Gifts for Her: Get her something that will make her feel appreciated…

creepy gifts for her

17 Creepy Gift Ideas for Her That She Will Love

I absolutely loved searching for “creepy gift ideas for women”. This gift guide could have been endless. Creepy gift ideas for her contain some awesome gift ideas for her that you may not have thought of. There is something for her home, some stuff to keep her warm, stuff to make her pretty as well […]

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Boating Gifts for Women

Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Boating

Whether the woman in your life is the boating lover, the significant other, mother, daughter, sister, or best friend she will appreciate a gift that supports her time out on the water. So what types of gifts would a woman who loves boating like? Nautical gifts for women should be of great quality, practical yet […]

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MTF transdender gift ideas

Male to Female Transgender Gift Ideas

As a female let me just say that I am one that enjoys comfort over stilettos. When you find out that you have a daughter who is very much a girly girl and try to assist them with their transition when you have just turned fifty and comfort is at the fore – all I […]

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Gift for pregnant friend not the baby

Present for A Pregnant Friend (Not for Baby)

It doesn’t matter whether your friend is about to become a first-time mother or is adding to her family a present just for her is a great idea. A gift, especially for her, will make her feel loved and put a smile on her face because she knows you also care about her wellbeing and […]

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First Time Mom Gifts from Husband

Best First Time Mom Gifts from Husband

There is absolutely no other feeling in the world that compares to those that happen when we become brand new parents. As with other firsts in our lives when that first baby arrives it is awesome. No matter what you expect nothing can or will prepare you for parenthood. I have compiled a list of […]

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3rd trimester gifts

3rd Trimester Gifts Must Haves for the Mother to Be

This third and final stage of the pregnancy known as the 3rd trimester takes place between 29 weeks and 40 weeks. Time seems to really slow down in the 3rd trimester, so for most of us, the serenity of the 2nd trimester disappears. Time for gifts for new mother and baby. Third Trimester Gifts Must-Haves For The […]

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