Chocolate Free Easter Gifts: 40 Plus Ideas

  • By: Michelle
  • Date: August 13, 2021

Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time for most kids to get excited about all the chocolate eggs they’ll be getting from family and friends. For some, Easter can be a little more challenging because for whatever reason they do not or cannot consume candies or chocolate.

So have you ever wondered what gift you can give someone for Easter instead of chocolate? Well, you have come to the right place. I have found over 40 unique and if I do say so myself some of the best chocolate-free Easter gifts for 2022. There is something for the boys, the girls, the ladies, and the men in your life.

I have loved every minute of sourcing chocolate-free Easter gifts for children and adults.

Chocolate Free Easter Gifts

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Occasions to Give Gifts

Must-Have Chocolate Free Easter Gifts

1. Easter Face Masks (Reusable)

Reusable outdoor Easter face maks

These masks have 6 filters. Great for using and reusing daily. When cycling, hiking, traveling, running even camping.

2. 3D Silicone Face Mask Bracket (Reusable)

Don’t forget to pick up a packet of these handy face mask brackets. These help with breathing easier the elastic ear strap fits onto the bracket to help your mask stay in place.

3. Easter Bunny Plush Toy – Embroidered for Easter 2021

Hoppy Plush Embroidered Easter Toy

Are you, along with family and friends celebrating any new editions to the family this Easter? This is the perfect gift to celebrate the new little ones’ first year.

4. Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy – Kid and Adults

Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy

Make no mistake these stress relief toys work for everyone kids and adults alike. Take anywhere easy to carry and store for use at any time.

4. Jigsaw Puzzels

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles bring families together, why not enjoy some quiet time and reflection with the lovely peaceful puzzle. This 1000 piece puzzle will keep you all entertained.

6. Hoppy Easter T-Shirt

Easter T-Shirt

There are ten colors available in sizes to fit all – check them and their prices out by clicking the image above.

Chocolate Free Easter Gifts for Kids

7. Personalized Easter Bunny

Personalized Easter Bunny

The first gift I have found is “absolutely” better than chocolate! This is something children can keep forever it is a Lillian Vernon ultra-plush Easter bunny. Names are embroidered on the bunny’s floppy ear. He looks so cuddly – I want one myself…

8. Pajamas

100% cotton pajamas heaps of colors and styles available for babies, toddlers, boys, girls and don’t forget the teenagers.

9. Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

This is one for toddlers and young children. Their name will be monogrammed on Peter’s handkerchief. He speaks in an English accent when playing peek-a-boo. Too cute and a great choice for an Easter gift.

10. Bunny Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss – tastes like candy

What!!! I could not believe the “Lip Smacker” brand was still around. Since 1973 no less… The flavor of this one is “Bunny Hoppy Carrot Cake”. Little girls will love this lip balm as much as we did back in the day.

11. Bunny Ear Bow Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies – bunnies

A girl can never have too many scrunchies – these bunnies come in 16 colors – one for every occasion.

12. Handmade Easter Soaps

Easter Soaps – check flavors and prices

Scents of fresh-cut grass and spring florals spring to lift when the jar is opened. Inside your loved one will find soaps in the shape of mini Easter bunny butt soaps, Easter eggs, and baby carrot soaps.

Too cute and not reserved for the little ones either!

13. Organic Bath Bomb Set

Bath bombs

These organic handmade natural bath bombs are great for a gift at any time but as they are egg-shaped they are perfect for Easter

14. Easter Books

Kids can never read enough and this book is only one of a series.

15. Crayola Coloring Set

Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set, Gift for Kids Age 5+
Coloring Sets

This huge Crayola set is suitable for 5 years and older. Any child would love this big suitcase of colors.

16. Play-Doh

Bunny & chick stampers – Play-Doh

Kids can never have too much Play-Doh and this complete set has the modeling clay inside each easter figurine.

17. Plastic Easter Eggs Filled with Toys

Toy filled Easter eggs – perfect for Easter hunts

Entertained for hours is what the kids will be when they get their hands on the eggs filled with toys. This one is filled with automobiles but there are so many choices available click on the image to see what you might like at Amazon.

  • Wind-up Easter Toys
  • Cartoon Animal Vehicles
  • Necklaces
  • Stuffed animals
  • Unicorns
  • Pull-back vehicles
  • World animals
  • Plush emojis
  • Dinosaurs

Slow Rising Stress Relief Super Soft Squeeze Squishy Kawaii Cute Animal

18. Six Inch Plastic Eggs

Plastic Eggs for DIY Easter Gifts

Fill these plastic eggs with whatever you like something you have handmade or baked – possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget you can use these for Easter egg hunts around the house or outside instead of the chocolate eggs.

19. Bunny Hop Game

Educational Insights Bunny Hop Preschool Game
Bunny Games

Pre-schoolers and adults alike will love this game, it is educational, fun and there will not be any tantrums from too much sugar…

20. Giant Uno Cards

Cards Games

A game for all to share in the classic fun of a timeless game. Holiday time is a great time for family games.

21. Easter Bunny Costumes Gallor

Easter Costumes for Kids and Adults

There are so many fun costumes and accessories for easter click-through (the image) and check them out for yourself…

22. Drone Toys for Kids

Drones for Easter Fun

Indoor hover drones that light up are great fun for boys and girls. Led lights, play with multiple players fun fun fun…

23. Outdoor Lawn Races

Outdoor Games

We all joined in egg and spoon races wearing a sack. Also the two-legged race – what fun. Why not bring it back with this great gift pack that gives you all you need to get racing. Even in small spaces, these are great energy expelling games.

Chocolate Free Easter Gifts for Her

24. Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

This beautiful moon lamp is a gift anyone would love. It evokes feelings of love, peace, and calm just by looking at it. It brightens by touching it and has USB charging abilities.

25. Homesick Scented Candle

Homesick Scented Candle Southern California image
Soy Candles

These USA-made soy candles burn for up to 80 hours. The one pictured above exudes southern California scents. Click on the image above to find the Homesick scented candle to suit your loved one.

26. Water Infuser

Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, Large 32 Oz
Healthy Water Infuser

Infused water is on-trend, full of sugar, and expensive when buying it ready-made. But it can be so healthy for you when you make your own with the fruits and vegetables you like. The best part is no added sugar and money well saved…

27. Phone Charging Stand

Practical Phone Charging Stands

Any lady would love this is a lovely rose gold phone iPad charging multi stand. Home, office, or travel use will keep everything together. This is not just for ladies though there are 6 colors to choose from.

28. Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder

Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder Jewelry Dish Pink Ceramic Plate Jewel Display Organizer Trinket Tray
Love Bunnies Ring and Jewelry Holder

Rings and other jewelry will not be lost again with the handy ring holder – bunnies are just too cute.

29. Bunny Make-Up Bag

Make-Up Carryall

Handy cosmetic organizer, its waterproof, cute butterflies, and bunnies. Compartments inside to be totally organized like the professionals.

30. Bunny Make-Up Cleaning Mats

Make-Up mats

So cute for Easter easy to use – these make-up cleaning mats are to clean the make-up applicators on.

31. Luxury Easter Soap Set

Easter Bunny Soap Sets

Made in the USA with luxurious Shea Butter. I love them they look just like chocolate…

Chocolate Free Easter Gifts for Him

32. Zebrawood Watch

Men's Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Watch with All Wood Strap Quartz Ana
Wood watches

We do not see enough watches anymore. This one looks great and would suit any male’s wrist features traditional watch movement. For something really different this watch is classic.

33. Flashlight

DanForce G1 rechargeable LED Flashlight
Flashlight kit for those who love being prepared

This is one serious flashlight. I should probably not have slotted this in the gifts for him section as I would think anyone in your life would be happy to receive one of these beauties.

There are too many features to mention with this gift click the image above and check it out for yourself.

34. Drone

Drones for Kids – check age restrictions!!!

This drone with a camera is designed for beginners. So if the male in your life has been debating about getting one – now could be the time with this beginner model.

35. Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board

Cheese/cutting boards

Cheeseboard with a hidden knife compartment. Made from easy-care natural bamboo.

36. Easter Bunny Costume

Easter costumes

The man in your life could be the star of easter with this great easter bunny costume – I love it and so will everyone at your Easter celebration.

Practical Easter Gifts

37. Wooden Bunny Napkin Rings

Wooden Bunny Napkin Rings
Easter napkin rings

Make the Easter celebration lunch or dinner special with individual bunny napkin rings. Many different styles for any decor.

38. Bunny Cake Stand

Cupcake Stand Ceramic Plate
Easter Bunny Cake Stand

If you are attending a party, lunch, or dinner celebration over the Easter holiday this bunny stand would make a great gift. It will hold cupcakes, snacks, cookies and other Easter treats.

39. Easter Cupcake Kit

Cupcake Kits

Either make these to take to your party for the hostess along with the bunny stand above. Alternatively, get the kids in the kitchen to prepare some Easter celebration treats for your guests.

40. Rose Gold Easter Dinner Set

Easter dinner setting

No need to slum it with this beautiful 150 piece rose gold plastic plate that also comes with disposable plastic silverware (rose goldware). I love this classic lace design. Why not get some to use at Easter whether you are living it up at home, on holiday, picnicking, or at a friends’ home.

41. Kitchenware Set

kitchenware sets image
Ovens mitts

Easter kitchenware sets will help keep the Easter celebrations on track in the kitchen.

42. Classic Rabbit Succulent Pot

Three succulent pots in classic white bunny-shaped pots. The pots are perfect for succulents as they need little care and a bit of filtered light.

43. Silicone Easter Egg Mold

DIY – Silicon easter egg molds

Everyone can get busy with these molds. You can prepare just about anything you can think of in these molds.

  • Cakes
  • Lollies
  • Ice
  • Soaps
  • Wax melts

What Do You Buy Someone Who Doesn’t Like Chocolate for Easter?

Easter time is a beautiful time of year depending upon where you are located in the world. For some, it is either getting a little warmer coming into summer and for others a little cooler coming into winter.

I have found myself wondering what to buy people who don’t like chocolate for Easter. I know that not everyone likes the same things, but it is still difficult when you have a family member or friend who does not like or eat chocolate.

I hope you have found something on the list that you can give a loved one or friend that they will enjoy that does not involve chocolate so your loved one can enjoy chocolate-free Easter gifts.

Why Am I Passionate About Chocolate Free Gifts?

When I was a kid we got chocolate just like all the other kids. As we got older our parents would give us one chocolate bunny or egg then they would add another type of non-chocolate gift.

It was usually brightly wrapped and very practical. You know something they knew you wanted – but it wasn’t your birthday or Christmas right?

Over the years at Easter, we got things like craft kits, coloring books and heaps of colored pencils, and a pretty pencil case.

One year I got a skateboard, my sister got roller skates and my little sister got a scooter. Why you might ask – to get us outside for exercise of course which is so much better for us than chocolate…

Gifts for your someone special 🤍

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