3rd Trimester Gifts Must Haves for the Mother to Be

This third and final stage of the pregnancy known as the 3rd trimester takes place between 29 weeks and 40 weeks. Time seems to really slow down in the 3rd trimester, so for most of us, the serenity of the 2nd trimester disappears. Time for gifts for new mother and baby.

Third Trimester Gifts Must-Haves For The Mother To Be

  • Best and most practical gift boxes around today are the 3rd Trimester BumpBoxes
  • Heating Pads relieve aches and pains
  • Pregnancy Pillows as she gets more uncomfortable while sleeping
  • Stork Bags – available for all trimesters
  • Pregnancy Clothing – dresses, pajamas, shirts
3rd trimester gifts

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As a mother heads towards the end of her pregnancy, every ache, pain, and pressure from the weight gain all seem more pronounced.

Not to mention fluid retention, reflux, gas, visits to the bathroom, lack of sleep and so many more ailments. All of which will mostly disappear after the baby is born.

Along with the above also comes the anxiousness that all will be well. That everything is ready for the new baby to arrive home and so many other concerns.

So my 3rd-trimester gift ideas are largely going to revolve around making the mother-to-be as well as the baby a little more comfortable.

Giving you some gift ideas and a bit of a checklist for you to assist the new mom in making sure she has everything ready for when the baby comes home.

I’ll also point you toward a few luxury and fun gifts that could well be suitable for your loved one or friend. Check out all the details of Bump Boxes for yourself at Amazon.

3rd Trimester Gifts Must-Haves for the Mother to Be

Aches, Pain, and Comfort

1. Heating Pads

There are various heating pads available from bags you heat up in the microwave, other electric forms even the old hot water bottle. Any of these devices will assist with the pain in the hips, back, ankles just about anything that aches. They will also bring pain relief during labor.

2. Hot Feet and Hot all Over

Hot feet apart from reflux this was the most uncomfortable side effect of my pregnancy as both my babies were born in mid-summer. We didn’t have the convenience of gel freezer pads or anything similar which by the way are great and not messy.

So wet face cloths or towels of some description in plastic bags were kept ready in the freezer. Every night without fail I would need these to cool my feet down so I could get some sleep – worked a treat.

Some women, especially if in their 3rd trimester during summer will feel hot all over. So why not drop in for a chat and bring along some ice cream or cold popsicles?

If she doesn’t have a small personal desk fan or something similar maybe you could gift her one of those.

3. Swollen Ankles

A foot soak in essential oils will help with the swelling and help mom to relax. Compression sox are also useful to combat swelling. Sleep wedges to elevate the legs also help with aching feet, ankles, and legs.

If you have the budget the Denshine Foot Massager offers the ultimate in foot pain relief. It uses a system of rolling, kneading, air pressure, and heating shiatsu to make all those aches and pains disappear.

Heated foot warmers and massagers don’t require water (pictured above) set “SIT”, “SET” and “FORGET”.

4. Support

Pregnancy support undergarments and will give support where needed. They can even be worn at night while sleeping for the added support she can add a soft support maternity bra. Tights or yoga pants are good to wear at this time in the pregnancy as they give support. They also look good when you dress them up or down.

5. Sleep Wedges

Sleep wedges are very lightweight and provide much-needed support around the stomach as well as the back. Don’t forget the must-have reflux wedges the one I gift is here at Amazon.

6. Pregnancy Pillow

If she does not have a pregnancy pillow yet she could be missing out on so much relief when sitting as well as sleeping. There are plenty around with varying support, shapes, colors, and a price range for all. The pillow pictured above is a bestseller check it out and click the image.

7. Relaxing

All the usual soaking a bath with essential oils, plenty of sleep, and decaf teas.

8. Stork Bags – Third Trimester Care Package

I am loving these Stork Bags full of 3rd-trimester essentials these bags are ever-evolving with the best and safest products for mothers and babies to be. They are available for the first trimester, second trimester, and third trimesters. Each one comes with different items that suit the particular time of the pregnancy.

This particular stork bag includes stretch mark oil or cream, healthy pregnancy food, health, do-it-yourself keepsake, beauty items, and much more.

9. Fun Gift Ideas

I saw a great fan and a plastic bottle that sprays water to help cool you down – cheap as chips and a bit of fun.

When the feet swell her shoes may not feel comfortable so a pair of flip-flops or fluffy flip-flop slippers would be welcome. There are some pretty ones around that are very reasonably priced.

Books about pregnancy and babies are always a great gift. There are funny ones and serious ones available just a couple I love are:-

  • What to expect when you’re expecting – Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
  • The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly (Potter Style) – Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • 50 Things to Do Before You Deliver: The First Time Moms Pregnancy Guide – Jill Krause
  • Bringing Up Bebe – Pamela Druckerman
  • What to Expect in the First Year – Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
  • Diaper Dude: The Ultimate Dad’s Guide to Surviving the First Two Years – Chris Pegula and Frank Meyer

A night off from cooking with a restaurant gift certificate or a couple of passes to the cinema for her and her partner or husband.

Third Trimester Care Package

10. Feeling Beautiful

No matter what anyone says in the 3rd trimester none of us feel beautiful. If it is her first baby she may have time to pamper herself a little.

If she already has young children there is probably not too much spare time to think of pampering herself.

So you could give your friend a manicure with some lovely new polish. Polished Muma makes a safe polish and polish remover. Maybe some new makeup or lipstick.

A luxurious tub of Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter by Basq is sure to be a hit it is a little on the pricey side but those who use it love it. There are many stretch-mark jars of butter, creams, and honey on the market at varying prices. There is something to suit everyone.

The Mama Mio Your Pregnancy Essentials Kit is one of the best kits I have found for some all-around pampering. It includes Tummy Rub Butter which helps prevent those stretch marks. Pregnancy Boob Tube, bust protection cream. Gorgeous Glow – balancing facial wash and Lucky Legs – cooling energizing leg gel. This inexpensive pack will have your loved one or friend feeling great all over.

Beautiful button-down nightwear ready for nursing.

A new flowing dress that can also be worn after the baby is born. The dress pictured below in coral comes in black, blue-grey, burgundy, charcoal, blue, dark grey, orange, light grey, light pink, mauve, mocha navy, white, red, taupe, teal, coral, grey, lavender, mint, and royal.

It is made in the USA it is a soft, stretchy, loose-fitting oversized dress that can be worn at all stages of pregnancy and beyond. If you want to check it and others out at Amazon click the image below.

11. Entertainment

You could borrow a heap of DVD movies or box-set TV shows from friends. If she doesn’t have Netflix or similar you could shout her a subscription for a couple of months.

Throw in some hot chocolate, chocolate, or a tub of ice cream. She will then be able to really put her feet up and relax and catch up on anything she hasn’t seen. You could even keep her company and watch some with her.

12. Pregnancy Massage

Gift certificate for a massage that should be carried out by a professional specializing in prenatal massages. Alternatively, a husband, partner, or loved one could massage shoulders, back, legs, and feet.

13. Gift of Time

If your loved one or friend has other children what about offering to care for the children for a couple of hours while she has a little free time to herself? Bliss…

Prepared meals for a week to give her rest from cooking. This is great especially if she is working during her pregnancy.

Ready For Hospital

14. Pre-Packed Hospital Bag

These bags are awesome go and check out a variety of hospital bags at Amazon by clicking here.

A top-of-the-range pre-packed hospital bag is – The Kiwi Maternity Pre-Packed Hospital Bag which includes:

Contact Lens Case, 2 Colgate Toothbrush, Colgate Toothpaste, Scope Mouthwash, Hair Brush, 2 Hair Tie, Cosmetics Bag (To Pack Your Own Makeup), Kleenex Tissues, Bic Silky Disposable Razor, Socks With Grip (1 Pair), Stress Ball, Eye Mask, Mead Notepad, 2 Bic Pens, Lubriderm Lotion, Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Therapy, 6 Lansinoh Nursing Pads, 2 Depend Silhouette Underwear, 5 Preparation-H Wipes, Purell Hand Sanitizer, Degree Deodorant, Carmex Lip Balm, 2 Thank You Cards, Nalgene Water Bottle 24 oz (BPA Free), Altoids Mints, Q-tips, Trial Size Empty Bottles X 3 (For Shampoo, Soap Etc,.) and Healthcare Provider Info Sheet.

If the mother-to-be has one of these hospital packs all she needs to take with her are nightdresses and a robe for nursing. As well as something for herself and the new baby to wear at home.

15. Pure Luxury for the New Mother

If you want to go all out for the new mother you really need to check this Natural Organic pre-packed hospital check them out at Amazon.

Returning Home with Baby

Preparing meals for the freezer for when mother and baby return home. This is something you can do together. Find out what she would like to prepare, find the recipes, and carry out the shopping.

Then head on over and cook up a storm together. This one act of thoughtfulness will give her time to nurture her new baby.

Between the gifts from the baby shower and her personal preparation for bringing the baby home, she is probably well-equipped. So I will just list a few items that are necessary. You could check with her to make sure she has them, if she doesn’t one of the suggestions below could be your gift.

  • Diaper bags, diapers, baby creams, nursing pads
  • Baby monitor
  • Blankets or swaddles
  • Car seat is fitted correctly

16. Baby Baskets – Third Trimester Gift Box

I have recently gifted this beautiful baby basket to my cousin and she absolutely loved the organic products it contained. The products are all-natural and fair trade.

Final Thoughts – 3rd Trimester Gifts Must-Haves for the Mother to Be

I hope that I have given you many third-trimester gift ideas and inspiration. Remember the best gift you can give your loved one is your time and assistance.

During this 3rd trimester, it will be the small things that tire her out at the moment that she will be grateful for some assistance with.

Gift ideas for someone special…

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