.

BBQ smoking kits with flavored wood chips come in kits. These kits include steel smoker boxes, all-natural smoker chips, 12-inch tongs, a basting brush, a metal grill scrubber, a thermometer, and a kabob skewer.

Some of the flavors available include cherry, pecan, and applewood. You use the chips to add smoky flavors to vegetables, seafood, and meat.

BBQ Tools

Long Grill Tool Set with Case

Long-handled BBQ utensils make it easy to reach over hot grills. They also protect the hands and arms from the grill heat and fat splatter.

A good quality set will be made of stainless steel and can be washed in the dishwasher, they will never go astray.

The set below comes with a handy storage case. So the BBQ chef will always know where the tools are, for when they are ready to cook up a storm. Click the image to see it for yourself.

Pizza Stones

This rectangular pizza stone is perfect for oven baking and BBQ grilling and comes with a free wooden peel. The stone is made from durable cordierite and measures 15 x 12 inches.

It’s large enough to accommodate even the biggest pizzas and is sure to become a favorite kitchen tool. Plus, the included wooden peel is a useful tool that makes it easy to transfer pizzas to and from the oven. Whether you’re looking for unique housewarming gifts or a birthday present, a pizza stone is sure to please.

Unusual Cooking Gifts

Tabletop BBQ

This grill is called a raclette! It has different cooking surfaces with an electric element through the middle so you can utilize the heat from above and below the elements. You can prepare anything on this grill that you would cook on any traditional surface.

I prepare well in advance so I get to enjoy the dinner as well.

The best part is that the chef prepares the food to be cooked and your guests cook their own. Adding their own choice of meats, vegetables, herbs, and sauces. It can be used as a fondue/grill in one.

There are skewers provided, you can also cook pancakes with sweet fondue or chocolate melted from below.

Raclette Grill

This small appliance really is a party all on its own. It can just as easily be a countertop grill where the cook or chef does all the selection preparation and cooking themselves to serve to their guests.

Something For The Kids – Under $20

Gifts For Beginner Cooks: Children need to be taught from a young age the value of healthy eating. So what better way than to introduce them to fresh healthy ingredients and cooking at an early age?

Cook Books

“Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook: Healthy Recipes and Culinary Skills for the New Cook in the Kitchen”. This particular book has not only recipes for the beginner but also contains facts about food.

It includes learning how to stock a pantry, compile a grocery list, and learning safely use kitchen utensils and appliances.

There is even a teen cookbook called “The Healthy Teen Cookbook: Around the World in 80 Fantastic Recipes”.

Something For The Kids – Under $50

Pizza Cooking Sets for Young Kids

Let’s face it we all love pizzas in one form or another. So why not teach our children the love of preparing their own healthy options before falling prey to the insanely unhealthy takeaway version?

I love the “MasterChef Junior Pizza Cooking Set” the 5 piece set includes a pizza pan, wooden pizza board, recipe card, ladle, and plastic pizza cutter. Check it out for your beginner pastry chef at Amazon.

MasterChef Junior Pizza Cooking Set

To Finish – Gifts for Someone Who Likes to Cook – 35+ Ideas Under $100

Whether you are looking for unusual cooking gifts, a housewarming gift, or general kitchen gifts for a friend or family member – with over 50 gift ideas outlined above, I hope that I have been able to give you some ideas for a gift for that special someone in your life who likes to cook.

Gift ideas for someone special…