Awesome Gift Ideas for Someone Trying to Lose Weight

Do you have a friend or loved one who is on a journey to lose some weight, has just completed the journey, or is just constantly on a diet? Thinking of the perfect gift can be a nightmare! Price can also contribute to the choice of gift.

Gifts For Slimmers

  1. Cookbooks
  2. Non-stick pans
  3. Meal preparation utensils
  4. Motivational gifts
  5. Gift cards
  6. Gift Hampers
  7. Fitness Trackers
  8. Entertainment and relaxation
  9. Lastly, something personal not related to weight loss at all

Obviously, we would all like to give our loved ones or friends a fitness tracker if that is what they are really after. Read on for some affordable ideas that your friend will love.

You know your friend better than anyone so you will know what their likes and dislikes are.

Hopefully, you will know if they will be offended by a particular weight loss gift like that slimming support treat – you know the ones that have little to no taste. Maybe workout clothing or some other weight loss tool.

If you are not certain about a weight loss journey gift I have come up with a tonne of other gift ideas that your friend will like and also take their mind off the weight loss journey for a while.

Gift Ideas for Someone Trying to Lose Weight

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Cook Books

There are so many different slimming or diet plans out there. The good news is that they usually have their own cookbooks. So the best choice, if they are really sticking to one plan, would be a book related to that plan. Such as Slimmers World or Weight Watchers cookbooks.

If the weight loss journey has been completed you could find them a really nice fresh food preparation cookbook so they can stray a little from the slimming recipes they have been using for so long.

Cookbooks, not their style? There are plenty of recipe applications that have a very little one-off cost. The one I use is Paprika which is a recipe-saving app that also allows you to share and receive recipes from others.

It has a one-off cost of around $6.00, and once you buy it you can download it to any device at no extra cost.

Don’t really know what cookbook to buy! You could give them a gift card so they can purchase a book of their own choice. All the major bookstores have their own gift cards. Kindle is also great for virtual cookbooks.

Weight Loss Motivation Gifts

There are so many motivational gifts available today. They can also be personalized for a small cost.

Motivational signs are always nice and do not necessarily have to reference weight loss. There are some lovely friendship-type signs, plaques, and canvases.

Some other ideas!

Cushions, glasses, tea and coffee mugs, water bottles, infuser water bottles, keychains, t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, an inspirational quote book, towels, manual shake bottle, bracelet, cheat day fork, zero-calorie spoon, the list is endless…

YouTube has a great video that shows you how the Voltrx works!

Check out this great battery-operated shake maker here – you will be surprised at the awesome price for something so classy…

Something For The Kitchen

When one is following dieting or slimming plans so much of your time is taken up shopping, preparing food, and cooking. Sometimes some have to prepare two different meals one for themselves and one for their partner and/or family.

We all love new gadgets for our kitchens. Your slimmer friend I am certain would do something for the kitchen that would help them with healthy food preparation.

Food Preparation

There are many items that fall under this category just a few are:-

  • An accurate set of measuring spoons and cups
  • An avocado, egg, or apple slicer
  • A corer for apples or pineapple
  • A spiralizer for making vegetable noodles
  • Silicone ice lolly makers – these are great and have their own lids
  • Glass measuring jug
  • Microwave safe jugs or bowls

Healthy Non-Stick Pans

Non-stick pans, skillets, muffin trays, cake trays, and pizza trays are always nice gifts. Let’s face it non-stick surfaces don’t last forever and do get scratched with constant use. A new set of trays could be a welcome surprise.

Don’t forget to throw in a couple of utensils suitable for nonstick surfaces.

Remember that silicone cooking and baking trays are available as well and are very inexpensive.


A good pair of electric kitchen scales are a must in the kitchen and can be purchased for around $20 to $30.

If your loved one or friend is into smoothies a blender or a small bullet dedicated to smoothies is always good to have on hand.

Food Storage

This often forgotten but high achiever in the kitchen is food storage containers. They should have a tight seal and should also be suitable to go in the freezer.

Your friend will be making batches of suitable muffins, soups, or a meal that will need to be frozen.

The containers pictured above will go from the oven to the freezer to the microwave and then to the dishwasher. Safe glass and lids with non-breakable clips. Great little time savers!


As superfoods are expensive you could surprise them with a slight twist on the traditional gift hamper.

You could buy a non-stick saucepan or a large mixing bowl and fill it with some of those items you know they use for preparing dishes.

  • Good quality organic oils
  • Cocoa Nibs
  • Super Greens for smoothies
  • Good quality cocoa

Gift Baskets

Gift hampers may seem a little outdated. But I believe you cannot go wrong if you really know what items your friend likes and uses so unwanted items do not go to waste.

Combine this information with a little imagination and you will present a fantastic gift.

Kitchen Baskets

Source a great practical reusable tin complete with a lid, a basket, a wok, a saucepan, or a big metal or glass mixing bowl. Then choose a selection to fill it with.

  1. For gourmet teas and coffees don’t forget to include a nice tea strainer; or
  2. Gourmet Spices and/or meat rubs, Cajun and harissa to name a couple; or
  3. Non-stick cooking utensils and some oven mitts; or
  4. A tablecloth or placemats and lovely napkins.

Weightloss Gift Baskets

Pamper Baskets

As the weight starts to drop your friend will also start to care about other aspects of their appearance like hair, nails, and clothing.

Think out of the box with the presentation – Put your choices into a makeup bag, overnight bag, an old-fashioned reusable box with a print on it, or a basket. Some suggestions are:-

  • Face mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Nail and pedicure kit
  • Hand and foot cream
  • Nail Varnish
  • Body Lotions
  • Bath salts or essential oils
  • Essential oil candle for the bath
  • Haircare products and brushes/combs
  • Perfume

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers can be expensive and also a very personal choice as there are so many available.

Unless your friend has expressed an interest in adding a tracker to their journey I would probably skip this type of gift.

On the other hand if your partner, friend, or loved one is addicted to fitness trackers and you know which one they want. There are definitely bargains to be had out there.

You will be in the good books for a while!

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a great idea because the program they are following may have a monthly or quarterly release.

There are also healthy lifestyle magazines and fitness magazines available.

Something Personal

I really like the idea of something personal which could take their mind off the whole weight loss thing for a while.

Have a hunt around in small boutiques for something a little more original than something from a department store.

You will be surprised that some of these little gems can also come with a little price tag.

  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Makeup Bag
  • Purse
  • Handbag

Gift For Entertainment and Relaxation

SEE LATEST PRICE – Essential Oil Misters
  • You could find a plush cushion and matching throw for a chair or sofa.
  • Essential oil candle or a mister for essential oils.
  • DVD box sets of a favorite show or a DVD of their favorite movie.
  • If you really want to spoil them what about a yearly subscription to Netflix?

Gift Cards

There are gift cards for everything these days here are a couple of ideas.

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Massage
  • Clothing Store
  • Personal Stylist
  • Movies

Homemade – Slimming Friendly

You could grab yourself some of your friend’s dieting recipes and make up some sauces for various meals or chutneys for them.

If they are not on a specific weight loss program what about making up a homemade cookbook filled with different kinds of slimming recipes?

Fun Gifts For Dieters

If your friend has a great sense of humor there are some great products available that have funny quotes on them. Such as mugs, water bottles, caps, t-shirts, posters, and much more.

Final Thoughts: Awesome Gift Ideas for Someone Trying to Lose Weight

I know that I have given you some options you may not have thought of. Up to you now to choose that gift for your dieter friend’s birthday, Christmas gift, or some other special occasion.

I was recently asked by a friend “how do I reward myself to lose weight?”.

The answer was simple “small steps” make yourself a list of items you need or want. (no food on that list) then as you shed those pounds purchase yourself the item you want.

Best of luck…

Gift ideas for someone special…

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