Gifts for Health Conscious Dads: Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

Is your father a health-conscious type of person or maybe he is considering losing some weight or just recommitting to a regular fitness regime?

It does not matter whether it is a birthday gift, a Father’s Day gift or you are looking for the best Christmas gift you have ever given your dad. Thinking of a gift for him could be difficult.

So what is the perfect gift for your health-conscious dad? Sunglasses, earbuds, store gift card, bodyweight scale, food scale, personal water filtration bottle, workout clothing, store gift card, herb garden, outdoor adventures, cookbook, ear seeds, goal chart, subscriptions, dairy, or maybe a cooking block.

Keep reading for some more in-depth ideas that could suit him better so you can give your dad the perfect gift.

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Seriously Health Conscious Dad

1. Fitness Trackers

Not all fitness trackers are exclusive brands that can be expensive there are many out there with great price tags. They are waterproof, carry out all-day tracking features, monitor sleep and calories burned, and much more.

Check out an awesome range of fitness trackers at Amazon.

2. Sports Armband

You can use this sports armband not only while working out but for many other activities. Such as hiking, cycling, and gardening, even while traveling. It is easy to take on and off and the fit is one size fits all. It doesn’t get too hot either as the fabric is breathable.

This awesome sports armband can be rotated 180 degrees so it is easy to access your device while wearing it.

The sports armband holds the following cell phones

  • Apple iPhone 6 6S 7 8 X Plus Touch
  • Android Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 S7 S8 S9
  • Note 8 5 Edge Pixel

My absolute favorite feature of this sports band is the fact that you do not have to take it off to access your device. Just swivel it around to access your music or answer a call.

Go to Amazon by clicking the image above to see all the features and the amazing price for yourself.

3. Running Belt

There are many varieties of running belts. They are usually waterproof and lightweight, attached around your waist so you can enjoy distraction-free exercise time.

They are designed to hold any number of belongs such as:-

  • water bottles
  • mobile telephones
  • money
  • credit cards
  • keys

4. Weight-Lifting Gloves

The right weight-lifting gloves will provide wrist support, allow for correct grip, provide adequate ventilation, and importantly protect hands from calluses which will occur with regular weight lifting.

There is a heap on the market you will have to find out which ones your dad requires as they are a personal choice.

See more of the top-selling weight-lifting gloves at Amazon.

5. BackPack

It has been designed to fight the weather elements and protect any valuable possessions inside.

There is a laptop sleeve that holds up to a 15-inch laptop it is also softly lined to protect the computer.

The comfortable shoulder straps are fully adjustable.

Your dad would love one of these especially if he needs to carry workout clothing and shoes around during the day.

This backpack comes in 25 cool colors – click on the image above to check these backpacks out for yourself…

6. Sports Clothing

This category is actually a great one if money is a little tight because sports clothing does not have to be a name brand and is expensive. You will find some great gear out there within your price range.

Remember all the gear he needs shirts, tanks, shorts, sweats, sweatbands, and don’t forget the socks.

7. Workout Shoes

Unless you are closely working with your dad the gift of shoes could be a little difficult.

You could buy them then let him go in and exchange them for the ones he really wants or you could also give him a store gift card.

8. Earbuds

The wireless headphones pictured above with Bluetooth are noise-canceling they feature bass earbuds.

They are designed for men, and are:-

  • sweatproof and waterproof
  • comfortable
  • flexible neck strap
  • condenser microphone
  • powerful battery
  • charging time is 10 minutes for 3 hours of use

This set will withstand any sport your dad can throw at them remember he is not limited to using them while working out.

They can be used at any time for sport, work, play, or relaxation time.

See these earbuds by clicking on the image above.

9. Gym Subscription

For some, this will be a little expensive. If you are only one of a number of children you could consider getting your other siblings to contribute to the membership for a year.

You could even let him know that it covers his birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Father’s Day. Why not if it is something he really wants but cannot afford it?

10. Body Weight Scale

If your father is into new technology a set of bodyweight scales like the ones pictured above will be a dream come true.

Apart from looking great, they measure every possible health and body-related measurement you could think of. You will be amazed at the low price.

11. Shaker Bottle

A good quality protein shaker bottle that vacuum seals and is double-walled, as well as stainless steel to keep the drink cold or warm for after your dad’s workout, is a great gift.

He will use this water bottle everywhere not just at the gym.

Getting Fit Outdoors

For some, it is all about the outdoors when maintaining their health and fitness. Having the correct gear for all weather conditions is one priority as is safety.

We should also not forget fun because there is more to health and fitness than just walking, jogging, or running.

12. Outdoor Adventures

Fitness outdoor adventure gift cards are awesome because your dad can choose his very own adventure.

He can also call on friends or workout partners to join him. Not only does he get to work out but maybe even try a new sport or adventure.

If your dad is an adrenaline junkie here are a couple of suggestions to whet the appetite.

  • Bobsled down an Olympic course
  • Go overnight caving
  • Hunting
  • Base jumping
  • Extreme mountain biking
  • Ziplining
  • Skydiving
  • Waterfall rappelling
  • Paragliding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Sailing
  • White water rafting
  • Skiing
  • Mountaineering
  • Racecar driving
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Horseback riding
  • Backpacking

13. Sunglasses

When we are outdoors polarized sunglasses are a must even on bad weather days they help with the glare which in turn is keeping Dad safe from trips and falls.

The Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men UV 400 Lens TR90 Unbreakable Frame pictured above are very affordable.

The two reasons I love them are because they protect the whole eye from the sun with the wrap-around feature of the lens.

They also stay in place while running or jogging because the arms of the glasses also wrap around and stay in place.

Check these and others by clicking the image above.

14. Caps

The latest release cap representing his favorite sport or sporting team is always welcome.

15. Tile Keyring

Do you have the dad that is totally organized or is he one of those guys that are always losing their keys?

Your dad who is organized will love it and you will love this Tile keyring on behalf of your dad who is not organized.

The bonus here is that this is available in a two or four-pack so they will never lose their keys, their telephone, or anything else they choose to use it with.

Go to Amazon click the image above and see this Tile keyring for yourself.

Virtual Money or Subscriptions

16. iTunes or Spotify

If your father has not yet joined this century in regards to purchasing items virtually like his favorite music to work out with.

Maybe it is time to set him up with an iTunes or Spotify account and show him how easy it is to purchase or access the music he loves.

17. Magazine Subscription

If your dad is a little self-conscious he will definitely not be buying weight loss or gym magazines for himself.

A subscription where it gets delivered to his home will make him feel a lot better about obtaining these magazines.

One added bonus is that with some publications you usually get them delivered to your home a few days or even a week before they are available for sale in stores.

Something for the Kitchen

Some fathers have no interest in pounding the pavement or heading for the gym. Their health-conscious activities are geared more toward daily and practical matters. Such as food preparation and cooking.

18. Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

The Himalayan salt cooking band serving blocks give food extra flavor without extra calories.

You can cook on it and serve dishes hot. Alternatively, put it in the refrigerator and serve dishes such as seafood on it.

To take a look click on the image above you will be surprised at the price of this little beauty.

19. Food Scale

As with the bodyweight scale, food scales are at a whole new level. They are not expensive but are very handy and come in all shapes and sizes.

20. Measuring Cups

Measuring cups and spoons are a must. If your dad is just starting out he probably won’t have a good set.

You can find them matching usually inside a measuring jug that doubles as a storage container for all the measurement tools.

21. Storage Containers

Storage containers for ingredients or freezing leftovers. Find some in various sizes that are also suitable for the fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.

22. Spice Sets or Racks

I love a good rotating spice rack. Most of us tend to use the same spices over and over so he does not need a massive spice rack. They are also reasonably priced if money is tight.

23. Boards

A whiteboard or corkboard where he can record his progress, and keep recipes or ingredient shopping lists.

24. Cookbooks

If he doesn’t enjoy cooking simple recipe book with few ingredients is the one to get. If he does enjoy cooking find out what food he is into at the moment and purchase a lovely book (with illustrations) for him to test out new recipes.

Does Dad enjoy cooking? Reading this article which has the top 35 kitchen accessories budding home chefs wanted when polled could make your gift choice a little easier. Gift ideas for someone who loves to cook!

Something A Little Different

If your father is open to new ideas in general (not only technology) he could be open to out-of-the-box ideas.

25. Home Gym

Has your dad got his own home gym or workout area? I love this wall decal for pushing us to work out when we probably do not feel like it.

There is no way you can forget to work out every day with one of these on the wall.

This stylish matt finish is made in America and is self-adhesive but can be easily removed when needed. 

26. Ear Seeds

Auriculotherapy is known as Ear Seed Therapy.

Basically, it works by stimulating acupuncture points in your ear. It is believed that the ear houses the microsystem of our bodies.

In the case of the Ear Seed Therapy system, it is designed to work with your body to help you lose weight by decreasing your appetite while increasing your metabolism.

This protocol also works to combat the cravings and emotional behaviors that lead to excessive eating. The product provides all instructions and a packet lasts for 4 to 6 weeks.

Learn more about Ear Seed Therapy at Amazon.

27. Goal Chart/Diary

If your father is really motivated and an organized type of person he will absolutely use tools such as these. You will find some awesome ones to suit his interests and are bound to keep him on track.

28. Applications

If your dad is not the type to work out alone and not join a gym why not introduce him to the many smartphone applications available?

They provide a guide, valuable information regarding the chosen sport as well as inspiration every day. Some even have support groups available that he can join and make new friends or workout buddies.

Go Green

It does not take much these days to make informed green choices. Whether it is choosing plastic over glass, disposable over washing and reusing containers, cooking for yourself over takeaway, or growing your own.

You will also usually save money in the long run so here are a couple of suggestions but the “Go Green” choices can be made on many products you can purchase. Including kitchen items as well as clothing such as choosing bamboo products.

28. Water Filtration Bottles

We all should be reaching for water as our first choice of beverage. Particularly when you work out or are in a weight loss routine.

What better way than to have your own personal water filtration bottle that you can fill up anywhere anytime?

There are many available these days. I myself have always used the Brita systems purely because the replacement cartridges are readily available.

Another added bonus is helping to save the planet by not using plastic unnecessarily.

29. Herb Gardens (Indoor or Outdoor)

If your dad loves to garden why not encourage him to grow his own herbs for the beautiful healthy recipes he will prepare?

There is more to life than just herbs! Here are a couple of other suggestions:-

  • Spicy herbs
  • Chillis
  • Perpetual lettuce and spinach work the same as traditional herbs the more you pinch off the more that grows
  • Tubs or pots of the small grafted lemon, lime, or other citrus trees – these will grow on small patios, decks, or balconies

To see some great options click the image above.

Gift of Love (DIY)

If money is tight you can always set up something special for your dad. What about cooking him his favorite dinner and then settling down for the night to watch his favorite movie? (Go on you can watch it once more.)

What about arranging to have a day out – exercising of course! Invite some others along (surprise dad of course) make a real day out of it and have some fun catching up with others.

Arrange a hike or cycling route, make lunch (get everyone else to bring their own), and do not forget that cupcake complete with a birthday candle!

Your dad will love the effort and thought put into a day with you.

Finally Perfect Gifts for Health-Conscious Dads

With a little pre-planning in advance, you will absolutely be able to find the perfect gift for your health-conscious dad.

Remember your dad will love any gift you give him. It is always the thought that counts.

Gift ideas for someone special…

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