Gift Ideas for Your Male Transgender Friend

Transitioning is a new, exciting, and expensive time for a lot of our loved ones and friends when they start their transition journey.

What is the best female-to-male transgender gift? When it comes to buying gifts we want to be able to give them something they need but is also practical that may assist them in relieving some of the financial pressure.

You will not find gift ideas here such as items of clothing, caps, mugs, jewelry with colored rainbows, symbols, and other slogans that celebrate the LBGT community.

The gift ideas here are suggestions for a birthday, Christmas gift, or other occasions that also allows for the traditional gift-giving experience of surprise, fun, and appreciation for both parties to enjoy.

Gift Ideas for Your Male Transgender Friend

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Female to Male Transgender Gift Ideas

1. Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Okay, so I have put gift cards and gift certificates at the top of our FTM shopping list. These are best if your friend wants personal items. You are off the hook because you can let them choose their own. Win-Win… Personal items would include:-

  • FTM Clothing
  • Underwear
  • Nightwear
  • Toiletries
  • Skincare products
  • Salon – nothing like a great hairstyle and treatment
  • FTM Binders and FTM packing and other support items such as FTM prosthetics
  • Subscriptions to magazines
  • Monthly Birchbox subscripts – they will enjoy new products every month

2. Medication All In One Place

medication box
Check this one and others as well

A box for all those medical supplies you can go with something fancy or go for something fun.  Taking medication either orally or with shots is no fun all day after day.

The type you purchase depends on what your friend likes you can go with something really masculine like a metal toolbox.

Alternatively, you could source a wooden chest-type box and have it personalized. The sizes vary so keep in mind what needs to be stored needles, alcohol pads, bandaids, disposable cups as well as medication.

I love the idea of boxes like these because everything is in one spot no mess no fuss as well as the ability to pick it up and get on the move. Work, nights or weekends away, vacations, and more…

3. Personalized Money Saver

money book
Real Pages Portable Diversion Book Safe with Combination Lock

Because transitioning is like the birth of a new person your friend has to start their new life by buying everything. So the perfect gift could be a personalized money box. There are those that weigh the coins for you so you know exactly how much you have saved.

Then there are the ones that you cannot break into easily, so you can continue to save for that expensive item. Then there are the ones that you can hide away so nobody knows it is a money box like the real-looking book above that can be hidden among other books.

It is available in many different book cover designs there is sure to be one that will suit your friend.

4. Personalized Everyday Items

Everyday items that have been personalized with your friend’s chosen name are great. Not only does it assist with the massive changes in their lives having these items around helps others to identify through consistency.

  • Drink bottles
  • Mugs
  • Keyrings
  • Pocket knife
  • Gym Towel


A certificate for a photo shoot that your friend will treasure. The images do not need to be formal – like those of old! An informal setting such as their home, park, beach, or favorite place. The photos could include friends, family, or pets.

The photos can inexpensively be put on canvases of varying sizes and placed around their home. They will even be able to give them to loved ones as gifts.

5. Go Fund Me Pages

There are many people that have started Go Fund Me Pages, on Facebook, for various personal reasons and other causes. If your friend has a Go Fund Me Page, maybe they started one so they can begin hormone therapy or for gender reassignment surgery, you could donate.

Then go find a card and write a personal message wishing them well for the particular occasion. Don’t forget to tell them that you donated to their Go Fund Me Page.


Remember that your friends probably still love all the things they have been interested in all their lives. Due to the expense of transitioning maybe they are not able to enjoy some of these interests and hobbies at the moment.

So what better gift and even better if you can enjoy some of the suggestions below with them?

6. Books

Most people still love to read books and be able to turn the page and not flick the screen. Either way, you have two options buy a box set of paperbacks or send a couple of digital books their way. Check out Kindle subscriptions at Amazon.

7. Games

Electronic, board, or card games – never get old! Be prepared to attend some game nights (or days) if you give a gaming gift – no fun to play on your own!

8. Concert Tickets

You know what music they like – it doesn’t matter if the concert is in 6 months – go on and purchase the tickets! They can always be sold if either of you cannot use them.

9. Sporting Event Tickets

Same as the concert tickets you know what their favorite sport is. Get out and enjoy a sporting event together. They will love you all the more if you attend knowing that you are not really into the sport but you are supporting them for a game.

10. Movie or Theatre Tickets

Pre-paid movie or theatre tickets give the recipient a reasonable amount of time to use them. I am sure that a great film or theatre production will come their way that they would love to see.

11. Music

record player
Check it and others out for yourself…

Retro collections are awesome and it is so much fun searching for music. Scouring markets, second-hand stores even online pre-loved music is an awesome hobby. Do they own a turntable, or are they able to play tapes or discs?

The player pictured above plays all size vinal records, CDs, and radio, and includes modern technology Bluetooth, USB, and more – it is a great portable unit.

12. Binge-Watching

Binge-watching has never been so easy or cheap. No more renting or buying DVDs. No rush to return them to the store! No late fees! Foxtel, Netflix, iMovie, Prime, and Popcorn Flix – just to name a few.

We use Prime – mainly because we get so many extra features as well as the immediate streaming of movies and TV shows. We also get access to:-

  • Free Two-Day Shipping on purchases made at Amazon with no minimum order size
  • Access to millions of songs and hundreds of playlists which are unlimited and ad-free

There are many ways to join Prime but Amazon has made it super easy if it is your intention is to give the gift of Prime. Check out the Gift of Prime for yourself at Amazon.

Final Thoughts – Gift Ideas for Your Male Transgender Friend

If the surprise gift is not important to both you and your friend to get something they really want just ask them. You can always ask for 3 to 5 ideas and still surprise them.

Why my interest in gifts for those who have transitioned? It is because I had two sons and now I have a 25-year-old daughter that was a male until she came out at age 23 and a son.

So gift-giving in our family has taken on a whole new dimension. Also, we are constantly looking for gift ideas for all her new friends. Best of luck with your gift search.

Gift ideas for someone special…

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