Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Boating

  • By: Michelle
  • Date: August 14, 2021

Whether the woman in your life is the boating lover, the significant other, mother, daughter, sister, or best friend she will appreciate a gift that supports her time out on the water. So what types of gifts would a woman who loves boating like?

Nautical gifts for women should be of great quality, practical yet on-trend. The latest clothing, sun protection, eyewear, and safety gear will never go astray. We all want the latest of everything, don’t we?

You might also consider a day out on the water could consist of a trip to shore. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner, shopping, or site seeing.

I have some awesome gift ideas that any woman who loves any type of boating including sailing will adore.

Boating Gifts for Women

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Occasions to Give Gifts

Gifts for Female Sailors

Whether the lady in your life is an avid sailor, boating enthusiast, or the lucky one that sits back and enjoys the great outdoors on the water – there is a gift below that will suit her!

1. Dry Bags

Must have – DRY BAG

A ‘Dry Bag” like the one pictured above will keep all your loved ones’ belongings dry and safe “all in one place”.

Easy to grab and take to shore if required. The one pictured above comes in some awesome colors – check them out for yourself…

2. Hats

Wide Brim Straw Hat
Wide Brim Straw Hat Fold-able Roll-up Beach Sun Hat – 50+

Sun protection of the long hours on the water and ashore is a must. I will always go for the widest brim possible the one pictured above is great.

As you can see it almost covers the shoulders. A heap of colors and different style ties are available see it for yourself click the image of the hat.

Hat Sun Protection
Safari Cap with Sun Protection

While the first hat looks great for any day on the water this safari cap is for when you are in the water, fishing, or relaxing. It is tough, quick-dry, and will stay on with the under chin adjustable cord.

3. Eyes

Polarized Sunglasses
Foldies Polarized Folding Round Sunglasses

As the name suggests these sunglasses are call Foldies and I love them. Small and easy to carry around.

  • Metal Frames
  • 7-Layer HepTEK Polarized Lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Cleaning cloth and carry case included
  • Warranty
Polarized Sunglasses
Iconic Kate Spade Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

This classic shape is awesome for days on the water because the wide lens covers the eyes so that stops squinting – then wrinkles.

Inexpensive, polarized 100% UV protection coating and a branded case to keep them safe.

4. Hands

Anti-slip Gloves
Ultralight Anti-slip Breathable Gloves

Boating, fishing, or sailing your friend will need some type of gloves either to carry out activities aboard the ship or to keep warm. These gloves will allow her to carry out any activities required on the water.

5. Footwear

Barefoot-Inspired Sport Sandal
Barefoot-Inspired Sport Sandal

You are going to want a pair of these shoes for yourself they are suitable for many activities from yoga to kayaking and everything in between. The list of water-related activities these shoes are suitable for is amazing.

Lightweight, comfortable, great grip, water-resistant, and fast-drying. The Z-style strap across which sits on the top of the foot securely holds the foot and shoe together. 3 colors check them out for yourself click the image above.

6. Sun Protection

Sun Protection Vest
Sun Protection Vest

A sun shirt like the one pictured above gives a high level of sun protection drys quickly and looks great. This rash vest has been designed for water sports with high neck protection as well as the protection of the hands from the sun.

It can be carried around so it can be utilized quickly. Sometimes you end up being exposed to the sun longer than expected and quick protection is required.


If you want to help keep your lady warm on the water, then she’ll need lots of warmth in her clothes and accessories.

7. Beanies

Beanie Cap for Women
100% Pure Cashmere Winter Beanie Skullies Cap for Women

A knitted beanie is a perfect accessory for any lady on the water. Tightly knitted beanies are a must for the outdoors. They can be worn under a hoodie or hat, pulled down over the ears and face. These hats are available in different colors and patterns, so she can match her hat to whatever outfit best matches her mood or style! Check them out for yourself.

8. Weatherproof Jackets

Raincoat with Hood Waterproof Rain Jacket Contrast Outdoor
Waterproof Rain Jacket

A weatherproof jacket is a perfect gift, and it is something she really needs. So you’ll need to think about what kind of jacket would suit both dry land and wet seaside adventures. You know that waterproof jackets are all the rage this season no one wants their clothes soaked in saltwater!

9. Scarves

Wool Soft Scarves
Cashmere Feel Wool Soft Scarves

The soft wool scarf above comes in 9 colors. There are many different styles, weights, and fabrics. You know what she likes…

10. Woollen Gloves

Fingerless Gloves Merino Knit

We have check out the gloves for working on board, the ones pictured are to help keep the hands warm – lovely Merino wool.

11. Woollen Socks

Woolen Socks

Wool socks will keep her comfortable and warm at the end of the day.


The colors of the sea are great for someone who likes to spend time on it! Adorable nautical clothes, shoes, and accessories would be a perfect gift. A matching necklace or bracelet could also work well if she has her own boat!

12. Jumpsuit Romper

Leg Loose Jumpsuit Romper
Leg Loose Jumpsuit Romper

These gift ideas are for the lady heading ashore for shopping, breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktails, or dinner. This comfy outfit comes in long or short style pants and would suit anyone going ashore.

13. Sandles

Flat Sandals
Bohemia Bling Rhinestone Pearl Flat Gladiator Sandals Toe Ring Dress Shoes

This fun pair of sandals will go with any outfit – even swimwear.

14. Tote Bag

Leather Tote Bag
Vintage Nautical Anchors Leather Tote Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag pictured above comes in 9 different colors and themes. Perfect for everything needed for a day ashore or on the boat.

15. Nautical Jewelry

Interchangeable Bangle
Designer 925 Sterling Silver Nautical Interchangeable Bangle

I fell in love with this bracelet the moment I laid eyes on it. It comes with interchangeable clasps, so you can buy her a different clasp for the next gift-giving occasion. Simple, elegant, and sturdy. She will love it.

Gorgeous – North Star Compass Pendant

This pendant comes in various sizes and is made from gold – beautiful…


Understandably you may not want to buy clothing and accessories for your friend.  I have looked around and found some great gift ideas that will bring her love of boating and the water into her home for her to enjoy every day.

16. Drinks Coasters

Coastal Wonder Absorbent Coasters

The absorbent stone coasters pictured above absorb sweating or spilled drinks they are also cork-backed to protect your furniture from those rings we get from drinks.

17. Vase

Glass Barrel Vase
Handmade Barski Glass Barrel Vase – Cobalt Blue

A handmade vase in a gorgeous blue such as the one above would be treasured. The shape is perfect for holding any bouquet of flowers. The cobalt blue vase pictured above is made in Europe and was made using the hand and mouth blowing method.

18. Dinnerware

Stoneware Dinnerware Set
Stoneware Dinnerware Set in Aqua/White

I love this fresh-looking aqua and white dinner set. Even on the worst weather day at home, it will bring a sunny warm feeling to any meal.

19. Wall Art

Wall Art Decor
Personalized Coastal, Beach, Nautical Name Wall Art Decor

Personalized gifts are always welcomed this wall art with nautical themes looks good anywhere in a home.

Wall Compass
41″ Aqua Metal Wall Compass

This compass will go on any wall inside the house but would look equally as good on a patio or in the garden.

Metal Wall Anchor
16″ Rustic Cast Iron Metal Wall Anchor

Everyone needs an anchor in their home to keep them from drifting away. Same as the compass above equally as good indoors or outdoors.

Final Thoughts – Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Boating

Those who had the chance to attend any water activities will know that a day on the water is not all rainbows and unicorns.

It can be tough – hot, cloudy, raining, cold and that is just in one day. Imagine if you are out on the water for a couple of days or more.

Any nautical gift your loved one or friend receives she is going to love. Those that support the tough conditions she may end up in even more so.

Gifts for your someone special 🤍