30 Gift Ideas for the Snake Lover in Your Life

Do you know someone who loves snakes? If so, this article is for you. Gifts for snake lovers will share the best gifts for your favorite snake lover.


I have found more than twenty unique gifts for snake lovers including snake starter kits, games, luxury jewelry, home decor, apparel, face masks, travel mugs, and more that will make any snake lover happy!

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Gift Ideas for the Snake Lover in your life

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Best Gift Ideas for the Snake Lover in Your Life

If you’re looking for the best gift ideas for the snake lover in your life, look no further!

1. Snake Face Masks

Face Mask Snake Print
CHECK OUT these and other styles of Snake Face Masks

The Humorous Funny Snake Mouth Face Mask is a great item for anyone who needs to wear a mask. It’s adjustable and covers the face well with its ear loops. Better than disposable masks, this one can be washed and reused!

2. Snake Hoodie

Python snake hoodie
3D Print Hoodie Pullover

This Snake 3D print hoodie would make for a perfect gift for any reptile or snake lover. This lightweight pullover is great all year round but might require layering in the winter months.

3. Snake-Shaped Ring (Unisex)

snake ring for him and her
Black Silver or Sterling Silver Snake Shaped Ring

This unisex adjustable snake-shaped ring will allow your snake lover to show off their adventurous side with a black silver or sterling silver option. This is perfect for any female that likes to show off their style and loves playing around with fashion.

4. Sterling Silver Snake Bangle

snake bangle for her
Sterling Silver Snake Bangle

This beautiful snake bangle bracelet is made out of high-quality 925 sterling silver and feels weightless on the wrist.

The Native American design snakes its way around delicate, top-grade CZ stones that flow beautifully amid subtle, dainty scrollwork engravings. This Bracelet is a luxury gift for the snake fan in your life.

5. Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug

snake coffee cup
Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Tumbler

Those who love snakes will be thrilled to see the words “don’t tread on me” featured on this clever, stainless steel coffee travel tumbler. It’s a 20-ounce size, which is perfect for any trip!

6. Area Rug

Snake area rug
CHECK OUT this Serpent Rug

This Thomas Paul serpent rug from Turkey is handcrafted from polypropylene. The black and white rung a luxurious sheen that anyone who is a reptile fan would love.

7. Glass Snake Figurine

glass snake figure
Handmade Glass Snake Figurines

The Murano-inspired glass snake figurine’s exotic look and vibrant colors will make any snake lover feel like royalty. The intricate details of the snake’s body are almost lifelike, giving you a sense that it could slither away at any moment!

8. Snake Duvet Cover Set

snake bed cover
CHECK OUT this Duvet Cover

Who wants a warm, cozy, and soft bed for the winter? This is a great gift! Have you ever seen anything more awesome than this 3-piece set quilt cover set cover in a snake image?

It’s made from super-soft microfiber that won’t get too hot or cold so it’ll be perfect for all seasons. Oh yeah, it is also wrinkle-resistance and comes with machine-washable care instructions. Plus there are six sizes available!

9. Rattlesnake Garden Statue

garden snake statue
Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake

This Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Statue is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin, then hand-painted to look like the real thing. It’s great for reptile lovers and a fantastic gift idea!

10. Snakes and Ladders Game

snake and ladder game
CHECK OUT Wooden Snakes & Ladders Game

The wooden board game Snakes and Ladders offers a fun twist on your traditional family favorite! Once all your ladders are gone and it’s time to face your fate head-on. If there’s one thing we know about snakes, they always find their way out from behind closed doors. This value set includes the bonus board game Flight Chess.

11. Toy Snakes

snake toys
Snakes for Kids

The set comes with four plastic snakes that are brightly colored and rich in detail. They’re so lifelike that they might be mistaken as alive at first glance! Kids and adults will love these snakes.

12. Snake Curtain/Drape Tiebacks

curtain tie backs

The rich metal colors and elegant design of the snake curtain tieback make it a versatile decorative piece. The 36-inch-long cobra slithers in various intricate twists to hold back window coverings.

With 2 in a pack, there are various types of metal colors available including gold, silver, black, and antique brass.

13. Snake-Shaped Slippers

The “OOFOS” is a perfect gift for a snake lover, combining a stylish snake print design with superior comfort from the OOFOS brand. The slippers feature intricate snake patterns, appealing to your friend’s passion for snakes. With OOFOS’ specialized technology, these slippers offer exceptional support and cushioning for tired feet.

The gift shows thoughtfulness and connection to the recipient’s interests, making it both practical and sentimental. Whether lounging at home or spending time with their pet snakes, these slippers will be a cherished item for the snake lover.

14. Plush Wrap Around Snake

snake plushie
Plush Snake – Bernard the Brown Python

This soft plush fabric stuffed animal is securely sewn from high-quality acrylic fabrics and filled with white polypropylene plush filling. Posable protected wires surrounded by plush help this stuffed animal maintain its posture.

Bernard The Brown Python is 114 Inches long, making him perfect for hugging or playing tug-of-war with! This cuddly creature also comes with an informational booklet to help the new owner imagine what it might have been like for Bernard in his life before being sewn into a toy!

15. Diamondback Rattle Snake Coasters

snake coasters
CHECK OUT the sets of Cobra Coasters and Diamondback Rattle Snake

This set of four matching diamondback rattlesnake coasters is the perfect accessory for a living room, kitchen, outdoor area, or bar. With a non-slip cork bottom and a hardboard base, these hand-made coasters are sure to keep any drink or food off tabletops for years to come!

These coasters are the perfect gift for those who love snakes and also like to relax while they drink their favorite beverage.

16. Lingerie

Snake Print Jumpsuit

This snake print jumpsuit would suit someone who loves being cozy and comfortable yet feeling great in the garment. It would be great as lingerie, sleepwear, or lounging around the house. It would also make a great fancy dress costume.

17. Snake Bite Kit

snake bit kit
Survival Snake Bite Emergency Kits

Let’s face it just because we love something doesn’t mean it can’t hurt us. This kit will assist snake lovers if a snake bite occurs. This is an extremely high-quality snake bite safety kit designed by first aid professionals and snake safety experts. It comes complete with everything one needs while waiting for emergency attention.

18. Reptile Glass Tank/Terrarium

snake terrarium
CHECK OUT this Snake Terrarium

If you’re really into snakes, then a starter glass terrarium is the perfect place for a pet snake. With 360-degree views and ventilation holes including a top feeding hole, it’s easy to install.

19. Snake Book – A Visual Guide

snake book
CHECK OUT this Snake Visual Guide Book

Herpetologists (snake lovers) will love this book that provides them with a visual delight. 3000 species of serpents are featured. It is the perfect reference for snake and reptile lovers alike.

20. Snake Handling Course

If your lover of snakes really wanted to step it up a notch they might have an interest in taking a snake handling course. A course such as this would really allow them to be at one with the reptiles they love in a safe and controlled environment.

Interested in a course like this? Start your research here at National Wildlife Control Training Program. (Warning: be certain to authenticate any type of courses being offered online – pick up the phone and talk to a real person.) Check out their local community for people offering these types of training courses.

21. Snake Charmer Salt and Pepper Shakers

salt and pepper holders
Hypnotic Snake Charmer Salt n Pepper Shakers

Do you know someone who loves both snakes? Then the Hypnotic Snake Charmer Baby Playing Pungi Salt and Pepper Shaker Set is the perfect gift for them! This unique set includes a salt shaker in the shape of a snake charmer and a pepper shaker in the shape of a cobra.

Both shakers are made of durable ceramic. Whether your recipient is a snake lover or just a fan of unusual salt and pepper shakers, they’re sure to appreciate this fun gift.

22. Wall Art Set Green Python

snake wall art
CHECK OUT this Wall Art Set Green Python

Canvas print wall art sets are a great gift idea for the snake lover in your life. This particular set features a green garden snake python in a tree. The background is black allowing the snake to stand out. The set comes with three separate canvases, each 16″ x 24″. It’s a great way to add some personality to your wall art collection.

23. Cobra Kai Strike First PopSocket

snake pop socket
CHECK OUT this Cobra Kai Strike First PopSocket

If you’re looking for a gift for the snake lover in your life, look no further than the Cobra Kai Strike First Cobra PopSocket! This stylish accessory attaches to the back of any mobile phone, making it easy to grip and prevent accidental drops.

The design features a striking cobra, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Whether your gift recipient is a fan of the hit show Cobra Kai or simply loves snakes, they’re sure to appreciate this unique and practical gift.

24. Gummy Snakes

snake lollies
Gummy Snakes

Need a gift for that special snake lover in your life? Look no further than the cherry and blue raspberry-flavored gummy snake! This delicious treat is perfect for anyone who loves snakes, and the two-tone design is sure to please even the pickiest of gift recipients.

The gummy snake is also a great conversation starter, and it’s sure to get a few laughs at your next party. So if you’re looking for a unique gift that’s sure to impress, order a packet of gummy snakes today!

25. Baseball Cap

snake cap
CHECK OUT this Shelby Cobra Baseball Cap

This cap is a great gift for any baseball fan, and the snake logo makes it perfect for anyone who loves snakes. The cobra is one of the most popular snakes in the world, and this hat is a great way to show your love for the snake.

The hat is made of high-quality materials and is sure to last for years. So if you’re looking for a gift for a baseball fan or a snake lover, this Shelby Cobra Snake cap is a perfect choice.

26. Snake Handling Hook

snake handling hook
CHECK OUT this Snake Handling Hook

This versatile tool can be used for a variety of tasks, from catching and handling snakes to picking up objects from hard-to-reach places. The snake hook is made of durable stainless steel and features a comfortable grip, making it a pleasure to use. Whether your gift recipient is a professional snake handler or simply someone who appreciates these fascinating creatures, they’re sure to love this useful and stylish gift.

27. Rattlesnake Hat Band

snake hat
CHECK OUT this Rattlesnake Hat Band

This unique rattlesnake hatband is the perfect gift for the snake lover in your life. The band is made from genuine rattlesnake skin, and the head and rattle are fully articulated. The result is an impressive and fearsome accessory that is sure to turn heads. Whether you’re looking for a novelty gift or a stylish piece of wearable art, this rattlesnake hatband is sure to impress.

28. Snake Glow Bowling Ball

bowling ball
CHECK OUT these Snake Glow Bowling Balls

Looking for a unique gift? Look no further than the Snake Glow Bowling Ball! This ball glows under black light, making it perfect for a night of bowling. The exclusive 360-degree graphics make this ball a true collector’s item. Whether they are a recreational bowler or a beginner, this ball is sure to provide hours of fun.

29. Snake Shot Glass

snake glass
CHECK OUT these Snake Shot Glasses

This snake glass is made from high-quality materials and is perfect for those who like reptiles. The beautiful design is sure to make a lasting impression, and the glass is durable enough to use again and again.

30. Serpent Animal Ring

snake ring for her
CHECK OUT this Sterling Silver Wrap Snake Ring

Do you have a friend who loves snakes? Or are you looking for a unique gift for someone who’s difficult to buy? Either way, the serpent animal ring is a perfect choice. Made from high-quality materials, this ring is both stylish and unique. The intricate design is sure to turn heads, and the adjustable size means that it will fit just about anyone.

Final Thoughts – Best Gifts for Snake Lovers

Who knew there were so many practical, fun, luxurious, and useful gifts available for lovers of pythons, rattlesnakes, or any one of the hundreds of species of snakes?

There really are more gifts available than keyrings, mugs, and bookmarks. Gifts that they will really be able to use and enjoy every day.

I hope you have gained inspiration from my awesome list of gifts for reptile lovers.

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