39 Gifts for Someone Who Is Always Cold

Our friends who never appear to be able to warm up welcome new ways to keep warm. Having no circulation and being cold all the time is not much fun. So cozy gifts from you will be most welcome.

The best gifts for people who are always cold are innovative yet fashionable and not too bulky, so they can take them anywhere. Lightweight blankets, warmers, thermal socks, gloves, and undergarments. Also, fashionable decor for around the home that keeps them warm – throws, slippers, and hot chocolate mugs.

There are more people around us than ever before who suffer from being perpetually cold. Sometimes, it feels like they are never comfortable. Cold then too warm – is a typical day.

Don’t think that it is only the female gender that suffers from being cold. Your male friend or family member could suffer from low circulation issues. I have found cold-weather gifts for her and cold-weather gifts for him.

Many of the gifts are unisex, so they are suitable for all when traveling, playing outside, around the house, entertaining with friends, and even for the office. I know you will find something the cold person in your life will thank you for.

Gifts for Someone Who Is Always Cold

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Perfect Gifts for Someone Who Is Always Cold

You know your friend you know their likes and dislikes. You also know that they have everything anyone could want to keep warm. So finding a gift that they do not have could be a little difficult.

Keep in mind the new and innovative as well as just keeping up with new trends and fashion in our old favorites. For example, scarves, gloves, socks, etc., that are not black, gray, or white.

Gifts Perfect for Outside in the Cold

Neck, Head, Face

1. Neck Warmers

Double-Layered Neck Warmers
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These unisex neck warmers come in 4 colors. They are compact, quick, and easy to use. No batteries are required. They are like socks for your neck and face…

For while outside, traveling, or exercising, you cannot go past a great variety packet of air-activated warmers. The pack includes hand, toe, and body warmers. They give long-lasting warmth and are odorless.

2. Bluetooth Beanie

Rechargeable Bluetooth Audio Beanie
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How good are these beanies?

It is a double-layered beanie with a built-in speaker that pairs with your devices. You can answer the telephone or listen to music while staying warm.

Unisex in dozens of colors and styles for all. One for your friend and one for yourself, maybe? Click the image to check them out.


3. Base Top

100% Merino, Long Sleeve
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Keeping the body’s core warm is very important to those who feel cold. It can assist in needing fewer layers of clothing.

Choose a garment that is made from a good quality natural fiber such as cotton, bamboo, wool, silk, or satin it will help regulate the body temperature.

In our case, we want warmth, so wool it is.

This Merino wool body-hugging top keeps you warm without becoming overheated.

The sleeve under the arm is cut for ultimate comfort, and it can be worn alone or under other garments. The highest quality wool is used to keep your friend as warm as toast.

4. Scarf

Winter Scarf for Women
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This oversized scarf is a chunky knit and is the perfect present for cold people. It is warm and cozy, and it can keep them warm all winter long. The scarf is also long enough to wrap around their neck several times, so they can really bundle up when it’s cold outside. Learn about gorgeous silk scarves.

Cold Hands

5. Hand Warmers

Rechargeable Hand Warmer
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This rechargeable hand warmer is perfect for carrying around to keep hands warm as well as perfect for those suffering from Arthritis or Raynards. This particular model will also charge your smartphone and other electronic devices. Check out this rechargeable hand warmer along with other hand-warming devices.

6. Heated Gloves

Heated Glove Liners
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Heating gloves come in many different forms.

  • USB heated
  • Battery-operated heat source
  • Pure wool

They can be used for:-

  • Traveling
  • Traveling to and from work or the store
  • Vacations
  • Around the yard
  • Walking the dog
  • Exercising outdoors
  • Bike Riding
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping

Many heated gloves are geared toward the sports enthusiast or someone riding a bike or motorbike. The ones pictured above are slimline heated glove inserts that can be worn over the top, without or without gloves.

But imagine these with your friend’s pretty gloves over the top. Or your bike-riding friends preferred gloves over the top of these.

7. Wool Gloves

Smartwool Thermal Merino Gloves
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Instantly heated gloves are great, but I still love my wool gloves.

The gloves I use are made from Merino Wool. I like the natural wool against my skin, which also breathes. I also love the built-in touchscreen pads, which allow me to use my smart devices anywhere.

I have the gloves pictured above in the gorgeous color Sangria Heather. I purchased them from Amazon.

8. Heated Gloves

As there are USB chargers everywhere these days, this glove set can be warmed anywhere with the added bonus of being able to access all electronic devices, including computers. From home, the car, the office, or the great outdoors, those fingers will be cozy.


Cold feet can ruin a cold body’s day or night. Below are some awesome finds. You know your friend or loved one – their likes and dislikes! Use your imagination and have some fun!

9. Socks

A new pair of fluffy cozy slippers – new styles and colors- are required every year. If you buy Ugg slippers made from real wool, they will last longer. These UGGS provide plenty of warmth during the holiday season.

10. Ugg Boots

Women's UGG Bailey Boot
See Latest Price (Amazon)

The UGG brand is synonymous with warm woolen comfort. There are many styles and colors available for use indoors and outdoors. Check them out…

Cold Around the House

Don’t only think of just snuggling down and relaxing at home. Cold people still need to get things done just like us.

11. Wool Sweaters

Pure Wool Turtleneck Sweater
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Must have turtle neck sweaters. 100 wool close to the body adjusts to the body’s natural temperature, so you avoid getting too cold or too hot. Seven colors in this range! What is your bestie’s favorite color?

12. Thermo Socks

Women's Super Winter Socks
See Latest Price (Amazon)

These Thermo socks are a breathable yet comfortable blend of 55% wool and 25% cotton. With just enough spandex thrown in to help keep them up. It is fully machine washable and for use by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

13. Slippers by Sketchers

Skechers Women's Keepsakes
See Latest Price (Amazon)

These everyday slippers from the iconic Sketchers brand are warm and comfortable for all-day use in and out of the house ten colors to choose from.

14. Draft Stoppers

This affordable, easy-to-install, and move-around draft stopper acts as a weather shield on doors and windows. Blocking the cold from entering makes heating more efficient and saves precious money on heating costs.

15. Thermal Curtains

Thick Window Curtains
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Thermal and blackout curtains that also cut out the UV light are easy to hang and maintain. Various sizes are available to fit all windows and doors in 20 decor colors. They are bound to warm up any room and make it cozy for your cold loved one or friend. What is your friend’s favorite decor color?

16. Sitting Around

Vibration Massage Seat Cushion
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The whole-body seat warmer is the perfect gift. The heating pad will keep the neck, back, posterior, and legs warm. Convenient with different heat settings, and they are so portable they can be used anywhere.

  • Home
  • Car
  • Truck
  • Work
  • Wheelchair

There are many kinds available. Just select the image above, and you can see that one, as well as a plethora of models, including different fabrics.

17. Heated Neck Massager

Anywhere, any time, a heated neck massager is the ultimate. Various settings, multiple massage pads for EMS and TENS, with pulsing features that would warm anyone up. Safe and lightweight for taking everywhere it is cold (or not).

18. Electric Hot Water Bottle

Hot Water Bottle Electric with Cover
See Latest Price (Amazon)

An electric water heating bag is the modern twist on the hot water bottle of yesteryear. An ideal gift for keeping warm it will also soothe sore muscles, aching feet, and any other area that is giving you discomfort. It can also be used as a heating pad for cramps.

Lounging Around (or not)

19. The Comfy

Oversized Wearable Blanket
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Although the Comfy was designed for all – this hooded wearable blanket with the warm Sherpa lining is perfect for our ever-cold loved ones. It can literally be used anywhere on a cold night! Inside the home, back patio, travel, friends’ homes, even the office.

Easy to move around in to carry out any task or just for snuggling down to be fully covered, large convenient front pocket (for hiding snacks!) for hand warming, and 19 designs and colors.

20. Blankets

Plush Faux Fur Twin Blanket
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Blankets, throws, shawls, and sweaters will be seen in a cold person’s comfy couch, living room, bedroom, outdoor patio, or deck car and office. It is nice to replace the ones that are visible occasionally and not have your old ones out for all to see.

You know your friend. Choose something neutral in the colors they like, or update them with an in-season color. Check the ones above out by selecting the image.

21. Hot Chocolate

Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Envelopes
See Latest Price (Amazon)

A crowd-pleaser Ghirardelli hot chocolate, every cup will be revered, and your friend WILL hide these away to be enjoyed by them only.

Want some chocolate-related gift ideas? My article Hot Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas has got you covered.

22. Tea

Warming Joy Holiday Spice Teas
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Warming tea samplers in twelve flavors you will not know which to choose. If your friend is a tea lover, they will be hooked because this tea is delicious and steaming hot.

23. Drinks Cookbook

Not all drinks are equal. This drink recipe book will keep you and your best friend warm from the inside out. When you get together, you will all forget about feeling the cold and mix up some fun with this drink book.

24. Soup Cookbook

A selection of easy-to-prepare soups from all over the world. It tastes great, fills on a cold day, and is accessible on the waistline. You might even get invited to dinner if you bring fresh bread.

25. Towel Warmer

Brookstone Towel Warmer
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Who does not love warm towels after a hot shower? Unfortunately, not all of us can have heated towel rails on our bathroom walls. But just like portable air conditioners and heaters, we can have a towel warmer that we can take anywhere.

I chose this towel warmer because I love the decor color gray. You can see it by clicking the image above. There is also a white one here if you want to keep it neutral.


26. Wool Mattress Topper

100% Merino Wool Underblanket
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Better than an electric blanket is a 100% wool underlay that is reversible. Pure wood uses one’s own body heat to warm it up.

Comfortable, naturally breathable material that not only warms us up we can gain added relief from aches and pains.

Economical and safe to use with care, these underlays will last many years. Although it is perfect for the colder months you can flip it over for the summer cool feeling while still deriving the benefits of pure wool.

See the above underlay for yourself – just select the image.

27. Comforter Sets

UGG 3-Piece Comforter Set
See Latest Price (Amazon)

I have my eye on a beautiful Ugg Quilt Cover at Amazon. It’s warm and snuggly.

28. Pajamas

Women's Loose Fit Onesie
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Onesies do not have to be fluffy with ears and hoods on them. The one pictured above is predominately cotton, is loose-fitting, and looks good enough to lounge around or sleep in.

Check it, as well as the other colors, out by selecting the image above.

29. Weighted Blankets

Fleece Weighted Blanket
See Latest Price (Amazon)

This 15-pound plush weighted blanket is available in five different colors. This is one of the best-weighted blankets for warmth. To check out over 2,500 positive reviews, click on the image above.

Gifts for Your Cold Friend to Use at Work

When sitting or working in a cold area for 8 hours a day or night the only way to survive is to be prepared.

The less movement you undertake during this period the more uncomfortable you become. So I have gone all out in this section because I have lived this particular nightmare…

30. Wrap

100% Cashmere Knitted Wrap Shawl
See Latest Price (Amazon)

A soft, warm, large Cashmere wrap works wonders when wearing it in various ways at work, in the office, as well as traveling to and from work. They can be wrapped around their shoulders. Sashed around the waist. Used as a blanket across the legs. Wrap yourself up when traveling. Great to leave in the car. 

The Manio style above, when hung around the neck, goes past the knees, so there is plenty of soft luxury fabric for all uses. Click on the image to see this Manio Cashmere wrap at Amazon.

31. Heated Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
Buy Now (Amazon)

Don’t know about you but I am always drinking lukewarm coffee, tea, or broth. Sometimes I reheat it in the microwave oven if I can leave my desk.

A great gift idea this heated smart mug is perfect I want one just for convenience. Your friend or loved one that cannot get warm will love it not only for the hot drink but to warm the hands as well.

32. Personal Space Heater

Portable Electric Space Heater
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Not everyone works in a comfortable environment. Becoming hot and bothered in warm conditions is one thing but when you have to carry out your work when you just cannot warm up is another. You can rug up as much as you want, but if you feel the cold, you need more warmth.

A personal portable heater that you can utilize throughout the day while working is great. There are many available. If you look at purchasing, make sure you get one that will not tip over easily, has a safety cutout feature, and is easy to move around and store. You will see this personal heater and many more – click on the image and head over to Amazon.

33. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves for the person who never warms up are a must. You can go pretty, fluffy, and fashionable.

Alternatively, there are also ones that support wrists and hands. So, as well as keeping warm, relief is also available for those carrying out repetitive tasks all day, every day.

Check out Amazon here for pretty fingerless gloves or here for warmth and support.


34. Car Blanket

Fleece Weighted Blanket
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Whether on a long trip or just going around town, this Sherpa blanket will keep your friend feeling warm and special with this soft Sherpa blanket. You know how to check it out – select the image above – a heap of great colors for all.

35. Heated Car Blanket

Heated Blanket for Cars
See Latest Price (Amazon)

A heated car blanket is a great addition to any car trunk in case of bad weather, outdoor activities, or those chilly early morning drives.

36. Thermos

Travel mugs that keep your coffee or tea hot are the best. This one gives you 5 hours of hot liquid or 9 hours of cold – excellent. Click the image to see the silver version of this plum Thermos.

37. Overalls

Insulated Bib Overalls
See Latest Price (Amazon)

Insulated bib overalls are made from lightweight Thermatech good for the cold as they keep your body warm by trapping heat in the insulation. Machine washable, zipper access, and adjustable suspenders, the fabric is durable and will last through many cold seasons.

38. Thermos Food Jar

THERMOS Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar
See Latest Price (Amazon)

The Thermos vacuum-insulated food jar is 24-ounce matte steel great for people who are always on the go. This jar will keep soups hot for up to 14 hours. It is a durable, trusted brand that looks good, too. Great for when you are away from home at mealtimes.

39. SITKA Kelvin Down WS Hoody

If your man feels the cold weather, this jacket is practical, and yet it will help keep him warm and dry. Check it out for yourself…

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Final Thoughts Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Always Cold

So there you have it, Christmas Gifts sorted! I am certain you have found something above for your special someone who’s always cold that will put a smile on their face. I imagine that you could possibly be picking something up for yourself also…

After shaking hands with someone and they say to me, “Cold hands, warm heart,” it actually turns me cold – er. Honestly, we don’t need reminding that our hands are always cold! So, any devices to keep ’em warm are always a great gift…

Gift ideas for someone special…