Bedside Organizers for Bedridden Patients: Practical Gifts

Bedridden patients often face various challenges when it comes to keeping their personal belongings within reach. For those confined to their beds, it can be difficult to access a bedside shelf for essentials like medications, reading materials, and personal care items.

These pocket organizers strive to make life easier for patients by providing them with an efficient bed storage solution for all their personal belongings. A clever storage solution helps prevent clutter in the patient’s environment, making their space more comfortable and functional.

Available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the unique needs of different patients. Some are designed to hang on the side of the bed, while others can be placed on nightstands or attached to hospital bed rails. 

Bedside Organizers for Bedridden

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How to Choose a Bed Organizer

When choosing a bedside organizer for a bedridden patient, it’s important to consider factors like size, material, durability, and ease of use.

Size is important because it determines how many items can be stored and whether they fit in the available space.

Material and durability determine the longevity and sturdiness of the product. An organizer should be easy to clean and maintain, given that it will be frequently used by patients who may be more susceptible to infections.

Best Bedside Organizers for Bedridden Patients

We’ve carefully selected a list of the best bedside caddies to help bedridden patients maintain a tidy and easily accessible environment. Check out our top picks below!

Simboom Bedside Organizer Storage Caddy

My Top Pick is the Simboom bedside organizer for bedridden patients who need extra storage and easy access to their belongings.


  • Space-saving design with multiple pockets
  • Upgraded side storage for tissues and water bottles
  • Easy installation with anti-slip features


  • Tissue box holders may not fit standard USA tissue boxes
  • It may not work well as a desk organizer
  • Material quality could be improved

Keeps essentials within reach for bedridden patients. Its space-saving design offers multiple pockets and compartments, making it great for storing magazines, books, phones, tablets, remotes, and more.

What sets this bedside organizer apart from others is its upgraded side storage, which features a removable tissue box holder and a water bottle holder pocket. There are two side holes for cables and earphones, making it incredibly convenient for patients who spend most of their time in bed. However, the tissue box holder may not fit standard USA tissue boxes.

Installation is a breeze, it can be placed under the mattress, hung on the bed rail with an adjustable buckle strap, or fixed to the desk with the stickers provided. The anti-slip features ensure that the organizer stays in place, providing peace of mind for both patients and caregivers.

Zafit Bedside Hanging Bed Organizer

I highly recommend this caddy for its versatility and practicality, making it perfect for bedridden patients.


  • Easy to install and secure
  • Offers ample storage with ten different-sized pockets
  • Durable Oxford fabric and polyester mesh construction


  • Mesh pockets may rip if caught on sharp objects
  • May swing under the bed if not adequately secured
  • It is not ideal for those with severe mobility issues

The installation process is easy, thanks to the three powerful velcro belts at the back. Swiftly hanging it on the bed rail, it remains firmly in place.

With ten different-sized pockets (5 big pockets and 5 mesh pockets), it is easier to store and organize our daily essentials, such as books, magazines, and remote controls. The side mesh pocket was particularly handy for holding water bottles.

The caddy’s Oxford fabric and polyester mesh construction means it’s durable. The mesh pockets can be prone to ripping if they get caught on something sharp, so it’s essential to be mindful when maneuvering around them.

It’s worth mentioning that the caddy can swing under the bed if it’s not secured properly, which may be an issue for individuals with severe mobility problems.

Loghot Bedside Storage Bag Hanging

It is a convenient and space-saving solution for bedridden patients, providing easy access to daily essentials.


  • Sturdy iron bracket for secure hanging
  • Multiple pockets for versatile storage
  • Suitable for various settings (headboards, office dividers, etc.)


  • The bottom may not lie flat
  • Hooks’ end caps may fall off
  • Not the most spacious option

The iron bracket makes it easy to securely hang the organizer on a headboard, and it could even be used in other settings such as office dividers or cabinets.

One of the best features of this caddy is its multiple pockets. There’s ample storage with different compartments for items like glasses, books, mobile phones, and keys. The versatile design allows users to keep everything they need within reach, which can be particularly helpful for those who are bedridden or have limited mobility.

There are a few minor drawbacks. The bottom of the caddy does not lie completely flat. This might cause smaller items to get lost, but putting a piece of cardboard as a base can solve this issue. The end caps on the hooks tend to fall off at times, which leads to the caddy becoming unsecured.

Surblue Bedside Caddy

Bringing convenience to bedridden patients, this waterproof caddy is a must-have to keep their essential items within reach!


  • Durable and waterproof material
  • Spacious and versatile compartments
  • Easy to attach to various beds and rails


  • Velcro strips might not suit all bed types
  • May struggle with heavier items
  • Front pockets could be deeper

We were immediately impressed by the high-quality, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric. This ensures the caddy can withstand daily wear and tear easily. The assortment of compartments makes storing various items such as books, phones, and remotes a breeze.

The adjustable heavy-duty velcro belts made it fairly simple to attach the caddy to bed rails and even baby strollers. Particularly useful when needing to change its location. Note that the caddy may not be suitable for all bed types, so double-checking the compatibility before purchasing is key.

We love that the caddy can hold a good amount of items, but do be mindful when placing heavier items inside, as it may struggle to support the weight. Another minor drawback is the front pockets, which we believe could be deeper, so smaller items like TV remotes could be more securely stowed.

Zafit Linen 5 Pockets Bedside Caddy

A great bedside organizer for easy access to essentials without needing a nightstand.


  • Easy to install and secure
  • Multiple pockets for versatile storage
  • Suitable for various settings (home, dorm, etc)


  • It can only be hand-washed
  • Attracts pet hair and dust
  • Some pockets may be too big for smaller items

Just insert the leather between your mattress and bed frame, and the provided velcro stickers ensure the caddy stays in place. It offers ample storage with multiple pockets, perfect for our magazines, phones, remotes, glasses, and more.

Suits different environments! A great fit not only for bedside use but also with bed rails, bunk beds, and sofas. It’s truly a practical choice for various spaces such as homes, bedrooms, living rooms, and even dormitories. The fabric material is intended for hand washing.

Bedside Caddy with Tissue Box & Bottle Holder

This caddy is a practical and versatile storage option, making it perfect for bedridden patients.


  • Premium felt material
  • Multiple pockets and compartments
  • Easy setup and versatile mounting options


  • The charger cord hole may be too small
  • Slips, when used on adjustable bed frames
  • The tissue holder might not line up perfectly

The material is made from 100% pure premium felt, ensuring it will protect your tablet and phone screens from scratching. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and odorless, which is a huge plus.

The storage options on this bedside caddy are impressive. It has an enlarged tissue and water bottle holder, which is detachable if needed. There are six pockets to hold various items like remote controls, glasses, medications, or even an iPad. The caddy even has a cable port on the side to charge your devices conveniently.

Setting up the JupiterSecret Bedside Caddy is a breeze, taking only 10 seconds. Thanks to the adjustable straps and Velcro at the back, it can be hung on dorm beds, hospital beds, or even behind doors. This versatility makes it suitable for various environments and needs.

Zafit Linen Bedside Bedside Organizer

The patient will be satisfied and well-organized; it is an excellent addition for bedridden patients, college students, or new parents.


  • Easy to install with secure Velcro straps
  • Versatile for various bedside environments
  • Four different pocket sizes for better organization


  • Minor odor upon arrival
  • Not designed for larger or heavier items
  • Material quality may not withstand heavy use

It was easy to install thanks to the three powerful Velcro belts. This made attaching the organizer to bed rails, bunk beds, and baby cribs a breeze. 

The storage bag features four differently sized pockets (including two cloth pockets and two mesh pockets), which helped us store and organize our books, magazines, notebooks, etc. I like the side mesh pocket for holding water bottles; it addresses a common need we have always had at our bedside.

Meeall Bedside Storage Organizer

This versatile organizer is a great choice for bedridden patients looking to keep essential items within reach.


  • Quality material and craftsmanship
  • Easy to install and versatile placement options
  • Multiple pockets for ample storage


  • Not machine-washable
  • May slip with adjustable mattresses
  • It may not accommodate larger items

I love this design and functionality, especially the large pouch for books and tablets. Made from sturdy Oxford cloth and leather materials, this organizer is lightweight and compact, allowing it to be installed easily between the mattress and bed frame.

One aspect we loved was the variety of pockets it offered. The organizer features three mesh pockets and one large pocket that can hold items like remote controls, phones, magazines, and even small snacks.

When it comes to cleaning, the organizer is only hand-washable, so it’s important to keep that in mind. 

Zafit Large Bedside Caddy

The large caddy is a practical and convenient storage solution for bedridden patients, making it easy to keep essentials nearby.


  • Easy to install and secure
  • Ample storage space for various items
  • Suitable for beds, sofas, and dorms


  • Pockets may be tight for some items
  • Bulky design for some bed types
  • Material may not suit all preferences

With its easy installation between the mattress and bed frame. The caddy has multiple pockets, perfect for keeping our laptops, books, phones, and other essentials within reach.

Some of the pockets are slightly tight, making it difficult to fit thick hardback books or larger remotes. This may limit the types of items that can be stored in the caddy. The caddy might feel bulky on certain bed types, such as those with memory foam mattresses.

Bedside Caddy for Dorm Bed

The FANAKIN Bedside Caddy is for bedridden patients, as it provides easy access to essentials and helps keep items organized.


  • Complete Velcro coverage for increased stability
  • Scratch-free and dual-protection design
  • Rigid bottom with 22lb capacity


  • The metal frame might become less sturdy after extended use
  • The main pocket might not fit larger items
  • The hanging hooks might not fit all bed types

A great bedside organizer that offers more stability than similar products. The metal frame features complete velcro coverage, preventing tilting and making it more durable. The dual protection design and soft rubber tips on the hooks protected our hands and furniture.

It has an impressive 22-pound capacity. The removable hard PVC cardboard provided structure and helped the caddy hold heavy items without sagging. With six pockets, we had ample storage space for magazines, an iPad, a portable charger, water bottles, and smaller items such as remote controls and eyeglasses.

Storage Pouch Bag

The organizer offers a fantastic solution for bedridden patients looking to keep their essentials organized and within reach.


  • Medical symbol pocket for emergency access
  • Easy to carry with top handle
  • Multi-functional with charging cable holes and fasteners


  • Pockets may be too stiff for some users
  • Straps might not fit all bed rails
  • Larger than expected dimensions

The medical symbol pocket is especially useful because it provides emergency access to medical records and supplies, making patients feel more secure. The top handle also makes it easy to carry around, keeping everything within reach.

One of the best features of this bedside organizer is its multi-functionality. There are three charging cable holes and fasteners that offer real convenience for charging devices and keeping cables from falling off the bed. The large water bottle holder fits 30oz. tumblers, ensuring patients stay well-hydrated.

Some users may find the pockets to be too stiff, making it difficult to access items effortlessly. The straps might not fit all bed rails, which could be an issue for some customers. Lastly, the dimensions were larger than we expected, which may be problematic in limited spaces.

Ozzptuu Bedside Storage Caddy

A practical and durable choice for bedridden patients who need to keep essentials nearby.


  • Made of environmentally friendly canvas and iron material
  • Easy to install with a hook design for headboards and bed rails
  • Multipurpose hanging organizer suitable for various items


  • Water bottle holders are quite small
  • May droop due to soft material
  • Hook attachment could be sturdier

It’s made of environmentally friendly canvas and iron materials, which adds to its overall durability.

Installation is a hook design that is simple to attach to the headboard or bed rail. It saved us a lot of time and effort compared to other storage solutions we’ve tried in the past. The multipurpose hanging organizer proved to be perfect for a variety of items like magazines, snacks, phones, remote controls, and more.

Retyion Bedside Caddy

This bedside pocket caddy is an excellent way to declutter your bedside space while maintaining easy access to your essential items.


  • Seven pockets for ample storage
  • Unique power strip holder and USB charging ports
  • Durable 420D Oxford cloth material


  • Not washable due to cardboard inserts
  • It may feel flimsy when filled
  • Usability varies with bed type

The seven pockets are ideal for storing a variety of items like iPads, magazines, and smaller items like remote controls and phones. The two large pockets provide ample space for our devices and reading materials, while the five mesh pockets come in handy for smaller items.

The upgraded design of this bedside caddy is a game-changer. It has a dedicated storage space for a power strip, which can be folded when not in use. This, combined with the two USB charging ports on either side, has allowed us to charge our devices without any cord clutter. It’s incredibly convenient, and we appreciate this thoughtful feature.

However, there are some drawbacks to this deluxe bedside organizer. The organizer’s cardboard inserts prevent it from being washable, but at least it can be wiped clean with a towel. Also, some users may find it a bit flimsy when filled with items. Lastly, the usability of this caddy varies with the type of bed; some users might find it difficult to keep it in place, especially if their bed has an adjustable frame.

Kanrichu 2pcs Bedside Caddy

It is not only convenient and practical but also looks good, and there are two.


  • Durable material and bottom plate
  • Adjustable straps for better stability
  • Spacious compartments


  • Inadequate hooks for some bed rails
  • Flimsy insert for cubby stability
  • Occasional missing parts

Made with premium cotton linen, it holds its shape well and has a waterproof coating for extra durability. We also appreciate that it comes in a 2-pack, making it a great value for the price.

The adjustable straps on both sides of the organizers were especially helpful for keeping them securely in place on different-sized beds. We found that the large pocket size (38cm x 12cm x 20cm / 14.6” x 4.7” x 7.9”) provided ample space for books, snacks, remotes, and other daily necessities.

Some bed rails are not compatible with the provided hooks, so compare the bed to the hooks provided.

Lilithye Bedside Caddy

Practical design and reliable construction.


  • Strong bearing capacity
  • All-round encirclement for added stability
  • Wide application for various bed types


  • Suitable for bed rails with a diameter of less than 1.97 inches
  • Hanging hooks might require adjustment
  • No attachment option for regular beds without rails

This bedside organizer boasts a strong bearing capacity, thanks in part to its adjustable straps on both sides that keep it secure and prevent sagging. The metal frame is completely covered, adding stability and durability to the caddy.

One of the standout features of this product is its wide application. It’s not only suitable for dorm beds or bunk beds but also hospital bed rails, crib rails, and camping. As long as the bed rail diameter is less than 1.97 inches, it fits perfectly, keeping essentials like laptops, phones, books, and water bottles within easy reach.

There is a downside to this bedside caddy. It does not come with a method for attaching it to regular beds without rails, which might limit its usability for some users.

Valet Tray with Wireless Charging Pad

A well-designed bedside organizer with wireless charging capability for bedridden patients, making their lives easier.


  • Functional design with multiple compartments
  • Built-in wireless charging pad
  • Stylish look with faux leather and soft velvet interior


  • The charger area may get hot during use
  • The charging light is excessively bright
  • Some compatibility issues with Android phones

The functional design is quite helpful, with four different-sized compartments for wallets, keys, phones, money, and other small accessories. The built-in wireless charging pad is an impressive feature, allowing patients to charge their devices without any hassle.

The material and construction of this valet tray are also worth mentioning. Made with faux leather and coordinated stitching, the tray offers a stylish look, while its soft velvet interior ensures that your belongings remain protected and scratch-free. This makes it an ideal gift choice for your loved ones on special occasions.

Surblue Bedside Caddy

This is for bedridden patients seeking convenience and organization in their bedside essentials.


  • Durable and waterproof materials
  • Strong load-bearing performance
  • Multi-purpose with ample storage


  • It may not work with bed rails over 2 inches in diameter
  • The main material may feel odd to some users
  • No bottom support

Made from high-quality canvas and iron, the caddy is designed to be durable, with an internal waterproof coating that makes it perfect for bedside use.

The structure is very well thought out, ensuring that it hangs stably on bed rails without slipping or sliding. Thanks to the all-around Velcro surround, the metal frame firmly attaches to the bed rail, while the wrought iron bracket is capable of supporting loads of up to 22 lbs without deforming. This means that the caddy can comfortably hold a variety of items, such as books, magazines, devices, and snacks.

One of our favorite features is the caddy’s versatility. Can be used not only for bedridden patients but also for students, hanging on college bunk beds, dorm rooms, bathroom or bedroom doors, hospital beds, baby strollers, and more. With four total pockets and three hooks, there’s more than enough storage space to accommodate numerous items comfortably.

ULG Bedside Caddy

We believe the ULG Bedside Caddy is a practical and stylish solution for bedridden patients looking to keep their essentials close by and organized.


  • Spacious bedside pocket with six compartments
  • Unique power strip holder to reduce cord clutter
  • Premium materials and non-slip design


  • Pockets are not stretchy, which might limit storage options
  • It may not hang well on some bed frames without additional support
  • Cannot be washed; only wiped down with wet towels

Its six pockets provide easy organization. The largest pocket easily accommodated our tablet, while the mesh pockets held items like remotes, eyeglasses, and mobile phones securely.

One unique feature is the power strip compartment. This addition helps keep cords tucked away neatly and devices charged without a tangled mess. The compartment can fold up when not in use to save space.

It is made of sturdy synthetic leather fabric, which is durable and fashionable. The mesh pockets held up well due to the reinforced stitching.

Downsides! The material can’t be washed and only be wiped down with a wet towel. We also noticed that some bed frames might not work well with the caddy’s hanging mechanism.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best bedside organizer for bedridden patients, there are a few key features to keep in mind. In this guide, we will help you understand what to look for when making your purchase.

Top Features to Consider

  1. Size and Capacity: The first thing to consider is the size of the organizer and how much it can hold. Make sure to measure the space available on the side of the bed or bedside table, so the organizer fits properly. Also, consider the size of the items the patient will need to store and make sure the organizer can accommodate them.
  2. Materials and Durability: Bedside organizers can be made from various materials like fabric, plastic, or metal. Consider the longevity and durability of the material, as well as how easy it is to clean – a crucial factor for patients who might be prone to spills or accidents.
  3. Accessibility: Ease of access to the patient’s belongings is important. Look for organizers with clear pockets or compartments so it’s easy to find what’s needed. Organizers that can be easily attached to the bed or bedside table should be considered.
  4. Ease of Installation: Some bedside organizers require installation, while others just need to be hung on the bed rail or slipped under the mattress. Make sure to choose an organizer that’s easy to set up and doesn’t require complicated installation.
  5. Price: Determine your budget and choose an organizer that fits within it. Remember, the most expensive option isn’t always the best. Look for organizers that offer good value for the price.

Remember, the best bedside organizer for bedridden patients is one that meets their specific needs and provides easy access to their belongings. Use this guide to find the right organizer that combines functionality, durability, and value. Happy shopping!

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