60 Gift Ideas for Shark Lovers

  • By: Michelle
  • Date: August 13, 2021

Do you have a shark lover in your life? I do and they like others who have a passion for something, in particular, can be easy to buy gifts for – until the gift ideas run out.

The gifts I have found below are some of the best around and your shark lover will be impressed with the gift you have found.

Unique, custom, personal, movie fan, homewares, sentimental, personalized as well as a selected range of conservation gift ideas top the list of 60 plus, that I have found for the shark lover in your life.

That is one reason why shopping on the internet is fantastic. As long you are organized can purchase the gift early enough so you have time to wrap and deliver the gift on time you will always be at the top of their gift list.

Let’s go…

Gifts for Shark Lovers

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Gift Ideas for Shark Lovers – The Ultimate Guide

Children Who Love Sharks

First up, of course, is a Baby Shark Gift. – Bonus Video to view below!

You would have to be living on another planet if you have not heard the baby shark song… It is no different from the Teletubbies phenomenon – I suppose we get something every couple of years. It is great from the gift-giving perspective.

1. Pinkfong Baby Shark Melody Pad

The warning that comes with this little pad is “warning: highly addictive” which means it is a great gift for someone else’s child…

It is a pad that plays 16 songs including the Baby Shark Song and has LED lighted buttons. See it for yourself at Amazon click the image above the reviews are awesome.

Baby Shark Song and Dance Video! – (For those who have not seen this video – ENJOY!)

2. Shark Work Surface Children’s Smart Desk

Shark Work Surface Children's Smart Desk - image
KIDS shark desk

This awesome shark desk is a dream for lovers of sharks with rolling eyeballs and teeth that are illuminated teeth. It is made with compliant materials that will stand up to the roughest kids. Check out the desk as well as other accessories available to complete the ultimate kid’s bedroom.

3. Sharks for The Bedroom

Quilt Sets and Coverlet set Blue Grey Shark Design - Image
Various colors and prints in shark bedroom decor

Shark bedroom sets like the one pictured above come in many styles and colors. You can expect to find the set itself as well as extras like sheets, valances, plush toys, wall art, and curtains for the bedroom windows. Soft accessories are also available if you really want to finish the bedroom.

4. LED Shark Night Light

 3D Shark LED Night Light Multi 7 Color Changing Touch Switch Optical Table Lamp USB Powered for Home Room Bar Party Festival Decor Kids Room Decoration
LED light shark bedroom decor

This 3D shark light is made from LED lights which have seven changing colors. It is not only perfect for a kid’s bedroom but it would also be a great light to use in a barroom, theater room, outdoor patio, deck, or at a party.

5. Shark Blanket

shark blanket or sleeping bag image
KIDS love these shark blankets

The zippered washable Minky fleece blanket pictured above comes complete with glow-in-the-dark eyes. What a great gift for kids and their friends, imagine the sleepover fun that can be had with a blanket like this. – Shark Parties…

Shark blankets are not only for the children in our lives they come in sizes and styles for the whole family… Click on the image above and you will see for yourself what is available.

6. Kids Crocs

Kids "Croc Shoes" with sharks on them image
LOVE these frightening shark CROC shoes

I love these where anywhere shark Crocs for boys and girls. They light up and are easy to slip on – no more carry on about putting shoes on to go outside! Awesome!!!

7. Kids Shark Craft Kits

Museum Craft Kits image
This craft kit plus many more designs

Getting young hands and minds working together. Great for cold rainy days…

8. Rubber Shark Floating Toys

Rubber Shark Family Bathtub Pals - Floating Bath Tub Toy Image
LOVE a good shark toy

Use this toy for hours of fun not only in the bathtub but outside in the swimming pool or toddlers pool.

9. Mattel Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure Set

Mattel Matchbox Shark Adventure Set – click the image to check it out

Children’s imaginations will certainly be nurtured with the Mattel Matchbox shark adventure playset. This is the perfect gift for a boy or girl who loves sharks.

Very small parts come with a playset it does say on the box for those over 3 years – I would suggest maybe a little older…

10. Kids Shark Umbrella

Shark Grey Umbrella for Boys w/Fun Hammerhead Handle Image
Shark umbrellas

This kid’s umbrella not only has the great pop-up fin but also a hammerhead shark handle. Other matching accessories are available such as rain boots and rain slicker.

11. Shark Party Kits

Shark Splash Deluxe Party Kit Image
Many different prints and colors in these party kits

Shark party setting for 24. Also the opportunity to purchase extra accessories to make it a real shark party. Click the image above to select “Shark Splash Deluxe Party Kit”.

Go here if you want to check out baby shark party kits and accessories.

Shark party favors and shark candy can be found here.

Personalized Shark Gifts

12. Personalized Shark Beach Towel

Personalized Shark Beach Towel with Bag image
Check these out for yourself – get personalizing

No more arriving home from swimming with the wrong towel or beach tote. I love these easy-to-identify beach towel and tote bag sets.

13. Personalized Shark Lunch Bag

School Lunchbox Lunch Bag with Custom Name image
Personalize one of these great lunch bags – they will never get lost

A personalized school lunchbox bag with your favorite little shark lover on it. Once again no losing or coming home with the wrong lunch bag.

14. Personalized Shark Step

Personalized Shark Tank Childrens Step and Storage Stool image
Personalize one of these steps for your shark lover

Give them their own steps and storage stools to encourage little ones to self-care (wash hands etc) and clean up after themselves. A cute gift they won’t even know they are learning while using this great shark gift.

15. Personalized Shark Mugs

personalized mug image
Personalize these yourself – no more losing mugs

No one will use your coffee mug again when yours has your name on it. In this case, grandpa will love it.

Shark Entertainment

Gifts for Shark Lovers - Videos

16. Shark Movies

These are just of the videos we have at our home. Check out the range of shark videos your friend might love here.

17. Shark Board Games – 8 Games to Choose From

Hours of fun with board games and cards as it brings people together for fun and laughs. Even if you only play a couple of times it is cheap fun entertainment at home, camping, or on vacation. Too many to list with images so I have listed the names below which you can click and go to Amazon and check prices out for yourself.

These board games would be a great investment for someone who is not mobile or is bedridden for a while.

Shark Fashion

18. Shark Shirt

SSLR Men's Shark Printed Casual Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt
Huge range of shark shirts

This button-down 100% cotton shark printed shirt is good to wear anytime. This style comes in six colors – click the image above to see them for yourself.

19. Shark Neck Tie

shark neck tie image
Large range of neckties – SHARKS

This is one classy navy “great white shark” skinny necktie.

20. Shark Underwear for Men

Men's Shark Attack Boxer Brief Underwear
Huge range of underwear

This underwear looks so comfortable he is never going to want to take them off. 3 times softer than cotton, breathable, flat stitching so there are no seams. Click to image and check out all the benefits he will love for yourself.

21. Yoga/Bike Shorts for Her

Shark Women’s Yoga Shorts

I love these distressed American flag vintage workout pants with the sharks cleverly swimming through the pattern. Wear for relaxing, working out – biking – hiking – running – skating, or any other activity you can think of. Check them out by clicking the image above.

22. 3D Shark Socks

shark socks image
Different styles and colors – shark socks

I love the way these socks bite the legs – fun, comfy, and warm – great for anyone heaps of colors to choose from also…

23. Shark Slippers

Chomping Shark Plush Slippers for Grown Ups
No more cold feet large range of shark slippers

These chomping shark slippers will keep any feet warm. Team them up with some socks and a shark blanky and your friend will be snuggled down and enjoying the Jaws movie in no time.

24. Rain Boots

Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots for Girls, Boys & Toddlers
Rain boots with shark prints – easy pull-on

How cute are these rain boots with fantastic handles so the kids can pull on their own boots? No more struggling moms and dads to get these on. Click on the image and read all about the handmade “vulcanized” rubber rain boots.

25. Shark Backpack

Bungalow 360 Adult Mini Backpack Image
Shark backpack – various prints

A great quality handy canvas, vegan-friendly, backpack that blends in with everyday wear is an awesome gift. Unisex as well and will not get too heavy as it is so compact. Perfect for those on the run.

26. Shark Watch

Freestyle Shark Classic Leash Sahara Unisex Watch Image
Watch – shark leash – awesome gift

Classic watch… Who knew some people still wear them especially those who love the outdoors and can put their phone down to enjoy it.

Shark Jewelry

27. Hammerhead Shark Ring Adjustable Ring

Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Hammerhead Shark Ring Adjustable Ring Image
Many styles – check them out for yourself

This ring is of great quality made from Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated and is a beautiful unisex piece that can be worn on any finger. Available in a number of designs including whale sharks. Click the image to see including more images for yourself.

28. Unisex Shark Cuff Bracelet

Stainless Steel Silver Shark Bangle Cuff Bracelet Image
Shark jewelry – cuff bracelet

The cuff bracelet is a very hardy piece of jewelry. It would suit anyone and the great quality stainless steel will look even better with regular wear and tear.

Shark Costumes

29. Baby’s Shark Costume

Baby's Silly Shark Costume Image
Click the image for more…

Easy access for nappy changes with this cute little shark costume for babies.

30. Children’s Shark Costume

Cute shark costumes
Click the image for more…

This shark costume is so soft and does not irritate a child’s skin that they want to keep it on including the headpiece.

31. Ladies Shark Costume

Leg Avenue Women's Cozy Fleece Shark Halloween Costume Image
Click the image for more…

I love this warm shark costume that can be worn around the house, to a party, or for Halloween.

32. Unisex Shark Costume

Mens shark costumes
Click the image for more…

This is a unisex shark costume in sizes from teenagers upwards, click the image to see the price for yourself.

Shark Gifts for Around the Home

I have listed below the ones that I personally love that are fun, useful, practical yet are still great talking points.

33. Ceramic Attacking Shark Bowl

Never lose pens again

A bowl like this will hold almost anything at home pens, chocolates, candy, fruit, even loose change. Use it in a home office or at work for paperclips, pins, to collect tips at your cash register.

34. Shark Cocktail Shaker

Shark cocktail shaker image
Many styles available

A fun take anywhere cocktail shaker, it will keep those drinks lovely and cold as well.

35. Fun Shark Wine Glass

Fluent in Sharkasm - Shark Wine Glass image
More styles available

Definitely a fun gift and talking piece for those jokers that can be used anywhere – bring on the parties…

Click the image to see this glass as well as a huge range of similar glasses in different styles – beer glasses, stemless wine glasses even whiskey glasses.

36. Mama Shark Tumbler

Metal shark cups for moms - image
Click the image for more…

She might be a mama but some mothers also love a bit of glamor, this travel mug certainly gives off a bit of bling with the Rose Gold coloring.

Stainless steel so 9 hours of hot liquid of 6 hours of cold just what mums need – time to drink their drink – Love it…

37. Shark Ceramic Cup

Shark Ceramic Cup - 11 Ounce, Deep Blue Image
Click the image for more…

Although this cup is designed for tea and coffee shark lovers, why not use it to drink any favorite drink from.

38. Shark Sushi Plates

Shark Attack Sushi Platter - Hand-Painted Ceramic Food Serving Tray with Soy Sauce Holder and Chopstick Rest
Great talking piece and very practical

This sushi platter plate even has a place for your soy or other sauce. Don’t limit yourself to serving sushi – chip n dip, rolls, and sauce even strawberries with chocolate dipping sauce. A great talking piece at parties.

39. Shark Salt N Pepper Shakers

shark salt and pepper shaker image
Click the image for more…

These shark salt and pepper shaker holders will be unique to each purchaser as they are individually handcrafted from cold poly resin. The set comes with empty glass salt n pepper shakers. Love it!!!

40. Shark Book Ends

shark book ends image
Very nice piece – bookends

While books appear to be going out of style with technology these days, those of us who really have a passion for a topic still like to enjoy it one paper. Especially when the topic is something visual like sharks.

Click on the image of the good-quality metal shark bookends above to see them at Amazon for yourself.

41. Ceramic Shark Planter Pot

Streamline Ceramic Shark Flower Planter Pot Image
Click image for more styles

Even a non-shark lover who loves the ocean or beach-themed decor will appreciate the simple lines and calming colors of this planter pot. Use it inside, outside, or at the workplace.

Great White Shark Gifts

42. Shark Blanket

Great White Shark Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw Blanket
More shark images – large towels

Massive 50 inch by 60-inch polar fleece blanket for use inside or out and about – straight in the washing machine when required – easy to care for and warm

43. Toilet Roll Holder

Nautical Toilet Papar Holder image
Click the image to see more

Every house has at least one (toilet) and they should absolutely have a toilet roll holder and I love this one as it can blend with any decor. But it does come in a lot of other colors too 16 in fact. Click through to check them out.

44. Shark Toilet Flush Handle

Shark Toilet Flush Handle- Front Mount in Gold Finish
Click image for more shark decor

So nice is this gold finished handle for flushing the toilet you hardly notice that it comes in the form of a shark… But your shark-loving friend will notice it and love it.

45. Shark Laundry Hamper

Shark Laundry Hamper or Toy Organizer Image
Shark bathroom hampers

These sharky hampers can be used anywhere around the house from laundry to toys, anything you want to store in that sharky mouth… Remember click the image to find out all you need to know about this shark gift.

46. Great White Shark Pendant and Necklace

Great White Sharks Pendant Necklace, Hand Cut Australian Coin
More shark pendant styles are available

This great white shark pendant is made from a hand-cut Australian coin. The coins were minted for the 2000 Australian Olympics. They are made from 14 Karat Gold and Rhodium and come with an awesome guarantee.

47. Classic Jaws Telephone Cover

Phone Cover Dangerous Shark Underwater Jaws Ultra Slim Protective Hard Plastic Case Image
Click the image to see more shark images for telephone cases…

Always nice to have a new slim yet protective case for our phones. I love this one with the iconic opening scene from Jaws – I can hear the music now.

Pet Gifts for Shark Lovers

48. Shark Pet Beds

sharks decor for pets image
Shark decor and comfort for pets

A small cat or dog bed in the form of sharks looks really good. Both pets and their owners will both love these cozy little places to sleep and stay warm.

49. Shark Dog Life Jacket

Dog Life Jacket, Ripstop Life Vest for Small, Middle, Large Size Dogs, Fish Style Flotation Vest with Adjustable Soft Rubber Handle
More shark decor and comfort for pets

Keeping our pooches safe as well as having a bit of fun – always a great gift. The one pictured above is suitable for various sizes of dogs.

50. Shark Dog Leash

shark dog leashes
Shark leash for pets

This dog leash will fit any dog collar from small to large. If you want a dog collar to go with the new leash you can check them out here.

Shark Week Gifts

51. SharkBanz

SHARKBANZ 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band Image
Click the image for more on shark protection…

Even though we love sharks! Most of us really do not want to be taken by surprise when swimming, snorkeling, diving, or surfing. These magnetic shark repellent bands help to keep sharks at a distance. They look good are comfortable and do not require batteries.

52. Shark USB

64GB Flash-drive Gray Pendrive Shark Fish USB Flash Drive Memory Thumb Stick
USB shark technology

Massive 64 GB of storage is available on this shark USB that uses the head of the shark to protect the USB and a handy carry chain.

53. Shark Encyclopedia

Discovery Channel Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark
Click the image for more…

Complete “Sharkopedia” from the Discovery Channel is the perfect gift to celebrate shark week. This book has over 400 photos – the shark lover in your life will adore this reference book…

54. Shark Conservation Gifts

You could make a donation to the conservation of sharks. There are many organizations and you will probably want to source one in an area that interests your friend. To get you started I have found this one Miami Shark Research.

55. Adopt a Shark Gift

Adopting a shark through the World Animal Foundation or a similar organization will give your friend a vested interest in an animal they really love. While absolutely helping to make a difference.

Gift Ideas for Jaws Fans

Is your shark lover all about Jaws? Check out this massive list of Jaws-themed gifts here.

To Finish – Gift Ideas for Shark Lovers

So now you know “what to get someone who loves sharks” – 55 ideas – best of luck…

If you or anyone you know loves sharks come back to visit this page as I will be continually adding to this extensive list of gift ideas for the shark lover you know.

Gifts for your someone special 🤍

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