17 Creepy Gift Ideas for Her That She Will Love

  • By: Michelle
  • Date: August 13, 2021

I absolutely loved searching for “creepy gift ideas for women”. This gift guide could have been endless.

Creepy gift ideas for her contain some awesome gift ideas for her that you may not have thought of. There is something for her home, some stuff to keep her warm, stuff to make her pretty as well as relaxed. I even found a deliciously creepy cookbook so she can cook you up a storm.

creepy gifts for her

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Creepy Gift Ideas for Her

To make your choice easier I have chosen only the ones I would love to receive as a gift. Check them out for yourself…

1. Handmade Movie Blanket

scary movie blanket gift for her
Click on the image to see this Scary movie blanket

I chose this blanket because it is handmade and unique. They are custom printed using ink not vinyl in Deer Park, Washington.

The colors this full fleece-lined blanket is available in are blue, gray, purple, and red. This thoughtful gift is a keeper and is made to last.

2. Table Lamp

black bat and coffin table lamp image
Click the image to check out this lamp

Turn the lights down to enjoy this creepy coffin-based black bat lamp. A classic piece that will be great to have on in the background when watching creepy movies or playing creepy board games.

3. Handpainted Skull Glass

15 Ounce Hand painted Wine Glass Image
Click the image to see this handpainted wine glass

Creepy skulls are hidden behind crystals, butterflies, and flowers. This creepy blingy-blown glass is handpainted and individual. There is even a secret recipe under the base of the glass for added intrigue.

4. Makeup Brush Holder

Skull Makeup Brush Holder image
Click the image to check out this practical black skull

This skull all-purpose holder is displayed as a makeup brush holder but if that is not your lady’s thing it can be used anywhere.

Office for pens and stationery, in the kitchen for utensils or it could be used as a planter. One of those “venus fly trap” plants would add to the spookiness…

5. Picture Frame

Black Rose Picture Frame Silver Image
Click on the image to see some silver photo frames for yourself

This skull picture frame is fittingly called the Alchemy of England Masque Of The Black Rose.

6. Wall Clock

Wall Mounted Bat Clock Image
Click the image to see this creepy wall mounted bat clock

This clock is creepy but cool to look at – a great piece of practical wall art. Black suits any home decor especially a creepy home…

7. Jewelry

necklace and earring set image
16 colors in this range click on the image to choose your favorite

This is an angel wing love heart necklace and earring set that women love. So many colors there is one for your loved one…

Healing Crystal Pendant Gemstone Necklace Balance Chakra Image
Spider Brooch for a spooky lady – click image to check these and others out for yourself

This spider brooch is a healing crystal pendant gemstone necklace. It helps to balance one’s Chakra.

It is a stainless steel piece that is available in five different stone colors and has a chain and gift box. Great price too…

8. Casual Tote Handbag

Casual Tote Handbag for Women Image
Click on the image to see a variety of images available

Everyday handbag for individual taste. Fully zippered with pockets inside for easy organization. This gothic fallen angel image is just creepy enough. But if you want creepier check out the other prints available.

9. Trinket Box

Mythical Guardian Dragon Trinket Box Statue Image
Click the image to see the mythical trinket box

This gorgeous mythical guardian dragon trinket box has a hidden compartment. This storage box can be used for any keepsakes including jewelry.

10. Duvet Cover

Flowers Skull Duvet Cover Queen Set Purple Floral Bedding Set
Click on the image to see this and other styles of duvet covers

It is easy to care for and is fully encased with a zipper and no ties, it is quietly creepy and very feminine.

11. Creepy Book

When No One Is Watching – See it yourself click on the image

Everyone loves a great scary story and this book is an awesome read. You will be asking to borrow it so you can read it yourself when she is done…

12. Coloring Book

Fantasy Coloring Book
Click the image to see this gothic coloring book

This gothic fantasy coloring book comes with 25 creepy images to satisfy the lady of all things creepy in your life.

13. Face Mask

face mask bandanna windproof image
Check out this face mask with filters just click the image

Skull waterfall face mask is reusable protects from the wind and dust wear any time including on a motorcycle. Be sure to check out the many designs available.

14. 3D Silicone Face Mask Bracket (Reusable)

Pick up a packet of these handy face mask brackets. They help with comfort and easier breathing the elastic ear strap fits onto the bracket to help your mask stay in place.

15. Scary Cookbook

The Nightmare Before Dinner: Recipes to Die For: The Beetle House Cookbook
Check out this Cookbook by clicking the image

Everyone loves a good cookbook. Recipes include Bloodbath Cobbler, Blood Orange Cheesecake, and Beetle Pie. Just to name a few and these are only the desserts if you make it that far into dinner with your friend.

Gifts No One Thinks Of

16. Creepy Bathroom Decor

Skulls and Roses Shower Curtain Image
Skulls Shower Curtain click the image to check it out
Rose Design Shower Curtain Rings Hooks Anti Rust Image
Rose design shower curtain rings/hooks click the image to check them out
Skull Head with Red Rose Bath Mat Image
Skull head with red rose bath mat – click the image to check it out
Bathroom Accessory Set with Soap Dish, Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder and Tumbler, Red Image
Bathroom Accessory Set in creepy red – click the image to check it out

How much will she love a matching set of bathroom accessories that won’t break the bank?

This skull head and rose design along with the countertop accessories would brighten or darken any bathroom…

17. Cosmetic Case

Coffin Cosmetic Case image
Coffin Cosmetic Case – click the image to check it out for yourself

I love this Vegan smooth leather travel cosmetic bag. Has a place to hold make brushes in their place a full zipper to keep all that creepy makeup inside.

To Finish – Creepy Gift Ideas for Her

If you are looking for a birthday gift or Christmas gift for your mom, one of your kids, or another female fan of all things creepy I am certain you will have been inspired by the creepy gift ideas above.

Gifts for your someone special 🤍

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